Review of Kit’s Radio Set

It’s no secret that I love Kit and her collection.  I think I have more of her items than any other doll.  I liked the Radio Set, but I wasn’t wild about the price, especially considering how much plastic there was in it.  The AG Gods finally smiled on me though and marked it down to half price.  It’s a set that definitely was not worth $42, but for $21, I was willing to take a chance on it.  To sweeten the deal, I had a $10 off rewards coupon and since I only ordered two items, it was like getting this for $16, whoo hoo!

The set includes the radio, the book “Robin Hood”, a baseball pennant and a cable to connect the radio to your own electronic device.

The radio is very cute.  I just wish it wasn’t so much plastic.

The knob on the left is how you get the different sounds to play.  The one on the right is the volume.  When you turn the one on the left, it not only changes what sound comes out (ranging from music to news broadcasts) but it also makes the needle move.  And…

It lights up!!  I thought that was very authentic.  There is also a button on the back where you can shut it off so you don’t have to worry about the batteries running down in case something bumps the knob.

The book is really well done.  American Girl definitely does mini books better than anyone else in doll land, and this is no exception.

I didn’t take any more photos of the pennant because it’s, well, a pennant.  It’s nice, and it fits in with Kit’s character.

Overall, I give this set a B+.  The only reason I didn’t rate it higher is because of the radio being entirely of plastic.  It wouldn’t have been that difficult for them to have made it out of wood, I used to have a music box shaped like a radio that was about this size that was made out of wood, and I know I didn’t pay anywhere close to $42 for it.  I’m just glad I got this set on sale!


March Bookgroup Read: Meet Kit

It’s time for our bookgroup discussion, and this month we are going to talk about the book “Meet Kit”.  I hope everyone was able to get their hands on a copy of it.  Even if you didn’t in time, you are still free to comment once you get the opportunity to read it.  That’s the beauty of the internet!

Kit’s story is my favorite of all the historicals.  I truly think the reason for this is Kit grew up in the same era as my mom did, and I can remember her telling stories of growing up during the depression.  The different stories told within the spectrum of the Kit books covers a number of issues that I remember my mom talking about.  Especially the part about people losing their homes and having to move in with other relatives or as boarders.  My mom grew up in a “blended” household made up of her, my uncle, my grandmother, and numerous aunts and uncles!

Some of the other things that I love about Kit’s stories: her desire to become a reporter, always trying to help out, and her desire for a treehouse. I remember thinking a treehouse would be one of the coolest things on the planet! Unfortunately we didn’t have any trees that really lent themselves to one, but a girl can dream. I also like her tomboyish qualities, and how she hates her frilly bedroom.

One thing that might be lost on younger readers today would be Kit’s owning a typewriter. Unlike today, where nearly every home has a computer of some sort, typewriters were not a common place item in any home. Even when I was a teenager, a typewriter was a big deal, I received one as a graduation gift. So her not just writing her newspaper stories, but also typing them up is a cute feature that I think makes her books and stories very unique for that particular era.

Now for the part I didn’t like–there is a historical section in the back part of the book where it talks about the Great Depression. It makes it sound like the only place it happened was in the United States, when in fact, it affected the entire world. Times were tough everywhere, and there were many places that things were as bad, if not worse, than in the United States. Just a little detail that bugged me.

While I was reading the section about the Great Depression, the Broadway musical and movie, “Annie” popped into my head.  There are several items mentioned that are addressed in songs–“We’d Like To Thank You Herbert Hoover” and “I Don’t Need Anything But You” both came to mind.  Perhaps another easy to absorb story to introduce young people to the Great Depression, and a lot of fun too!

Overall, I loved the story though, and I especially liked the detailed illustrations throughout. I also loved the inserts of Kit’s typewritten stories, I chuckled out loud at the drawing of Mrs. Willmore “beside herself”. My favorite line in the whole book is when Kit and Ruthie are talking about the newspaper and Kit says “This is supposed to be a newspaper, not a snoozepaper.”

Did you like “Meet Kit”?

Next month we will discuss “Isabelle”.  The book for May is Meet Marie-Grace and for June it’s Lea.

Kit’s Trip, Part 3

Our last day on vacation was messed up due to the weather.  It rained and rained, all day long, making outdoor activities less than desirable.  We found a few interesting things to do though.  First we drove to the very small town of Stonington, it’s not far from Mystic.  Lots of pretty colonial style houses, very classic New England.  They also have a lighthouse that was moved a little bit inland, it serves as a museum.



We were trying to decide what to do in this horrible weather, when Flo made a very strange suggestion. She thought it might be interesting to drive through the cemetery in Mystic, perhaps we might find some very old tombstones. I have to admit I was a little bit creeped out at first, but it ended up being very interesting. You can actually learn a lot from reading the tombstones!

Here are a couple of the ones we thought were very interesting in their design:


Flo said this one made her think of the ones she has seen on trips to Ireland.

From the one side of the cemetery you could see the seaport:


It let up a little bit on the rain, so we went into downtown Mystic to check out some of the unique shops. They had some really neat stuff in them. Flo picked up a shirt and a nice bag that is waterproof, she said it will come in handy when she goes to Coolspring to meet Xyra since it always seems to rain. One of the places we stopped at was a toy store called “Mystical Toys”–I got a couple of things which I’ll share at the end of the post.

We were trying to figure out the best way to go to get to another place when we discovered that we were on the opposite side of the seaport, and we had a really great view of the other side of the Charles W. Morgan!

The next morning we got up really early to head home. There was a home football game at Penn State that day and we hoped we would get by there before the traffic was backed up. We went through at noon and it was just starting to get clogged at the exit–and the game didn’t start until 3:30! Crazy. The weather was still kind of yucky, so I just hung out in the backseat, did my homework and napped. As nice as it is to get to travel, it is also nice to come home.

Here’s what I got at the toy store:
Isn’t the Gumby figure I found cool?! I’ll have to find the perfect place to put him in my room. I also got two packages of crayons so that we have plenty when we all want to work on art projects.

One place we stopped at was a thrift store, Mr. Flo got a necktie and Flo found this:
It’s almost identical to the one Cassandra has in her room now. Flo thinks they will look nice side by side and it will give Cassandra a better place to put her Minion collection.  I have to agree.  Plus she might have some space for some new Minions now!

That’s it for my travel pictures and story!  I hope you enjoyed it.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  I sure hope I get to go on another trip really soon, I had fun, even if the weather didn’t cooperate.