Doll Sized Finds–and I’m baaaaccckk!!!

Hey everybody, I bet you’ve been wondering if I was coming back?!  Never fear, I am here!!!  When I made that last post about the fact I was going to be missing, I certainly didn’t expect it to be this long.  It’s been a crazy few weeks though!  I was fighting a sinus infection, went to Mexico, been doing a lot of photography work and started playing at open mics with a friend.  And then as if things weren’t busy enough, Miss Laney got sick.  I lost an entire week dealing with that, but I’m happy to report she is doing okay now.  Same thing as before if you’ve been following me for a while, her gallbladder decided to give her grief.  Which ended up giving me grief. 😉  She’s on the road to recovery now.

So–it’s time for a “new and improved” version of Doll Sized Finds!!!  I haven’t done one of these in ages because I really haven’t been thrift store shopping much lately.  And I’m calling this “new and improved” because I’m going to share things from other places this time around.

At a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I saw a few things that I thought were very interesting.  I didn’t buy 2 of the 3, but I did take pics so I could share them with you!!

First up–this cool little pool table!

I thought the scale on this was pretty good, although the table might be a bit small.  Still fun though if you are doing a game room scenario!  (Sorry for the blurry pic, I really suck at taking them with my phone.  And I even got a new phone with a better camera, duh.)

Then there were these mini-clothespins:

Let me just tell you, if I didn’t already have a bunch of these, I would have been buying these.  I didn’t get nearly as many in a package and I paid a bit more than $1 for them!!!  So cute if you are doing a laundry room scene.  And I’ve found they are handy for other things as well. 😉

And last, but certainly not least, this cool little fan!!

It’s battery operated (batteries not included, 2 AA) and let me just tell you, this thing puts out a decent amount of air for all the bigger it is.  I actually did purchase this item, not just for a doll prop, but also for my dog!  It’s a great way to keep air circulating on a really hot day for her as she lays in her crate without a chance of fire should she knock it over or something.  If you look at the photo closely, you can see it comes in a variety of colors too.


I did recently have the opportunity to do a little thrift store shopping.  I’m being much more particular about what I buy now because I am at Defcon 5 levels around here on doll stuff.  I’m hopefully going to do a little bit of thinning out over the summer, but until then, I’m being very good.  American Girl probably thinks I’ve died.

But…I did come across something that had to come home with me.

The My Life As sofa!!  I’d considered the set that includes this before, but there were too many pieces that I wasn’t all that wild about.  And it was right around $30.  My price at a thrift store:  $7.98!  Score!  Always good to get a good deal on exactly what you wanted instead of spending more money on things you didn’t.

Mimi likes it too:


That’s it for this edition of Doll Sized Finds!  Have you found anything awesome in your shopping travels?

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks I’m hoping to do some reviews on products, just running a bit behind.


Doll Sized Finds–A bit of this, that and the other!

Time for some awesome doll sized finds guys!  I’ve been collecting these items over the past few weeks and decided it was about time to share some of them!


Loved this emoji themed clip on and thought it would be adorable on a doll bed. I very carefully clipped off the part that was holding the clip on. I think I got this at Target, but I’m not 100% positive, sorry! If I remember correctly it was around $2

Target also has these cool little bag clip ons, great for holding change or lip balm. They have them in several styles and colors, and vary in price, but all of the ones I have come across have been $8 or less.


Dollar General had this cute little container of Vaseline Lip balm for $2. This is the perfect size for your dolls bathroom. And the lip balm isn’t bad either!

Dollar Tree has these adorable owl shaped lip balm containers. How can you beat $1?! I thought it would make an awesome decoration for in one of the doll rooms. And what is it about lip balm containers being the perfect size for doll house accessories?

Also at Dollar Tree, I ran across these individual sized salt and pepper shakers.  If you read Brandy’s Happy Home, you may recall seeing her use these as crystal drinking glasses (with a few modifications).  I plan on using these as candy jars for the doll bakery, I just need to go through my bead stash and see what works the best in them.  Dollar Tree always has the coolest stuff!


