A View Of Coolspring From A Different Angle

Mini Isabelle and Mini Luciana decided to check out the Coolspring Power Museum.  It’s a big place for the average person, but when you are only 6 inches tall, it comes with some extra challenges!

First off, there are these steps…two sets of them.  But they were determined.

“Here Luci, I’ll give you a little boost!”

“Great Izzy, now you grab my hand and I’ll try and pull you up!”


It took a while, but they made it to the top.  And then celebrated, “Rocky” style!

Then it was time for some ice cream…

“I’ve never had to work this hard to eat ice cream…but it’s so good!”

Then it was time to check out some of the displays.

“Luci, can you help me pick this up?”  “I think we’d better leave it alone, it looks very heavy.  I wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it on your toes.”

“We look just right along side this photograph of the Snow!”

“Look at all of these parts.  I wonder what they go to?”

“Wow, this book is giant!!  Just don’t shut me in it Luci!” (giggles)

“I don’t think I could Izzy, I’d need help just turning the page!”

“All these cool machines and parts.  It’s mindboggling.  I think it’s time for us to rest!”

“I have just the thing for our break–food!  I have a cooler full.”  “Awesome!  Time for a picnic.”

“Wow, everything looks yummy, you thought of everything.  I’m not sure where to start.”

“Yep, there is nothing like good food with good friends!  Pass me the popcorn.”

It’s Mini Gabby!!!

I have a couple of the mini dolls and really had no plans to buy anymore of them.  And then I saw mini Gabriela and I just had to have her, she is so cute!!!

I love how detailed her outfit is.

And look at those curls!!!!  Hers are a little bit squished from being in the box, but I’m sure they will pop back in no time.

And of course, she comes with a mini book.  I love how American Girl does these to go with the mini dolls, they are such a nice touch.  (although you’d need a microscope to actually read them!)

Who does she belong to here?  Well, Marie-Grace fell in love with her instantly since she reminds her so much of her friend Cecile!

Now the girls have a new member for the doll club!  They are in the process of organizing their first official meeting, hopefully it will be soon.

The Package

Shivan was staring out the window.  “I sure wish the UPS man would get here.  I checked the tracking and our order is supposed to be here today.”  She let out a big sigh.

Apparently she has never heard the saying “a watched for package never arrives.” Is that how that goes? Regardless, the package did finally arrive. What was it???

An order from American Girl, where else???

The girls had been checking out the website and noticed there were several dolls on sale for a great price. They decided it made more sense to order them all together and save on the shipping. They were so excited to open the box.

Allie had picked out Felicity. “She’s so pretty, I love her!” “I’m surprised you are still into dolls, ” said Kanani. “I think it’s silly that people try to put age limits on dolls and toys”, replied Allie. “My grandma has a huge collection of teddy bears. And my uncle collects action figures and lunchboxes. Age is only a number!”

“I never thought about it that way” Shivan responded. “OOOOOOHHH!!! Look how pretty Grace is! She looks a bit like Christine, doesn’t she??”

“Uh, guys…HELP!!!”

Once the girls managed to get Kanani out of the box, they decided to open their dolls. “On the count of three…”

Allie managed to get her doll opened first.

While they were opening their dolls, the girls were talking. “Guys, you know that the girls over at the blog She’ll Go Down in Herstory have a doll club. We should try something like that!” Shivan remarked.

“I think that’s a great idea!” exclaimed Kanani. “Kit has Julie and Isabelle, so we could get her to join. Louisa has an Our Generation Sienna too.” Then Allie chimed in. “Christine has an Our Generation Lana! I think it sounds fantastic!”

Kanani was so excited to get Lea.  “She’s so pretty!”

Once the girls managed to get their dolls out of the boxes, they decided to pose for a picture all together with their new dolls.

“Now we just have to figure out what to do at the meetings!!!”

If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to go over and check out She’ll Go Down In Herstory, she has the cutest posts about her girls starting their own club.  They even have their own club house space!  Just look under the category “The American Girls Club”.