Super 8 Project–a dresser and nightstand!

Welcome to another installment of the Super 8 Project–in other words, my inexpensive version of the Grand Hotel set from American Girl.  So far we have the backdrop and the sink.  I haven’t had a lot of time to work on some of the more labor intensive items just yet, plus with the hot weather we’ve been having, the dining room (where I have space to work) has turned into a no-go zone!  Fortunately, cooler weather should be here soon, and I already have my ideas in place, so it won’t take long to get them finished.  In the meantime, I have something that didn’t really need much in regards to adapting, and it was a simple project.

Not long after I started on this project, I decided to make a run on several of our area thrift stores.  I found some fun things, not just for the dolls, but for me too!  I was about to head home when something told me to take a bit of a drive to a thrift store I hadn’t been to for a while.  Little did I know…

As I walked through the store, I  headed immediately to the housewares section.  I started looking around, and there it was!  Just what I was looking for.  But there was a little girl messing around with it, and I was afraid she was going to try and talk her mom into it.  So I looked at some other stuff, all the while keeping my fingers crossed.  Luck was on my side because after she left, it was still there.  Are you ready to see what it was?

This awesome jewelry box! I loved the configuration of the drawers on it, to me it was perfectly suited to be the dresser in the hotel room. Where the empty space was is a drawer that was being repaired when I took the photo. It also had something spilled all over it, but it all came off with some serious scrubbing with a disinfecting wipe. The interior was a bit dirty and it apparently had been previously used for some sort of craft storage as it had bright blue glitter scattered around in the top compartment. Thank heavens for a vacuum cleaner! I sucked that all up before it ended up scattered around my house, and then set to work.

I decided to line all of the drawers with scrapbook paper.  It was a lot of cutting, but well worth the effort.  The top part I left alone because I doubt I’ll ever use it for doll stuff since there will be things sitting on top of it.  I even contemplated gluing it shut with hot glue just so it won’t come open.  Still thinking about that.

I decided to line one of the deep drawers in white, and then put a divider in it so it is a pull out refrigerator! Originally I was going to put a hinge on the broken drawer, but it didn’t want to work very well, so I decided this was the next best thing.

Then it was time to touch up all of the nicks and dings. I dug out my trusty Sharpie furniture markers!

I was really pleased with how it turned out when I was done. Not bad for a $9.99 purchase!

Sophia thought it was pretty cool too!

Not too long after I finished that project, I had a trip to TJMaxx. I’ve found quite a few doll sized things there, and I always keep my eyes opened. The Super 8 gods must have been smiling down on me because I found this interesting pen/pencil holder:

Set it sideways though, and it makes a perfect night stand! I’m not even going to paint it either, I like it much better in just plain gray as opposed to silver. It was only $4.99 too, so I was thrilled.

That’s it for this installment.  Until we meet again!

The Super 8 Project–the sink

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back!  I have to say that my mind has been working overtime on this hotel project, and I’m so excited to show you what I’ve done so far and what I’ve found.  I think this one makes the bakery look like chump change!  And speaking of the bakery, remember this?

I made it from a small cabinet I picked up at Michael’s that started out as this:


I’ve already shown you the lovely set I found at Kmart by Newberry.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with this piece since I had found a better replacement.  And then it dawned on me!  If I changed a few things around, it would make an awesome sink.

Lucky for me, the pieces I’d used to line the shelves came out easily and the knobs I’d used for feet on one of the small drawers popped off easily:

Then it was time to get to work.  I had some scraps of the striped paper I’d use for the bathroom wall and decided they would be perfect to line the shelves.  I used a layer of poster board first, then covered that with the scrapbook paper to give it stability. I also needed to paint under the black portion of the small drawer I used for the bottom.

The next issue was that the sink sat too low as is.  In the AG version, it’s attached to the wall, but I didn’t want to do that as it would make it difficult so fold up the backing boards.  Then I remembered a Pringles can I had in my stash.  I cut it down, covered it with more of the black stripe paper, glued the can lid to the open end, and then glued it to the bottom of the stand.  I also removed the feet from the bottom of the stand, they pulled out somewhat easily.

And then I covered the top portion of the stand with some marble look paper I had in my stash:

Here we are after the transformation.  I do need to put a second coat of paint on that one drawer, I was concerned about how hard that black was going to be to cover up, and I was right.

Since I’m trying to use things I already had in my stash, I pulled out the sink (which I purchased from Amazon) I had from my bathroom project.  I think it looks awesome!

