Review of Melody’s Electric Piano

A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to get Melody’s Electric Piano as my birthday present.  Originally I was going to wait until Evil Twin and I went to the new pop-up store in Pittsburgh.  My plans all changed though when we not only postponed our trip, but I also discovered that it doesn’t seem to be available in any of the pop-up stores!  I decided to just go ahead and order it so I was sure it was here by my birthday and after a bit of fuss and hassle, I finally managed to get the order placed.  It arrived this past weekend and I just had to show it to everyone!  Happy Happy Birthday to Me indeed!!

The first thing I got a chuckle out of was on the box where it said “adult assembly required”.  They apparently don’t know the same children I do, just about any of the kids I know could have put this together in seconds.  I did.  You basically just pop the legs into place.  Unscrew the battery compartment, insert batteries, put the cover back on and you’re ready to go!

I was very disappointed when I got everything out of the box and discovered that the sheet music was just floating around in the box, all by itself.  Mine got a little bent up because of that, fortunately not mangled.  I thought for sure it would come in some sort of envelope, or in a plastic bag with the instructions, but nope, just floating around in the box.  Weird.

melody-keyboard-5 melody-keyboard-6

Here it is assembled:


A shot of the underside so you can see where the legs pop in:


And a view of the on/off switch (which is also the volume control) and the battery compartment.


One thing I was very pleased to see is that the speakers on it are in the right place!  This is where they would be on a real piano keyboard or even the more modern synthesizer type keyboard we have now.  Very cool.


Overall, I’m really thrilled with this piece.  It’s a toss up between this and the camper as to which I like the best!  I think this is a terrific accessory for the price too, $48 is not horribly out of line, especially if you compare it to some of the other items they have for sale that don’t do anything special.

(Video removed for security reasons)