Another new Etsy shop review! SewLikeBetty

I’m always on the look out for new Etsy shops to support and doll clothing…well, it is a bit of a problem for me as I tend to buy as much of it as I do clothing for myself. 😉   I don’t even remember what I was looking for when I came across this shop, but I thought the items looked well made and the prices were reasonable, so I decided to give it a shot.  Since it was a “free shipping with $35 purchase” deal, I selected three items that I had in my favorites.  A cute pair of bib overalls with a shirt and two dresses.

I have numerous pairs of bib overalls in my doll collection, I personally love them myself.  However, they are a pain in the neck when it comes time to use the bathroom so I’ve quit bothering with them for me to wear.  Instead I overindulge my love of them with my doll collection!  This set caught my attention immediately and once I put them on Wendy, I was even more impressed.  Well made, heck, she even lined the pockets with contrasting fabric!  The white shirt came with them too.  The attention to detail on these is fantastic.

This dress is just too cute, I think it’s the perfect spring/summer style and colors!

The piping trim on this is very well done.  I know I wouldn’t have the patience!!

The back closes with Velcro, it’s the type that isn’t quite so sticky.  I wish everyone would go to using this, including the big name doll clothing companies! It’s so much easier to work with and closes every bit as well.

And last, but not least, the dress that caught my attention and made me look at this shop even closer!

This is such a cute dress…and these sleeves, oh my word!!  As someone who sews, let me just tell you, a sleeve like this is not an easy thing to do on a human sized garment, but to do it in miniature, wow!  My hat is off to her, I’m impressed.

Some more views:

To say I was pleased with my purchase is putting it mildly.  All of the items I bought were well made, finished on the inside so they would withstand many changes of clothing.  Prices ranged from $14 to $25 for the items I purchased which I thought was very reasonable, especially given the quality.  Lightning fast shipping as well, although it might take a little longer right now given the circumstances.  I would definitely buy from this Etsy seller again!!

If you’d like to check this store out, here you go!



After we were done with the photo shoot, I told the girls they could have a snack from the bakery cart…

Cute Clothes From Silly Monkey

Another favorite online doll clothing seller is Silly Monkey.  I had seen some of their stuff but had never ordered from them until I got Mimi and they had a couple of items I thought would be perfect for her.  I’ve since bought quite a few things from them, and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

Before Christmas I decided the girls needed some new stuff from there.  I ended up with 4 items, three that I intended to be worn together and the other just with a pair of pants.

Mimi and Rebecca agreed to be my models for the new items.

The tunic top that Mimi is wearing is absolutely adorable.  I loved the print, one thing I really like about Silly Monkey is that they are very careful to make sure that the proportions on the print designs are in the right scale for dolls.

It fits well too, and I like that it’s not open the whole way down, so you get a nicer finished look in the back when the Velcro is closed.

The other pieces were items I’d looked at for a while and decided would be versatile.

I wouldn’t mind having an outfit like this for myself! 

I loved the “paperbag” waist on the pants and the top was a nice neutral that not only goes well with these pieces, but will work well with other things too.  The tie is just for decoration, the pants aren’t a true drawstring, they are elasticized.

The kimono style jacket is beautifully made, I love this piece!  It’s a nice, soft fabric with a beautiful color to it.

I’m really happy with these items and I can see a lot of mix and match potential with all of it.

You can check out Silly Monkey items two ways!

Their Etsy store:

Or their website!

In case you are wondering about Rebecca’s necklace, that’s actually a bracelet out of my own collection.  Bracelets make GREAT necklaces for 18 inch dolls!

Review of Several Etsy Purchases

Over the past few months I’ve made several different purchases on Etsy.  Some from people I’ve dealt with before, but several from places I’ve recently discovered.  I’m happy to say that I’ve had no disappointments and I wanted to share these recent finds with everyone else!

My first purchase was from Quality Doll Clothes.  I’ve actually purchased from this seller before, but never got around to reviewing what I bought.  I was really excited when I saw this romper in her listings and thought it was just the perfect thing for Kit!  Don’t you agree?

On this particular outfit she used buttons and a snap for the closure, but some of her pieces do have Velcro.  The fit on this was great and the workmanship was top notch.

Next up is this cute outfit from Silly Monkey.  My new girl needed some new clothes!  These were separates but I absolutely fell in love with this top because it’s very similar to one I have for myself.

The top fits great and closes with Velcro.

The jeans are very basic, no back pockets or front pockets.  They are made from a stretch denim, so they are much easier to get on than some other jeans I’ve purchased.

I wanted a pink gingham dress for some reason.  There weren’t a lot of them out there, but when I saw this one, I knew it was just what I was looking for.  It came from Nanna Jerrie’s Creations.

It’s a very simple dress, but very well done.  Fit is great on it.

Hair bow was included too!

Last but certainly not least is this adorable dress from Six Reasons.  I loved the colors in it and the options of wearing it with or without the pinafore was a nice bonus.

Here it is without the pinafore.  The belt is removable, it closes with a snap.

The set included a slip as well!

And the pinafore could even be worn as a sundress!

I am very happy with all of these items and I will definitely be purchasing again from all of these sellers.  Be sure to check them out, as well as those on my list of Etsy sellers in the tab above.  I love Etsy and especially the fact that the majority of the sellers are just average people who love making doll clothes.  Shop small!!!