Dollhouse Tour, the Kitchen!

This is going to sound terrible, but even when I got to the point of changing my plans from just one room to an entire dollhouse, I had no intentions of doing a kitchen. It just sort of happened. It started when I found a cute little cabinet at a yard sale. Then they ran a great sale on the table and chairs in a Jill’s Steals and Deals. Even at that point I was thinking just a dining room. I bought the baking table. The last straw was when I picked up a refrigerator and kitchen set from a Craigslist deal. Funny how things work, isn’t it?

Here’s a full shot of the kitchen:


I think the easiest way to do this is work our way around the room like I did with the girls bedroom. We’ll start with the “appliances” first!  I apologize for the weird angle of some of these shots, it isn’t easy to try and get these pics when you have to stick your arm in and under, yikes!

Here is where all the cooking action happens!  I have to tell you guys a very funny (and cool) story with all of this.  If you remember, I got this kitchen along with a pink bunk bed set that I wanted for Zara and Abby for $30.  A few weeks later I picked up the Our Generation laundry room set along with the sewing machine I had been so desperately searching for, also $30 for everything.  At that point I had paid $60 for all of this furniture used, which was still a great deal because it was in very good condition. As I was setting the dollhouse up after I’d moved it, I realized that not only did I not have room for all of the laundry room pieces, but that there were actually a couple of them that I really didn’t like either.  I’ll be honest, the pieces in question were why I had never purchased it at Target to begin with.  After some debate, I decided “oh heck, stick them on Ebay!”  I figured if I got $15 for them, I’d be doing good.  Guess what?  Someone paid $42 for them.  Yeah, I see your jaw dropped open too, that’s exactly what my response was.  So, by the time it was all over with, I essentially got the kitchen, the bunk bed set, the washer/dryer and the sewing machine for all of $18!!!!!  (MAJOR HAPPY DANCE!)  The moral of the story: when in doubt, stick it on Ebay!!!

Back to the tour:


I think this little window is a clever idea, but I’m not wild about the painted on curtains.  Seriously thinking about making something to hang there and then attaching a photo behind the opening so it looks more realistic.

On top of the fridge we have a gumball machine, a Crock Pot and a jar of chocolate chip cookies.  I found the gumball machine in Walmart in the Easter Candy section.  The gum isn’t all that great, I will replace them with something else one of these days (the girls have even complained).   I made the Crock Pot from instructions at American Girl Ideas.  I was surprised to find out that the measurements on the one that AG recently came out with are almost identical!  The cookie jar I found at a thrift store this past winter and filled it with cookies that came with an Our Generation set.Img_3963

The freezer–look at all of that ice cream! With this many girls around, we keep a good supply on hand. The containers are individual sized ones I picked up at the grocery store. After the hubby and I finished eating the ice cream, I just carefully washed them in soap and water and let them air dry. The Creamsicles are erasers. And yes, that’s a root beer mug in the freezer! If you’ve never done that, you should try it, by putting your root beer (or other soda) in a frozen mug, you don’t need as much ice (if any) so you don’t end up with a watered down drink.


The refrigerator is always well stocked with beverages, fruits and veggies and assorted Tupperware containers full of leftovers. And of course with all that ice cream in the freezer, we have to have Hershey’s syrup! Most of the little fruits and veggies are OG, the leftovers came from various places (Pippaloo, Dolly’s Dining Room, and Food to Wear). The Hershey’s syrup container is a lip gloss I picked up at Claire’s. Some of the storage containers are actually mini Tuppeware brand containers, the others are just some nice little squares I found at Rite Aid.


On the back wall I have the baking table that I picked up off Ebay. I have a few odds and ends stored in it, but not much. You probably recognize most of the stuff on the top: glass jar I found at a thrift store with OG muffins in it, floral arrangement I made for the Garden Center and the cake is by Pippaloo, displayed on a cupcake stand I got at Joann’s when I started the bakery project. That sign is going to be the death of me, no matter how much I play with it, it always wants to hang crooked! It’s covering up an ancient wall outlet used for a no-longer existing TV antenna. The saying came from a trivet that my mom had in her kitchen many years ago, it always made me laugh. It’s difficult to read, it says “Come in, sit down, relax, converse. Our house doesn’t always look like this. Sometimes it’s even worse!”

And now for the piece that started this whole kitchen “thing”!


I think it’s original intent is a spice rack, but it works perfectly for what I needed.  I got it for a dollar!  It’s well made, but could use a paint job.  I just haven’t quite decided exactly how I want it to look and the weather we’ve had recently is definitely not conducive to painting ANYTHING.  As you can see it holds a lot, we have dishes here from AG, OG and anything else you can think of.  The bottom is also the perfect storage place for the mixer and extras.  Img_3967


The room I have the dollhouse in doesn’t have the best lighting and it makes the lower floors a bit on the dark side.  I used these press lights to help brighten them up a bit.  They were a challenge though, I had them all up and one by one they all fell down.  I was most dismayed to find one of them sticky side down, stuck to the kitchen table, grrr…I did get it off without any damage though.  After looking a bit, I realized what the issue was.  The backs of the lights aren’t flat!  They aren’t going to stay stuck to much of anything like that.  I noticed that they used similar light in the dollhouse at The Savage Dolls, but with one major difference: they used Velcro instead. Made perfect sense once I thought about it, so I have since redone mine with that and so far, so good, only one of them has come down and I haven’t quite figured that one out. They actually glued the Velcro in place, so if I continue to have issues, that will be the next step. These are a nice, inexpensive option for lighting though, I got mine at Dollar Tree for $1 each.

Off to the side of the kitchen is a little laundry room area. As you can see I kept the washer, dryer, iron and ironing board. I got rid of the racks, they just weren’t doing it for me and taking up valuable space. The little laundry baskets came from Target in their dangerous dollar section. I also have some others that I picked up at Dollar Tree, but these are my favorites. The clothespins are actually designed for paper crafting, but they are the ideal size!


I hope you have enjoyed the tour of the dolly kitchen and laundry room. Next week we will be taking a look at the living room, be sure to stop back!