When American Girl announced their new releases in January, I fell in love with the Fun and Games Sleepover Set. However, since I’m not buying from AG at the moment, I had a problem. My favorite part was the little Uno set. To Ebay!!! I found a seller who not only had a cute set of miniature Uno cards, but two other things I could use as well.

odds-6  odds-7


In addition to the Uno cards, I found a mini Barrel Of Monkeys game and a pair of shoes that fit Wellie Wishers! I was pleased to find these items, especially the shoes. And the seller combined the shipping, so an added bonus.

Perfect fit!  In case you are interested in any of these items, you can find them at Butterfly Kisses Doll Clothes on Ebay.  Super fast shipping too, with an excellent rating, so you can’t go wrong!

Have you found anything interesting for your dolls recently?


Doll Sized Finds: A couple days later

I’ve been complaining for a while how there has been a lack of selection at thrift stores and that I thought it would probably pick up once yard sale season hit. It’s definitely improving and a day after I posted my last group of finds, I decided to go check out the 2 stores close to home. I only spent about $8, but boy did I find some cool stuff!

At the Salvation Army I found this awesome radio for $3.99:
thrift again 1
I loved the vintage look of this and it’s a nice size for one of the doll rooms. And it works! They had two of them, but I only needed one. They also had two of the same one as I bought before that I have in Marie-Grace and Rebecca’s room. Not only do these look nice and make a realistic addition to the rooms, but since they work, it provides me with some music while I work on the doll house.  (It also came in handy last night when we had no electric for about 2 hours!)

On to the Goodwill! I came across this tin for a whopping 49 cents (don’t break the bank!)
thrift again 2
It needs a little cleaning up, but I think it will be ideal for storing small doll accessories in. It reminds me of the tin that comes with Kit’s lunch set.

Something I’ve been debating about for the dollhouse is a bathroom. I’d pretty much shelved it unless I came across some super inexpensive “parts”. I found this:

thrift again 3 thrift again 4

It was only $1.49, originally came with a doll called “Little Mommy Princess and the Potty”. It makes a flushing sound with a corny comment afterwards. I think I will probably do some modifications to it, it sits just slightly lower than needed, but otherwise I think it will work. I also have a jewelry box I bought a while ago that I can modify into a sink/vanity, and a shower stall should be easy enough to make. Just not sure where I will put it!

Found this cute stein from Ocean City, it was only 49 cents, I think that one of the girls obviously went there while on break!

thrift again 5

This last item is similar to something I bought earlier this year, but when I saw it I just had to have it, way too cute!
thrift again 6

thrift again 7  thrift again 8

Yup, it’s another one of those little soap gift drawers, and I really didn’t need another, but when I saw the design on it, I just had to get it. I’ll work it into one of the rooms somehow! It was only $1.50, I may have to do some furniture rearranging to accommodate this piece. The owls sucked me in, aren’t they adorable?!?!

Over the weekend I went to Dollar Tree to pick something up and these were right at the front of the store:
thrift again 9

When I got home I stuck it under a lamp and that little bird was swinging away!  I’m hoping that there is enough light in the room where the doll house is that it will work there, it’s the perfect scale for a fun decoration for 18 inch dolls.

I have a very busy and exciting week planned–later this week I’m heading out with one of the girls on a “field trip” and we are going to meet Xyra and one of her girls from “Tea Time With Melody Q“!  I’m just hoping the weather cooperates and we don’t all end up soaking wet.  Very excited about getting to meet up with them, I’ll be sure to take some pics to share with everyone.  I’m also hoping to share the mostly finished bakery project–I say mostly because while it is technically done, you know how you’re never really ever “done” with something like this!  So even though it’s “finished”, if I find something else or discover another craft project that will work for it, I will still share it until the end of the year when Grace is retired.  As the saying goes, “it’s not over till the fat lady sings!”