Doll Sized Finds–4th of July edition!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope the weather cooperates for everyone who has outdoor activities planned.  I have a special doll sized finds that keeps in the spirit of the day.

Once in a while we love to get stuff from Edible Arrangements.  I wish it wasn’t so darned expensive though!  And honestly, I don’t need anymore vases.  So you can imagine when I was making plans to get my hubby an arrangement from there for Father’s Day and I saw this:


Unfortunately it doesn’t have a grate, but I’m sure I can come up with something.

Ryan is excited to try it out!


It’s a little bit short, but it makes a great fire pit.  Hmm…

A trip to the Dollar Tree yielded some fun hats for celebrating.  One each in red, white and blue!


Ryan had a bit of fun modeling one for the camera!

The last item isn’t holiday themed, but a good deal.  I was in Costco and came across this for all of $9.99!

I’ve seen a lot of criticism for this book at the full price, but at the reduced price, I think I can overlook that it’s not a full comprehensive guide to all things AG.  Yes, there are things missing, but you can’t debate the fact that the quality of the photos and the overall book is very good.  I think it would make a great gift at this price for some little girl who loves AG.

I didn’t get a photo of it, but the cover comes off and unfolds to be a giant poster.  Clever idea, and I can’t think of too many little girls who love AG that wouldn’t be delighted to get their hands on this book.  This big girl was, and even happier to get it for such a great price.


A Cool Little Stove

I’m a regular shopper at Zulily, and every so often in the toys, they show this toy stove that looks like it would be the right size for 18 inch dolls.  Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks.  First, up until just recently, Zulily didn’t accept returns, so if it didn’t work, I’d still be stuck with it.  And the colors weren’t always great, either red which wouldn’t have been horrible, or bright yellow with red accents.  It looked like something you’d find in a kitchen at clown school!  So I just passed on it and figured it wasn’t meant to be.

I was strolling through my nearby Tuesday Morning when I spotted something interesting on the shelves–a little stove.  Not just any stove, but the same stove I kept seeing on Zulily, but in much more reasonable and realistic colors.  I got the okay to take it out of the box to check and was happy to see it was the right size for 18 inch dolls.  The price was great too, $14.99.  Of course, it came home with me!

Here is Ryan beside it so you can see just how awesome it is size-wise.  The knobs and buttons are a little big, but not completely ridiculous.  It is designed for kids and not dolls after all.  I was impressed when I opened the door on it that the racks in it were adjustable.

Another shot of Ryan with the oven for size comparison.  (And yes, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, he has been re-named.  I just wasn’t fond of Logan, and since he is going to be Jenny’s brother, I thought Ryan Bradley sounded way better!)

When you press the different buttons, it sets the “timer” and it counts down with sound effects.  Very cute!  Each button sets it for a different amount of time too.  The knobs at the top make a clicking noise too, but don’t really do anything.  The stovetop is simply stickers for two burners.

This is my favorite part–when you hit the start button, not only does the timer start counting down, but there is a light that comes on to make it look like the oven is working!

And once it’s done, it makes a “ding” and the light shuts out.  Very well done, I can see kids having a blast with this little toy!

I’m currently planning on using this as part of the bakery.  I think it will be perfect for little trays of cookies, don’t you?  I haven’t found any other appliances online from this company besides a dishwasher and it unfortunately didn’t match–plus it was around $30!  I would love to find a refrigerator that matched it, but I’ve had no luck from this company.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled.  I love the black and stainless steel look on this piece, very in trend with today’s modern kitchens.  It’s very tempting now to make a kitchen around it using some of the ideas I’ve seen online.



Doll Sized Finds: A bit out of the ordinary…

Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but we’re getting through it.  I doubted I would have enough goodies to do a doll sized finds post, but then, just when I least expected it, something turned up.  You just never know!

Several weeks ago I stopped by the local thrift store to drop off a box of stuff, and decided to go inside.  I ended up buying several things, two of which were doll sized.  First I came across this cute little Precious Moments bell:

It will be Sophia’s since she is our February girl.  Marie-Grace has one of these as well (August).

I also found this:

Isn’t this basket cool? I think it will make an awesome Easter basket somewhere down the road. Or a nice flower arrangement. Haven’t decided just yet. Didn’t want to pass it up for just 99 cents!  The visit just kept getting better too, I found a set of stainless steel measuring cups for $1.99 which I needed as the handle broke off the one cup measure in the set I had, making it difficult to use under certain situations.  And I found a makeup bag from Harrods (yes, the big store in London) that didn’t look as though it had ever been used!  Also 99 cents, and I always need little bags like that, especially when we travel.  So not only did the dolls benefit, but I did too!

We are in the process of cleaning out my father-in-laws house, what a job.  It’s interesting to see what people have kept over the years and there have been a few that have had us scratching our heads.  My sister-in-law was cleaning out the hutch and came across several of those small bottles that alcoholic beverages used to come in on airplanes.  Do they still use them?  These were really old, in fact, so old, that in some of them the alcohol had evaporated!  She was going to throw them out, but I grabbed them because I saw other potential.

This one really caught my eye, I immediately thought of Brenda over at The Savage Dolls and the cool doll lamps she has made from various things. I need to go re-read those posts so I can figure out the best way to attach a shade to it. I have two more bottles, but I haven’t decided what I’m going to use them for just yet. I’ll let you know. 😉

Last, but not least was this:

Yes, it’s a dental mirror that was shoved in a drawer. No, my father-in-law was not a dentist, but a good friend of his was. And no, not going to use it to check doll teeth with. Instead, I’m going to try to cut it down shorter and use it as a replacement mirror for Molly’s bicycle! The mirror is just the perfect size for it, I’m hoping it works out. So glad I didn’t remove the bolt from the bike for it. Fingers crossed!

Have you found anything cool lately for your dolls? I love it when I find something unexpected like these last two items, you just never know. Till next time!