Straightening Marie-Grace’s hair-hot water method

When I bought Marie-Grace I was really on the fence about her hair.  While it was nice, I just wasn’t all that in to it.

Elaine 1

I didn’t let it deter me from buying her, and I’m glad it didn’t. She has such a sweet face and gorgeous eye color. For a while I just left it as is. I had read about the different ways to straighten it. The first one involved using the ceramic flat iron. I’m just going to say that it made me nervous. My prior experience with doll hair and heat were not the best. Plus I didn’t feel like spending money on a flat iron to use one time and never use again. I couldn’t even justify it by saying I could use it on my own hair afterwards. I like my wavy hair, I don’t even use a curling iron. Hmmmm…

Finally, after seeing what Rhonda over at Living A Doll’s Life had done with her Marie-Grace, I finally got the serious bug to do something. After reading several accounts and watching several videos, I decided to give the hot water treatment a try.  I filled my tea kettle, grabbed my timer and got to work.

I boiled the water and poured it in to a ceramic bowl.  My thinking was that the ceramic would hold the heat better.  I let it cool just a bit, about a minute.  I had pulled all of her hair I didn’t want dunked back out of the way, and in she went.  I initially set the timer to 5 minutes.  I really didn’t need that much time, in fact I could see the kink coming out of her hair very quickly after putting it in the hot water, I decided to quit at about the 3 minute mark.  After I took her out of the water, I towel dried it, then carefully combed it, then left her to dry.

Here she is with one side done and one side not done.  Quite the difference, huh?!

MG hair 1
Hmmm, kind of a Lady Godiva thing going there MG???

On to the next side!
MG Hair 2
Here she is, taking a nap while she gets her hair treatment. I do have to say I was a little concerned about the accumulation of condensation on her face from the steam. I made sure that I did wipe her face part way through the process and then again after I was done with the dunk. I did the same thing with this side, towel drying first and then combing carefully.

After her hair was thoroughly dry, I used a little bit of braid spray on it to give it a bit more shine and control. I am really thrilled with how it came out!
MG hair 3

One thing I will say is that the curl didn’t come out completely from the ringlets. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try dunking those again. Truthfully, they are so much shorter that they kind of disappear in the rest of her hair. I know that some people have even gone so far as to completely remove them from up under the wig cap. I don’t think I will go that far with it. At the moment it isn’t a big deal and I think they might be nice to have there for certain hairstyles. The jury is still out on that part.

I am definitely glad I decided to try this, I love her hair straight like this.  I haven’t had time to play with it much yet, but looking forward to trying out some different styles on her.  I’ve never had a doll with long hair that was all one length like this, should be fun.

Have you straightened doll hair?  How did it turn out?