Happy Easter!!

Hi guys, Emily here!! It’s Good Friday, which means that Sunday is Easter.  I love Easter!  Not just for the candy, but for all of the things it symbolizes and the story of Christ dying to save us all.  Lanie and I both sing in the choir, we will be performing for the Easter Sunrise Service at our church.  We’ve been practicing really hard.

I decided this year for Easter I wanted to do something really special.  I’ve been saving up my allowance money and mom took me shopping so I could have a special surprise for all of my friends.  Any idea of what it might be??  Oh wait!  Hang on, I forgot something that might help you figure out what I’m doing!!!

Any ideas on what I might be doing now?  If you guessed that I’m going to be the Easter Bunny, you guessed right!

I’ve got this big basket of chocolate candy to share with all of my friends!  I’m so excited, I hope they are too.

(Abby) Hi Emily, what are you doing here?

I’m pretending to be the Easter Bunny and I’ve brought enough candy here so that each of my friends get a piece!

(Allie)  How sweet!!! I definitely want a chick!

(Abby) I think I’ll take a bunny!

Did everyone get one?  Happy Easter everybody!!

On to the next room!

(Jan) Hi Emily, what have you got there?

I’ve got a basket of candy and I’m sharing it with all of my friends.  You each get to pick a piece!

(Josh)  How nice of you Emily!  I think I’d like a chick!

Happy Easter Josh!

On to the next rooms!  I found Christine and Shivan next, and then Cassandra, Fiona and Zara.

After I’d been all over the house and visited everyone…

my basket was empty!!!  I had just enough for everyone.  I wonder if this is what the Easter Bunny feels like after he (or maybe it’s a she?) is finished?!  That was fun though, I’m glad I decided to share with my friends!