Review of the Wellie Wishers Outdoors in Overalls Outfit

A while ago I posted pics of Emily in the Outdoors in Overalls outfit and Heather from Dollightful Dolls asked me if I would write a review on this outfit. So Heather–this post is for you!!!

Wellie Wishers clothing is very cute, but I get frustrated with it all being dress up type outfits.  Not all little girls want to be princesses, sorry!!  When I saw this outfit though, I decided it was one I absolutely had to have, I thought it was super cute and very much like something you would see a little girl wearing out and about.

I love the embroidery on the front of this, very nicely done.  Here’s a picture from the back:

I thought the outfit fit very nicely and it wasn’t difficult at all to get on the doll.  Very important given the age range that this is aimed at!

I especially liked this:

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of Velcro on doll clothing but again, since this is aimed at younger kids, it not only makes sense, but I was impressed that they put Velcro the whole way across the top of the bib.  It makes it much easier for  youngsters with dexterity issues to get the doll dressed without either frustration, or needing help from someone older.  Good job AG!

The shirt is amply cut as well, no issues with it staying tucked in to the overalls:

The shoes are cute, I would have preferred them in a different color though.  I don’t quite understand why the Wellie Wishers shoes all have to be bizarre colors that really don’t go with anything else.  😦   Super easy to get on though.  Wellie Wisher shoes remind me a lot of the Our Generation shoes.

The kerchief/bandana piece is very cute, I really liked it.  It’s elasticized, so just a matter of slipping it over the head and then pulling it up over.  Smaller kids might need a bit of help with this, but it isn’t super tight, so it’s easy to do.

Overall, a very cute outfit and I give it an A.  I definitely think it’s one that you should add to your Wellie Wisher collection if you don’t already have it, not only is it cute as a set, but I also think it has a lot of mix and match potential because of the colors and styles of the pieces.


Stay tuned, I am WAY behind on reviews of products, so a lot more of those coming soon!!!

A Little Sister For Cassandra! (review of Hearts 4 Hearts Doll Tipi)

When American Girl introduced the Wellie Wishers, I thought they were cute and seriously considered getting Emerson to be a little sister for Cassandra.  But then it was announced that Hearts 4 Hearts dolls were going back into production and all of that changed.  I saw Tipi on the list of dolls to be brought back, and I decided I’d wait.  I was kind of busy and forgot about it until one day I was in a local store and lo and behold, they had all of the currently available dolls!  Once I saw her I just had to have her.

The boxes for these dolls are really nice, I love all the photos and information about where the doll is supposed to be from.

When you fold the top flap back (held closed with Velcro) you can see the doll you are buying.  I do have to say that I don’t think the doll looks exactly like the photo, and I looked at all of the ones they had and it was the same from doll to doll.

Getting her out of the package was a bit annoying.  She was held in place with biodegradable ties, but my word were they hard to get undone!  After wrestling with it for a bit, I finally got her out.  Poor girl, she thought she was stuck in there forever.

Her hair was pulled back with a rubber band to keep it from going all over the place.  I think she looks rather cute this way.

Here she is after it was removed:

She has a nice head of hair.  It is rooted though, not a wig.  I noticed in some reviews of this line people mentioning issues with the hair on the Consuelo doll.  The Tipi doll seems to be much better.  Her hair does seem to be very prone to a lot of fly away issues though.  It’s definitely not the same quality as an American Girl brand doll.

I love her outfit.  Interestingly enough, the bracelets on her right arm are actually hair ties, so there are plenty of extras.  She also has pierced ears, but I don’t think American Girl earrings would fit, the holes seem to be bigger.  Fortunately the dangles are removable.

She comes with a comb that has an additional hair elastic on it, a book and a bracelet made to fit a human arm.  I haven’t taken it out of the package yet, but I assume that it’s made for a child, not an adult.  Oh…and my book had one slight issue…(can you tell from the cover?)

My copy is in Russian!!!  I haven’t been back to the store where I purchased her from yet, so not sure if all the dolls in this shipment had this issue.  I did send a message to Hearts 4 Hearts via social media about it and they got my information so they could send me the right one, but I have yet to see it.  Not holding my breath either as it’s already been several weeks.  Hmmm…  Good thing I wasn’t really counting on it!

