Shopkins “Oh So Real” Mini Packs

If you’ve spent any time at all in a toy department, I’m sure you’ve seen Shopkins.  Cute little toys and apparently very popular given the wide variety of them available.  Recently on a trip to Walmart, I came across some that I found very interesting!

I saw these and immediately thought “doll food packages”!  This is called the “Oh So Real” set because they are made to look like real name brand foods, pretty cool!  So this package ended up in my cart.  What do you get?

I decided to pull out 5 of them from the package, each a different style–a jar, can, box, bag and tub.

I was very happy to see that each of these containers came open easily, so my idea of using these to stock a doll sized pantry would work out well.  Inside each of these was a bag which contained a Shopkin.

Also included in the package was a chart showing who comes in each package.

So, what was inside each of the bags?

Aren’t they cute?  And at about one inch tall each, they are the perfect size as doll toys!

I haven’t opened the rest of the packages yet.  The containers will make nice additions to my doll pantry, although the jars and cans are more institutional sized than regular sized.  Now I need a doll sized Costco or BJ’s for them to shop at!

This particular Shopkins package was $14.99 at Walmart.  Not a great price, but easier than making them I guess.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I can’t believe that tomorrow I have to go back to school, Christmas vacation went by way too fast.  Did you have any kind of a celebration for New Years Eve?  We went out to eat and to a movie, then came home and watched TV.  None of us made it to see the ball drop, we all fell asleep!

Did you get anything nice for Christmas?  I had a VERY nice Christmas.  Between my parents, aunts and uncles, friends and Santa, I got quite a few things I’d been wanting and a few I wasn’t expecting!

First off, thank you so much to Xyra and the gang at Tea Time For Melody Q for this adorable holiday shirt!

And these awesome mittens too!

My parents go by the “4 Things” rules for Christmas.  Something to read, something to wear, something you need and something you want.  First, my something to read:

Yeah, I know it’s kind of the wrong season for it, but I really wanted it.  I’ll be ready for next Halloween!

Now for my something to wear:

I saw this dress in the catalog and had mentioned it to my mom, so I was really excited to get it.  And to go with it was my something I wanted:

Cowboy boots!  I think they will look great with the dress.

My something I need was a very cool gift.  I’d mentioned this a while ago, and I was really surprised to get it!

An amp for my guitar!!!  I was so excited, I’ve been using the one that belongs to mom, but it’s too big for me to bring to my room.  This is the perfect size!

My aunts and uncles decided to get me what they called “retro” gifts.  They got me things that reminded them of their own childhoods.

First a set of Lincoln Logs!  You can build cool stuff out of these.

A Lite Brite!  A friend of mine has one of these and I was so excited to get one of my own!

And this cool, old timey-wimey radio!

Did you notice my Dr. Who sounding comment on the radio?  Well, there’s a reason for that.  I exchanged gifts with my friend Louisa–and she got me a cool Dr. Who book–and a sonic screwdriver!!!

Santa brought me a couple of things too.  Some jewelry in my stocking:

These cool chocolates:  (Mom told me I had to eat them a little at a time, not all at once.  Darn!)

And my big present from Santa was super exciting:

I got Luciana!!!!  I was so happy!  Now I can join the doll club too with the other girls.  Here are some pictures of her out of the box, I think she is so pretty!

Oh, that cool fluffy white pillow on my bed, was also a present from Santa.  It will come in very handy for when I want to watch TV or play video games.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my presents.  Did you get anything really special for Christmas?  I loved everything I got this year, but I’m most excited about Luciana and my amplifier for my guitar.

Thanks for stopping by!  Now I have to clean this mess up before Louisa gets here, she’s coming over to play later on!  Bye!  And Happy New Year!

Doll Sized Finds–A Last Minute Holiday Find!

Once in a while you buy something that you really don’t intend to be for the dolls, but then you look at it and go “hmmm…”

I actually bought these for my dog, but the more I looked at them, I thought they would fit a doll.  And guess what?  THEY DID!

Mimi was thrilled.  “I look just like a reindeer!!”

Since they are made for a dog, they have a chin strap too, so that helps keep them in place as well.  I’m sure Laney would be just as happy if I didn’t try and put them on her.  😉