The Hula Lesson

Fiona and Kanani were having a relaxing weekend, watching TV together, playing with the dogs and just having fun.  Kanani was also teaching Fiona how to play the ukulele that she got her for Christmas.  During their lesson, Kanani got an idea.  “Would you like to learn how to do the hula dance?”  “Oh wow,” replied Fiona, “that does sound like fun.  Sure!”  Then they thought it might be fun to invite Louisa over too, so Fiona grabbed her phone and gave her a call.


“Hey Louisa, it’s Fiona!”

“Oh, hi!  How’s it going?”

“Great, would you like to come over and hang out with us?  We are just goofing off, Kanani has been teaching me how to play my ukulele.”

“Sure, I’d love to come over.  I’m bored at home.”

“Sounds awesome!  Bring your swimsuit too.”

“Huh?  It’s freezing out!”

“Just bring it, don’t ask questions.”

“Okay??  I’ll be over shortly.”

About 15 minutes passed until Louisa turned up at the front door.  “I’m here!  I still don’t understand why you told me to bring my swimsuit though.”

Fiona told her to go into her bedroom and put it on.  The girls already had theirs on.

When Louisa came out of the bedroom, Fiona handed her a bathtowel.  “Tie this around your waist like I have mine.  Kanani is going to give us a hula lesson!”

hula 1

“Oh fun!” replied Louisa.  “I’ve always wanted to learn how to hula!”

Kanani explained to the girls that the hand movements were all symbolic of different aspects of nature: rain, sun, mountain, ocean.  The foot and hip movements are combined with the hand movements to create a dance.  Many hula dances are considered to be a religious performance because they are honoring a Hawaiian god.

“Wow, this is all so interesting!  I’m so glad I came over!” replied Louisa.

Kanani then showed them a couple of movements and steps.

hula 2

hula 3

hula 4

Fiona and Louisa both agreed that it was a lot more work than they realized and had a whole new respect for Kanani and her abilities. “You know what we should do sometime? Invite some of the other girls over and have a Hawaiian themed party with Hawaiian foods and traditions. We could teach them to dance too!” exclaimed Fiona.

Kanani thought it sounded like a great idea, perhaps one day in the summer when the weather wasn’t so cold!

Have you ever done the hula or been to a demonstration of it? I vaguely remember learning some of the moves of the dance in gym glass when I was in grade school, back when Hawaiian culture was very popular thanks to the original “Hawaii 5-0” tv series as well as singer Don Ho.


Louisa’s Big News!

At the beginning of the school year, all of the kids have to try out for chorus. There is also a special group called “show choir” which is a small group of 20 kids who are considered to be the best singers in the Jr. High (5 – 8th grade). You can imagine how excited Louisa was when she got picked for it, she didn’t think she was all that good, but she really is!

Show choir not only performs for the regular concerts at Christmas and in the spring, but also for special events. One of the things that they do twice a month is go to a local nursing home and perform for the elderly. Louisa says it is a lot of fun and that she can tell that some of these people look forward to them coming. She said there is one lady who wants to hug all of them before they leave.

show choir 1 copyright   show choir 2 copyright

Friday after Louisa got home from going to the nursing home, she came straight over to the house. “Guys, I am so excited, our director told us that we are going to get to sing at the courthouse just before Christmas!”

“Wow, that’s very cool!  Do you know when it will be?” asked Alya.
show choir 3 copyright
“She said we are scheduled to perform on December 14th, and we sing for the whole hour between noon and one o’clock so that people can come listen to us during their lunch hour.” “That sounds like it will be very nice and a lot of fun!” replied Abby.

“I think it will be…” then Louisa hesitated. “The director wants me to sing a solo!”show choir 4 copyright
“That’s awesome!” exclaimed Shivan. “See, we told you that you were very good, you just didn’t believe us. What do you have to sing?”

show choir 5 copyright

“The director said something about “O Holy Night”, there would be several of us each singing one section of it. She’s still working out the details. I’ll have to do a lot of practicing, that’s only about a month away!”

The girls were super excited for Louisa. Unfortunately they won’t get to see her perform it live, but a local television station records it and replays it later, so we’ll all get to see it when it airs. Congratulations Louisa!