I needed a mirror and headed to Dollar Tree.  I did find a mirror, but I wasn’t totally happy with it.  On a trip to Target, I found this awesome mirror in the back to school section, it’s a locker mirror.  I think it’s perfect!  I will hang it one of two ways–since it’s magnetic, I am either going to glue a piece of metal to the backing board, or I will use Velcro.  I haven’t decided which I prefer just yet.  The brass buttons are supposed to be push pins to hang stuff from, but I’m going to leave them in place, they sort of look like lights. (sorry for the weird photos, but it’s really hard to photograph a mirror without getting a flash or other reflection!)

That’s it for this installment!  Stay tuned, I have more things I’ve been working on to share with you.  This project is turning out to be so much fun!

The Super 8 Project (aka My Version Of The Grand Hotel!)

Hey everyone, how goes it?  It’s still kind of crazy here.  I started a new project though that I’m going to share with all of you as it progresses.  Even though I’m busy, I still have to find a creative outlet from time to time, and I just happened to have a day that I could work on something.  All work and no creative play makes Flo a grumpy gal!

By now I think most everyone has seen the new American Girl releases.  Some very, very cute stuff.  My biggest complaint though: too much plastic!  This is almost as bad as wire coat hangers!!! 😉  One set in particular caught my eye though.  The Grand Hotel.  Cute as all get out, and for this avid traveler, kind of hard to resist.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

I was in love. Then reality set in. The $275 price tag was bad enough, but I thought perhaps this could be my payment from my husband for being his secretary through all of the estate stuff we are dealing with. Upon closer inspection, some things bothered me. Namely, all that plastic furniture. I held off, and then I read a review on it, and this person was very honest and verified my greatest fear. The furniture is thin plastic, more like Barbie furniture instead of American Girl furniture. To me this made absolutely no sense. The walls are wood, but the furniture is plastic??? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Not only would this piece be kind of large, even when folded up, but it would weigh a ton, and who knows how long the furniture would hold up if it’s that flimsy. This wouldn’t do.

My mind got to working overtime and almost immediately I had a beginning idea formed. It was time to start a new long term project! For those of you who followed my Broke Girl Bakery, you know exactly where this is heading. Are you ready??? Are you sure??? Last chance to bail…

I tossed a lot of ideas around, and some of those are still in the thinking stages, but I knew right off the bat what I wanted to make the walls out of. And, as luck would have it, I just happened to have the main part of this item in my possession! I needed two display boards, the kind kids use at science fairs. Mine came from Dollar Tree, so I had $2 invested. I then made a run to my local craft store to get 3 sheets of black and white scrapbook paper. I was still debating on how to get the main area design, and then it hit me. I used to be very in to paper crafting, mainly scrapbooking and rubber stamping, and I remembered that somewhere in my stash was a rubber stamp set that was very similar to the wallpaper design AG used for their background. I got everything together, and got started.

Using 3 different stamps in the set (1 large, 2 small) I then set about stamping my design all over the two boards. On one board, I left one of the small flaps blank, that would be where the striped paper went to replicate the mini bathroom area. I stamped randomly, but in sort of a pattern. (You’ll notice some stamping on the area that was to be left blank, I used that as my “test” area since I knew I would be covering it with paper.)

Once I was done stamping all over the boards, I then took a red marker and colored the centers of the larger flowers red. You could do this in whatever color you wanted, depending on what your color scheme is going to be! That’s one of the things I love about dollhouse DIY, you can change things if you want to and make it your own.

I then took my black and white striped scrapbook paper and cut it down to cover the one small flap.

This part of the project took no time at all and I was very pleased with the results.

Depending on how picky you are, this might be a fun project to let the kids participate in. I bet it didn’t even take me a half an hour to get this finished. It might take someone else a bit longer, only because I’m very experienced in this kind of thing, but that’s part of the fun!

Here you can see it all opened up and sort of set up. The nice thing about having it as two pieces is not only is it easy to fold up and store, but you can also arrange it in a variety of ways.

I will say that in this instance I didn’t cut the boards down to 24 inches high, I left them at full height. Because of the finished size of this project, I decided it might be best to leave the extra space for photographic purposes. Whether you cut them down or not is entirely up to you.

At this point, I have all of $2.75 invested in the project.  Not too shabby.  I am going to try and recycle/reuse as much as I can from my existing doll stuff, or if I am making something new, try and make it from materials I already have in my possession.  We will see how it goes.

That’s it for this part of the Super 8 Project! Stay tuned for the next installment. Till then, ta-ta!