Happy New Year and Book Group Reminder!

It’s here, it’s 2018!!!!  Anyone else super excited????  I always look forward to the New Year as it’s a time to think about what I did and didn’t do the year before and how I want to make changes for the coming year.  It’s a clean slate, new ideas and hope for the year ahead.  2017 was a combination of good things and bad things for me, so my sincere hope is to put the bad behind me and only move forward with the good.  Fingers crossed!

Just wanted to quickly remind everyone about book group on January 15th, we will be reading “Meet Cecile” this month.  I’m really looking forward to this, I haven’t read it as of this moment, but I absolutely loved “Meet Marie-Grace”, so I’m hoping this story from another view point is every bit as good.  I hope everyone who wants to participate has been able to get their hands on a copy, I ended up buying the whole Marie-Grace/Cecile collection off Ebay a few months ago.

Happy New Year!!!