The Empty House–Part 2

Hello Ladles and Germs! It’s Kit here with the next installment of “The Empty House”. If you remember in my last post, we’d found out the house behind us had been sold after being empty for a couple of months, but we didn’t know anything about the buyers. I’d been investigating ever since, but was coming up empty handed. The day after Christmas a moving van pulled up, so we all took turns looking out the window to see if we could see anything that looked like a kid. In the words of Yukon Cornelius…”Nothing!” We were all so disappointed; all we saw were moving men and two grown-ups that we thought were probably the owners. Cassandra tried to make us all feel better when she said “maybe they will have nieces or nephews that will come and visit?”

On Saturday Marie-Grace and I asked Rebecca if we could try out her new bicycle since the weather was so nice. She said we could, so we were just getting ready to head outside when the doorbell rang. We opened the door, and on our doorstep stood two girls our age, walking a dog.

Empty House 1

“Hi, we’re your new neighbors!” Whoohooo!!!! We were both so excited, we could hardly contain it. The blonde girl spoke first. “My name is Zara, this is my sister Abby, and this is our puppy Finn. Someone told us there were several girls our age living here, so we had to come and meet you.” It turns out that their mom grew up around here and their grandma still lives just a few streets away. Their grandpa died last year and grandma has been very lonely here all by herself and their mom has been very worried about her. They decided it would be best to move to the area to help her out, so their mom and dad arranged for new jobs here and over Thanksgiving they came to sign all the papers to buy the house. They moved here from New Mexico, their dad is an engineer and their mom is a nurse.

Empty House 2

We invited them in to our house, we couldn’t wait to introduce them to Cassandra and Rebecca. They were excited too when they found out that our new neighbors were girls our age. Zara is the oldest, she’s 12 and loves riding horses, when they lived in New Mexico she competed in show jumping. Abby is 11 and loves cheerleading, painting, and reading. She rides horses too, but she is more in to Western style riding.

Empty House 4

Abby asked us if we knew anything about the tryouts for the one open cheerleading spot. “Oh gosh, my friend Sarah got hurt over Thanksgiving” said Marie-Grace. “She isn’t going to be able to come back the rest of the season and they thought they would be able to get by without her, but it’s really messing up some of their routines. I hope you get it!”

Empty House 5

Empty House 6

They stayed for a little while and then said they had to leave as their mom would have dinner ready soon and wonder where they all were. We told them that we were planning a New Year’s Eve slumber party and asked them if they would like to come. “Sure!” they said in unison.

After they left, we were all so excited about their moving in and couldn’t stop talking about it. Sure, we all like playing together, but sometimes it’s nice to have some new friends too. We are really looking forward to our slumber party and having them come over, mom said she would cook some yummy food and we have all been thinking of things to do. Sounds like it’s going to be a really Happy New Year!