So…what are you doing to stay busy during the quarantine???

Strange times indeed.  Stuck at home, not able to hang out with your friends.  Can’t shop, can’t go to school, can’t go much of anywhere.  Think you’ve got it bad??  Well, if you do a little reading about history, this isn’t the first time there’s been a quarantine situation due to a pandemic.  Back in 1918, there was a bad form of the flu called The Spanish Flu.  Not unlike what we have going on right now, people weren’t able to go places, see friends or family or travel for fear of spreading the illness.  BUT…in 1918, they didn’t have the internet, video games, TV, grocery or restaurant delivery, Amazon, Zoom–heck, they didn’t even have a telephone!  Can you imagine how difficult that must have been?  “Here, sit there and read a book…”  The options were very limited.

Fortunately, this is over 100 years later and we have SO many options of ways to stay connected with friends and family.  At this house, we’ve spent a lot of time on Zoom, texting, staying in touch with social media–and gaming!  Mimi and her friends have stayed very busy playing Pathfinder via the internet.  If you aren’t familiar with Pathfinder, it’s a variation on Dungeons and Dragons that I’ve started playing (Flo here) with some friends and Mimi decided she wanted to try it with some of her friends as well.  I got her set up and she’s been having a great time playing with Cassandra and Christine.

Cassandra is the GM–or Game Master.  In Dungeons and Dragons this would be referred to as the Dungeon Master, but since not all games involve a dungeon, the name has kind of evolved a bit.  Cassandra has had a great time getting this adventure off the ground, even though it’s one they borrowed from my gaming group.

Christine is playing an Elf Rogue named Marwen.  I know a bit about playing elves as I’ve done my fair share of it.  Don’t you love her cat ear headphones?

Mimi being into music decided she wanted to play a dwarf bard named Marvello.  I think she spent a bit too much time watching Harry Potter movies when she came up with the name…

In order to play online, they log into a platform designed for role playing games called Roll 20.  It’s an easy to use platform if you are familiar with role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and can be adapted by whoever the GM is for what you want to play.  It’s constantly being updated so you never know what improvements might turn up!  You don’t even have to have a set of dice, there is an online dice roller with all the different ones available.  It’s super cool!

The girls were having so much fun with it, they decided they wanted to stream their games, just like they have seen on YouTube.  They are all big fans of Critical Role, a hugely popular stream of Dungeons and Dragons.  It’s a great way to expand your imagination as well as have a lot of fun with your friends!

If you are a fan of role playing games, we all highly recommend this as a great way to pass the time right now–or even when we aren’t in quarantine.  I’ve been playing this way since September when one of my gaming friends moved to Alaska and wanted to continue playing.

What have you been doing to occupy your down time?

(FYI–3HP is the streaming feed that I play with my friends, run by a friend of mine.  If you’d like to watch our streams, shoot me a message!  I’m not posting it here for fear of spamming issues, but we have a great time with it and stream about once a week.  It’s a Pathfinder 2e adventure, set in Middle Earth)