Doll Sized Find from Staples!

I saw this item on several other blogs, so I decided to go looking for it online (I was feeling lazy). I was so excited when I found it because I love school related items.
Binder 1
It is the perfect scale for 18 inch dolls and better yet, comes with 100 sheets of paper too! I found it at and it was only $1.99. I am very impressed with how it is made, where the black shows is a rubberized material so when you open it up, it lays flat and stays that way.
Binder 2
I couldn’t find them on any other office supply website so I am thinking that this must have been an item made exclusively for them. The Staples name is embossed in the back cover too.
Binder 3
It also indicated on the website that they didn’t have them in our local store, BUT (this is the best part) they could be shipped to my local Staples store at no charge and I could go pick them up when they got there. Gotta love a free shipping deal 🙂 I ordered three of them, two in blue and one all black.  Those were they only colors they had at the moment, I do think they came in other colors at one time though.  Being “back to school” season may have depleted some of the brighter colors.  I love that the front has a vinyl “window” like a standard size binder does, I can personalize them with scrapbook paper, photos, whatever!

Binder 4
Marie-Grace was so excited about her new binder, she immediately sat down and started working on her homework.  If you decide to look for these on the Staples website, they are under “micro binder”.  I think it’s one of my better doll sized finds.

Did you find anything good this week? I am off to AG Place in Columbus this weekend, I am so excited! I will be sure to share some pics next week. Keeping my fingers crossed that they still have a couple of the store exclusive items that I would really like to have.