Review of Sweet Dolly’s Harry Potter Uniform

Back in January we took a trip to Florida and some of you may remember that Mimi had a Gryffindor uniform for the trip:

The trip came up rather quickly and I debated on whether or not to get an outfit just for it or not.  Time was an issue and I wasn’t sure that if I ordered it from an Etsy seller, I could have it in time.  I more or less scrapped the idea, and then I thought about just making her a cloak, but again, no time to really sew.  I don’t know what made me decide to look on Amazon, but I’m so glad I did.  This is the exact outfit I ordered:

The price on this varies from day to day, I paid $19.99 when I ordered it.  Most of the time it’s right around that somewhere, I’ve not seen it jump more than a dollar or two either direction.

I will be honest, at that price I wasn’t expecting much and figured if I got one or two pieces I could use for the trip, I’d be happy.  WELL…this was a GREAT deal for the price!  As you can see, Mimi was able to wear most all of it and the separates can be used for other things as well.

The shirt and the skirt are nicely made.  The shirt closes with Velcro as does the skirt.  Fit on the shirt was very good. I would have preferred the skirt just a bit longer, but oh well.  This would be a very easy piece to remake and replace if I really wanted to.

The sweater and the tie were two of my favorite pieces in this set. The sweater I received had a green stripe on it though which is not accurate, but not a huge problem for me.  I know some people were upset about this, but for the price, I’m not going to complain.  As the saying goes “pick your battles”.  The sweater has Velcro up the back, making for a very easy on/off and it fits nicely over the shirt.  The tie is really cute, but I had to refresh my necktie tying skills!  (and in miniature to boot!)

The shoes and socks were both cute, but it was next to impossible to put the shoes on with the socks.  Just too thick, they should have used a different material for them, or had shoes that were just a wee bit bigger.  The shoes are well made and fit great without socks, and I liked them so much, Mimi ended up wearing them with the outfit I purchased for her to wear to Disneyworld.


The cloak is really nice, but it could have been a bit longer to have been more accurate to the movies.  I did like the Gryffindor patch though, nice little touch!

The scarf is okay.  It’s probably the poorest made piece of the set, but it still works.  The color in this photo isn’t accurate, it isn’t so orange, not sure why my camera turned it this odd shade.

The wand that was included with mine was kind of strange.  I didn’t even take it with me.  It’s really a necklace that someone apparently thought would suffice.  They could have left this out.  It’s all metal and it’s heavy.  I didn’t take it because I didn’t want to have to worry about it being confiscated at the airport and I knew I wouldn’t use it.  I’ll probably toss this in a donation bag to Goodwill or something.

Overall, I think this set is worth the price though.  It’s shortcomings are small and the value, even without the socks or the wand is still excellent.  If you compare the price of this set with similar sets on Etsy, you are still getting all the pieces for about the price of one or two of the smaller items.  I’m definitely glad I picked it up for our trip and I’m sure sometime in the future it will make a great Halloween costume too.  What was really fun was seeing the reactions from some of the employees at Universal Studios, one of the gals who worked at the Hogwarts Express gate was really impressed with the whole ensemble, she had to check Mimi out up close! Mimi was thrilled! 😉





Where Did We Go???

Hello again!  I’m sure you are all anxious to hear about what we did while we were in Florida.  Our first full day was going to be super exciting, I could hardly sleep.  We got up really early so we could take advantage of early admission…to Universal Studios!  We were finally going to go see all of the cool Harry Potter stuff they have there!!!  Mom even bought me a special outfit just for the day.  Are you ready????

This place was SO cool!  The whole time we were there, we felt like we were really in a Harry Potter movie.  The attention to detail was incredible.

This inside of Olivander’s wand shop–look at all of those wands!  We didn’t buy one, mom and I agreed it was a lot of money to spend, we had other things we wanted to buy instead.

I got to sit on Hagrid’s motorcycle too!  It was a little bit big for me though.


We did a bit more looking around before hopping on the train!

The station was huge!  We even got to see Hedwig waiting to be loaded up to head to Hogwarts.

Mom even talked to Hedwig a little bit:


The train ride was pretty cool, but sometimes it could be a little bit scary.  There were some dementors trying to bother us… eeeek!

It didn’t take too long though and we were in Hogsmeade!

Dad needed to use the restroom once we got there.  He came out laughing–he said that Moaning Myrtle was talking to everyone in the bathrooms.  Mom and I went and checked it out–and sure enough, she was!


I was SOOOO excited to get to see Hogwarts!

We ate brunch at the Three Broomsticks, it was VERY good.  Both mom and dad agreed that it was one of the best meals we had when we were in Florida.  Mom and I also tried butterbeer, we both really liked it.  The next day we were going to get some more, but then mom noticed they also sold butterbeer ice cream, so we decided to try it.  We were both hooked!!  I wish we could get it here.

Before we left, we stopped by Honeydukes candy store and picked up some fudge, a chocolate frog and some Bertie Botts beans.  It wouldn’t be a trip to the village without it!  Check out some of these cool cakes.

We had a lot of fun checking everything out, so much so that we went back the next day.  We didn’t take any pics though because we were traveling much lighter so we could ride the rides.

I did get something at Universal Studios–but it wasn’t Harry Potter themed.

I got a Minion!!!  Mom and I loved the Minion ride and they had a very cool store when you exited.  This is Carl.  I think I’ll set him right over by the TV so that when Cassandra comes to visit, she will see it right away.

Stop back in a few more days, we have one more place we went that I can show you. Hope you had fun checking out our visit to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade!

(In case you are wondering, Mimi’s Hogwarts outfit came from Amazon–and was only $19.99!  I plan on doing a review on it at some point, stay tuned.)