Bedding Tutorial #2–Pillow and Pillowcase, part 2

Everyone ready to start on the pillow case to fit the pillow you just made? Let’s get started! You will need to cut a piece of fabric 9 x 11. Press it so it’s nice and neat. (If you haven’t noticed, I have an obsession with ironing fabric LOL!)

You will now need to fold one of the long sides 1/4 inch and press it.
Bed tut B 2.1

Then fold it an additional 1/2 inch and press again. This will give you a really nice finish on the open edge.

Bed tut B 2.2

Bed tut B 2.3

Bed tut B 2.4

Pin it in place to secure before sewing.

Bed tut B 2.5

Stitch this folded down, sewing as far out to the fold as you can (see photos).

Bed tut B 2.6

Bed tut B 2.7

It should look like this when finished:

Bed tut B 2.8

Now fold in half, bringing unsewn sides and right sides together.  Press and pin.

Bed tut B 2.9

Sew the open sides together like you did with the pillow, making a pocket.  Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Bed tut B 2.10

Cut the bottom corner off where you have sewn, making sure not to cut through your stitches.

Bed tut B 2.11

This next step is not required, but highly recommended if you think there is any chance you might want to wash this pillowcase.  Using a zigzag stitch, sew around the edge of the two seams you just sewed.  This will keep it from raveling excessively.  You can also do this with a serger if you have access to one.  (I don’t, I just use the zigzag stitch)

Bed tut B 2.12

Turn your pillowcase right side out now and press.

Bed tut B 2.13

Now you are ready to insert your pillow!!!  I insert mine with the end I sewed closed last, that way it looks more realistic at the open end.

Bed tut B 2.14


Bed tut B 2.15

Doesn’t it look cute?  If you couldn’t see my big human fingers, you might think it was a real pillow and pillowcase, wouldn’t you?

Bed tut B 2.16

Next week we will be making a mattress to fit our bed as well as a cover/sheet for it.  See you then!

Bedding Tutorial #2–Pillow and Pillowcase, part 1

Today we are going to make a pillow and a pillowcase to go with our bed. I’m going to post these instructions in two parts just in case someone doesn’t need both sections. Both of these are probably one of the simplest things to make and once you learn how to do it, you can adjust the measurements I give you and make pillows of all sizes! The pillow we are going to make today is very close in size to the one that comes with Kit’s bed.

First off, from a piece of white (or neutral) fabric, cut a piece 8 inches x 9 inches. Press your piece of fabric so it’s nice and smooth. Then fold the long side (one of the ones that measures 9 inches) down a 1/2 inch and press it flat.
Bed tut B 1

Now fold it in half with right sides together and press it so you have a nice flat surface to sew on.
Bed tut B 2

Sew the long side and the short, unfolded end. Start at the folded end when sewing, it keeps things lined up better. I hope you an see the stitching okay, I would normally use white thread for this, but deliberately used the light shade of green in hopes it would show better.

Bed tut B 3
Bed tut B 4

Now cut the bottom corner at an angle (just like we did on the bedspread). You only need to do this on the one corner where you have sewn. Be sure not to cut through your stitches!
Bed tut B 5

Now you can turn your pillow right side out, then press so it is nice and neat. If you don’t do this now, you don’t get a chance later!
Bed tut B 6

So, what to stuff it with? You can use polyfill, quilt batting or even fabric scraps. If using fabric scraps, you do want to make sure that you don’t use any really dark ones just in case you would ever need to wash your pillow for fear of fading. This is what I usually use:
Bed tut B 7
This next step is how I did it, if you are using regular polyfill you just want to put as much in as you need to get your desired plumpness. I cut a piece of batting 13 inches x 11 inches.
Bed tut B 8

I then folded it in half so it was 6 1/2 inches wide by 11 inches.
Bed tut B 9

I then folded it into thirds:

Bed tut B 10
Bed tut 11
Then I inserted it into the pillow. Be sure to push it down in a little bit extra so you have room to stitch the end. You can shake it back down in place once you are finished sewing.
Bed tut 12

Pin your end closed and then sew:
Bed tut B 13

Bed tut B 14

All finished! Here is the one I made beside the one that came with Kit’s bed.

Bed tut B 15

See these scraps of quilt batting–hang on to those if you think you are going to make more pillows, you can use them as stuffing!
Bed tut B 16

I will be posting the pillowcase tutorial later today, I thought it would be less confusing to have the instructions for it separate. See you in a bit! 🙂