Okay–time for the sisters to see each other.  They were both really excited!!!

Cassandra is really pleased to have another family member here.  And there’s another happy member of the gang as well…

Emily is thrilled to have someone her own age around!  I wonder what kind of adventures these two will have?

Overall, I think the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls are very cute, the clothing seems to be very good quality.  I just wish the hair was a bit better quality.  I’ll update this post if the English version of the book that came with her shows up!  I am keeping her name as Tipi, I think it’s a cute name and fits her personality.


Meet Emily????

In July I shared my awesome find of Lanie with all of you.  I had never read her books before that, but when I read the first one, I absolutely fell in love with her even more than I already had.  Of all of the GOTY stories, hers is the most relatable for me.  I wasn’t a dancer, skater, never traveled out of the country beyond Canada as a kid.  But I loved the outdoors.  My mother joked that in the summertime, my feet hit the floor as soon as the sun was up and I was out the door.  She knew she’d see me when suppertime rolled around.  I even used to drag all of my Barbie stuff out to the front porch to play instead of hanging out in the house to do it.  Riding bikes, playing with Matchbox and Hotwheels cars in the dirt, whatever–as long as it was outside, I was there.  I even played in the rain with one of my friends, we would wander around barefoot, looking for mud puddles.

One part in particular in the first book really hit home.  The part about Lanie’s little sister Emily and the monarch butterfly in her classroom.  I’ve always been fascinated by them and I still have fond memories of a book I had as a child that documented the whole process from worm to butterfly in fantastic photographs and story.  That got me to thinking, and that thought led to another and another…

I had absolutely no intentions of buying any of the Wellie Wishers dolls when they came out. I thought that Emerson might work well as Cassandra’s little sister, but it never went beyond a thought. But hey, Willa or Camille as Emily, wouldn’t that be cute? I tossed it around a bit, scoured the illustrations to see if I could figure out which one would work better. Finally, I just decided to go with the doll I thought was the cutest of the two. So who won???

Meet Emily:
Emily 1

As you can see, I wasted no time in taking her hair out of the pigtails. I don’t think she was in my house 5 minutes before that happened. I wasn’t a fan. I’d also seen some fantastic photos that Americangirlfan had taken of her Willa doll with her hair down and that’s what I’m working on. She does have a nice wig though.  I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, plus her hair needs to relax a bit from being up. All in good time. I think her curls makes her more believable as Lanie’s sister. Plus those eyes, oh those eyes!!!! I think it’s her best feature, they are just gorgeous.

Here she is stripped down:
Emily 2

As you can see, she is all plastic and much more slender than an AG doll. And at this point is where my rant starts. She’s not worth $60. She’s a Barbie on steroids with better hair, that’s all. And the design work on her joints sucks. I’ve seen tons of complaints in the online reviews about this, with a lot of people returning the dolls. Not good. Emily has one side that moves smoothly and the other side is very stiff. I can move it, but it takes work. I can’t see a 5 year old child doing it though.  I’m keeping her, but if she was for a kid, she’d be heading back to Wisconsin.

emily 3

Here’s a comparison of feet, you can see how much larger the AG one is. (I also realized that Lanie needs a pedicure, she appears to have some dried baking soda on one of her toes!) Skin color is noticeably different.

Her clothes are cute and of good quality, but nothing off the charts. The little underwear though, wow, I can’t imagine sewing anything that tiny. I can remember when my mom made Barbie underwear and it driving her nuts. I hope the factory workers making these got hazard pay!
emily 4

Overall, I think she has an absolutely adorable face, her clothes are cute and I totally get the attraction for a little girl. But I think AG screwed up big time on the lack of quality. Let’s just say that Emerson won’t be joining the crew anytime soon, I think I will wait and see if they either A) fix the issues with the joints or B) drop the price. Rumor has it that Hearts4Hearts is coming back, so that might be a better option. I’ve also noticed some not so favorable reviews about some of the accessories sets, several are disasters. Back to the drawing board AG.  I give her a C-.

Here she is with Lanie, I think they are so cute together! To sisters!
emily 5