World’s Smallest My Little Pony Set

If you’ve seen some of the World’s Smallest line, you know that they have a number of things that are the perfect size for 18 inch doll play.  I personally have the Polaroid camera, the Lite Brite, Lincoln Logs and a few other items that I’m not remembering…they say the mind is the first thing to go.  The detail on this line is incredibly good and I’m always excited to see new things.  Last year (I think in the fall, but I could be wrong) I got together with Xyra from over at Tea Time With Melody Q–and she gifted me with these:

Oh my word, cuteness overload!! I was so excited, I’d not seen these before.  I was not of the right generation to play with My Little Pony but I had several younger relatives that did, so I was very familiar and I could not get over the detail.


Here they are out of the package.  The little comb is perfect too.  They thought of everything.

The scale is really pretty good, here you can see one in a doll hand:

Mimi and Christine were having a great time playing with these.


This set is definitely one of the coolest gifts I’ve gotten ever for my doll collection, thank you so much Xyra!!!  I looked online and if you can find them, there are actually different sets with different colored ponies.  I need to talk to the girls and see if they think we should get some more… (I have a feeling I know the answer already!)

Review of My Life As Vlogger Play Set

Every so often I check the Walmart website to see what they have new in the My Life As Line.  Sometimes I order through there, sometimes I wait until I have a trip to the store.  I saw this set and since I was stuck at home and needed something to order just to put myself over the $35 order amount to get free shipping, I decided to take a chance on it.  Let me just say, it was a VERY pleasant surprise!

Look at all the goodies!  On the back gave a list of everything included.  I didn’t realize just how much was in it until I really looked closely.

Getting this out of the package…not so easy.  It was two plastic pieces with all the pieces inside–and these two pieces were sort of “spot” welded in places to keep them together so they wouldn’t fall out.  Great idea in theory.  Not so great in actuality.  It was a wrestling match!  The squares in these pics are what I’m talking about, and let me just tell you, they did not pop apart, no way, no how.

After I got the pieces out though, I was really excited to look it all over and assemble it.  Where to start with so many cool pieces?!?!  I decided to start with the simplest pieces.


A cell phone, a Go Pro style camera and a selfie stick!  Both the cell phone and the Go Pro have removable frames that are used to hook them into the selfie stick.

The selfie stick is even hinged so you can move it for a better shot!

The cell phone is well done and even comes with it’s own case for when it’s not on the selfie stick.

The mini Go Pro is well done too.  I like that there is a clip on the mounting frame as well so you could hook it onto a doll’s outfit!

Every good vlogger has to have a laptop!  This one even has a little slot for a memory card.  And yes, there are even tiny memory cards in this set, stay tuned!

You also need some lighting for certain situations.  I thought this was one of the best thought out parts of the set.

The light not only actually works, but you can put the umbrella “diffuser” on it and it can be illuminated as well!

Even though the umbrella is made of plastic, the attention to detail to make it look like it’s fabric is quite good on this particular piece.

The set includes a backdrop.  It’s metallic looking, but it’s made of just plain fabric.  It could be a bit wider though, it’s not really practical for anything other than close ups.

A tripod!  This piece was a bit on the flimsy side though, probably the most disappointing piece of the whole set.  It’s not super sturdy and comes apart way too easily.


A cool video camera!  I liked the details on this.  The microphone on the top does come off too (I unfortunately didn’t get a pic of that.)

I thought it was pretty cool how the video screen opened up to the side like on a real video camera.

I saved my favorite piece for last–the camera!  And accessories.

Two lenses, one with a lens hood and 3 tiny memory cards!  There are slots in the side of the laptop, the camera, the video camera and the Go Pro that these will fit in.  I thought this was a very cool little detail.

Even cooler–the lenses are interchangeable!

One of the lenses is even a zoom type, three different settings you can pull it out to.

The camera also makes a shutter sound when you hit the button.  The flash can also be removed, easily slides off the camera, but it doesn’t light up.  The details in this set are just incredible.

Wendy decided she wanted to mess around with some of the cameras and have some fun!


Let’s try a selfie!

Okay, we’ll try out the camera and the video cam now!

Wendy completely approves!  Maybe she has a future as a vlogger?!

I give this set an A++++.  It has a few minor short comings, particularly the tripod and it’s flimsiness, but the rest of the set more than makes up for it.  And the best part–the entire set was just under $20.  Yes, you read that right!  I looked up what the vlogging sets cost from Z’s collection (which are also no longer available) and you’d have spent close to $90 at full price.  And I don’t think her camera had near the details with the removable/interchangeable parts.

Super cute set, and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who is a photography fanatic/doll collector like myself.  So many great details and definitely worth the price.  Another score for My Life As!




Review of My Life As Movie Theater Play Set

Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I’ll just say it again–My Life As keeps cranking out some great sets and when I saw this, I had to have it.  At $7.92 it’s a great value and paired up with the popcorn set from Our Generation, you’re all set for a fun day “at the movies”!

This set comes with 15 pieces.


I liked the back of the package too, it gives some play ideas–most girls could use a box to replicate this counter.  But I’m also wondering if maybe they are coming out with a theater too?  Inquiring minds…

Two cups for soda.  I like that the lids come off too.

A nice box to carry goodies back to your seat in.

Don’t forget your tickets!!  These are double sided too.  And I guess these are meant to be M & M’s and Twizzler boxes?

Popcorn at a movie, yes.  Cotton candy…I can’t say I’ve ever seen it at any of our theaters.  I’d buy it though if they did!!

A hot dog that is removable from the bun.  I like this because I’d have to order it bun-less since I can’t have gluten!

A big pretzel!!!

And now for the best piece in this whole set–a drink fountain!

It even makes sounds like a drink dispenser when you press the levers!  It’s run with AAA batteries too, I’m really glad to see this.  The last few things I’ve purchased from MLA have required those button batteries that are not only a pain in the neck to change, but also can be expensive depending on where you pick them up.  Once in a while I find them at Dollar Tree, but not always.  I guess the real test will be to see how long the batteries last.

I give this set an A+++.  It’s well thought out and for the price, you can’t go wrong.  I’ve got plans for this in an upcoming story involving the bakery, and a lot of the food can be used for other ideas as well.  A great value for under $8!