A Promise is a Promise!

This sure has been one messed up year. It started when I got that flu at the beginning of March. Then I had a not so great side effect from the medication they put me on. And then I finally had the surgery to “fix” the problem that landed me in the hospital in the first place. Talk about messing up a schedule, big time!

One thing that turned into a mess because of all of this was a project I was to make for a friend. Last year I made a Downton Abbey doll dress to donate to a local library event that a friend of mine organizes. It was such a hit, I wanted to make something for the next time they did it. After making multiple sleeping bags for Cassandra’s birthday party post, I thought that would be a fun item to do, and after telling my friend about it, she agreed. My plan was to make another Minions one like Cassandra received for her birthday. I was going to make it right after we returned from Mexico, the event was right after Easter.

Not only did the flu hit me hard, but I was weeks recovering from it. And too sick to do anything that required any sort of concentration, let alone sewing. I wasn’t even sure I was able to stand long enough to cut it out! I had a real dilemma on my hands because I wanted to keep my promise to my friend. After a lot of great debate, as well as hoping I’d get better, I had to make a choice I didn’t want to do. I had to ask Cassandra if she would let me donate her sleeping bag set. I promised her I would make her another one. She was really good about it and said she understood but it broke my heart to have to do it.

Wouldn’t you know, we would have next to no spring and one of the hottest summers on record. Where my sewing machine is doesn’t have any air conditioning, so I had absolutely no desire to do any sewing and quite honestly, too many days I didn’t feel well enough to begin with. Finally, this week the weather broke and I was able to actually do some sewing. I not only made Cassandra a new Minions bag, but I made 7 more sleeping bags to boot! So what am I going to do with all of those sleeping bags? Well, 1 is a gift, I needed 2 more to have for my collection since I added so many girls to my crew, 2 for the library event next spring and the other 2 are for the following year. I’m not going to get caught without a finished item again!

Here’s Cassandra with her new bag:

And here are the fruits of my labor!


Now on to other things.