Trail Ride!

We’ve had some unseasonably warm temperatures lately and Zara and Abby decided it would be a perfect opportunity to go for a horseback ride.  They do ride year-round, but during the winter months it’s limited to inside the show ring, and as fun as it is, it’s not quite as much fun as going outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

They saddled up both horses and headed out.  It was a beautiful day outside so they only needed hoodies.  Who would have thought it was January?

“I’m not sure which way to go Zara, what do you think?”

“Me either.  It seems like forever since we’ve been riding outside.”

“Sunny seems set on going the opposite direction I want him to go!”

“This way buddy!”

“It’s so pretty out today, I wish we could ride like this all the time in the winter! Cindy is really calm today, I think it’s the weather.”

“I know, this is crazy!  But we’ll take it.  Anything above 50 degrees at this time of year is a plus.”

“I think the horses are enjoying it too!”

“Maybe we should go that way!”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I think the trail entrance is up ahead between those houses.”

“Let’s go!  Thank heavens we don’t have to be home until dinner time!”

Did you have nice weather recently where you live?  We’ve had temps all over the place, one day it was even around 70 degrees which is unheard of in Western Pennsylvania in January.  I’ll take it though, we were seriously overdue for a mild winter. Usually I’d be taking pics of snow and sled riding!


An Unsual Thrift Store Find!

I was recently in my local Salvation Army and I noticed this very unusual little doll:

I don’t really collect other dolls, but it was so unusual.  And it was only $2.99, so I decided she needed to come home with me.  When I went to pay for her, the person at the register pointed out some other dolls that also looked to be foreign.  I wonder if perhaps they were all out of the same collection.  I just wanted this one though, so I passed on the others.

After I got her home, I started really looking the package over.  There was this tag hanging from the handle:

This tag on the bottom was very intriguing.  Anyone speak Romanian by chance?

The doll is very interesting.  She’s about 7 inches tall (including the base) and she’s attached to the base permanently, not intended to be removed.

This tag was inside the box, I’m assuming that this is the date it was manufactured?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her just yet.  I’m thinking I’ll just store her in my china cupboard with my good dishes for the time being.  I had intended on leaving her in the original packaging…but when I went to put her back in after taking these photographs, the plastic ripped!  I suspect it’s because it’s so old, and who knows how it was stored.  It’s still a very cool find for just $2.99!

Anyone have any info or ideas about this doll?  I’m wondering if this was something sold for tourists?  I remember someone bringing one of my friends these wind up dancing dolls from Germany about this same era.


Doll Sized Finds, end of summer post!

Hey guys, how is everyone?  I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick of this ridiculous heat.  It seems like it’s everywhere too, even my friends in the UK and Ireland have been complaining.  And for them, it’s twice as bad because most of them don’t have air conditioning because they seldom ever need it.  But, next thing you know, cold weather will be here, and we will be complaining about that too!

I haven’t done much thrift store shopping this summer because I haven’t had a lot of time.  Plus, if you really don’t have space for things, it kind of takes the fun out of it.  However, one day a while ago I decided to go check out my favorite stores in Pittsburgh and I came across this find:

Yep, it’s the American Girl bathtub!  It was only $3.99 too.  It has a little bit of damage, but not too much and it doesn’t have any of the accessories, but that’s okay, sometimes it’s fun to make your own.

I actually debated on even getting it since I already had a bathtub in pink, but decided to go ahead and get it.  I’m glad I did, this was before I’d even seen the pics of the My Life As bathroom set which is also blue, that worked out well, didn’t it?  It’s not exactly the same shade of blue, but that’s okay, it’s at least in the same color family.

Another swing by a different thrift store came up with another find.  I’m always amazed at the number of Happy Meal Toys I find (and other kids meal toys as well) still in the packaging.  This one looked intriguing, so I had to check it out.

Once I turned it over, I got a better look–how cute!  And at 49 cents, a great deal I think.  Might even be a collectible now that Toys R Us has gone out of business…

My last doll sized find came from T J Maxx.  I’ve found a few odds and ends in the kitchen gadget section which is where I found these as well.  I don’t remember exactly what I paid for these, but they were under $2 each (I’m thinking it was either $1.49 or $1.79…) so a good deal.  I’m contemplating on whether I want to fill these with some sort of resin with fruit or veggies, or leave them as is.

That’s it for this installment.  Have you found anything cool in your shopping travels??

And for my friends in the US–have a great holiday weekend, Happy Labor Day!