Another Year, Another Birthday

It’s September, and that means it’s Cassandra’s birthday again!  This time she told the girls she didn’t want a big party, she just wanted to hang out at home and have a small get together.  After some discussion, the girls agreed it would be nice to order Mexican food from our favorite place since that’s Cassandra’s favorite.  It arrived, and the girls settled in for a nice birthday lunch.

Everything looks yummy, doesn’t it?  The girls were eating and talking about school and how it was going so far.

“Where’s Rebecca?” asked Cassandra.  “Her food is getting cold. And there is nothing worse than cold Mexican food, yuck!”

“Here I am!  I was busy wrapping your present.”

She put the present on the table in front of Cassandra.

“Any ideas what it might be?” asked Shivan.  “We all chipped in to get it, we thought it was just perfect.”

“I have no idea!” replied Cassandra.  “But I’m anxious to see what it is.”

After the girls were done eating, they cleared off the table so Cassandra could open her present.  It seemed like she took forever opening it.  The suspense was killing everyone!



“Something from Tiffany’s?????”

“No, it was the only box it would fit in!” giggled Rebecca.She slowly lifted the lid on the box…

(Any ideas what it might be?????)

“OH MY GOSH!!! It’s a fart gun, just like Gru’s!!!!!!” (Yes, she was a bit excited, can you tell?!)

“This is just awesome!  Thanks so much guys, I LOVE it!”

“I don’t think any of us is safe now, ” Kit said to Shivan.  “I think you are right!”


“I’m off to conquer the world!!!”

Happy Birthday Cassandra!

Birthday Surprise (part 4, the end!)

When the girls came out after they had changed, it was a flurry of activity as they got their sleeping bags and blankets all set up.

cass party 43 cass party 44 cass party 45

Then Alya and Rebecca set up all the food, talk about a spread!

cass party 40

cass party 41 cass party 42

Hot dogs, chicken, corn on the cob, pizza, bananas (of course!), cupcakes and candy bars.  Plus a nice assortment of smoothies, sodas and lemonade.  The girls did a terrific job in getting everything ready, I was impressed.

Everyone who wanted something to eat made up a plate–there were some interesting combinations:

cass party 52

cass party 53 cass party 54

In case you are wondering where Cassandra’s glasses are–she recently got some contacts to wear for cheerleading and decided that this would be an excellent way to test out the ability to sleep in them.  She still prefers her glasses though, she said that contacts are a lot of work, but she doesn’t have to worry about them flying off when doing a flip!

Once everyone was situated, it was time to start the movie.  Any ideas as to what was showing?

cass party 46

Of course!!!

cass party 47 cass party 48

cass party 50

When the movie was over, they all asked if they could watch Despicable Me 2.  It was still early enough, so we went ahead and watched it.  By the time the second movie was over with, there wasn’t much food left!

cass party 57 cass party 58

And the garbage can was full.

cass party 59

After the movies were done, the girls talked and laughed until they all fell asleep.  This is what the living room looked like around midnight:

cass party 55 cass party 56

I think the girls all had a great time.  Happy Birthday Cassandra!!  Now to figure out where to put all of her presents…

Special thanks to Evil Twin for bringing her girls to the party and helping out with everything!  In case you were wondering, the bananas are banana flavored candy, the cupcakes are Trader Joe’s Mini Peanut Butter cups that I “iced” using yellow candy melts and the eyes are Wilton’s Minion Royal Icing Decorations.  The candy bars are Hershey Miniatures wrapped with a free printable that I found here

Birthday Surprise (part 3)

After the game was over with, it was time to get down to business!  Rebecca brought out the cake so everyone could sing Happy Birthday and Cassandra could make a wish.

cass party 16 cass party 17

Now it was time to open presents.  She was soooooo excited!!!

cass party 18Shivan, Rebecca, Kit and Marie-Grace all went together and got her two Minion play sets she’d had her eye on.

cass party 19 cass party 22

The Pittsburgh girls got her two Minions that played sounds, very cool…

cass party 25 cass party 26

And some money!!!  She immediately said “oh good, I can use this to buy another Minion Surprise!”

Zara and Abby got her a Minion Surprise and a big stuffed Bob to go with the Stuart she already has.

cass party 20

Jan brought her a Minion handpuppet and another Minion Surprise!

cass party 21

Louisa got her a giant Minion coloring book with stickers, a Minion surprise and a cool storage tin.

cass party 24

Alya gave her a very special gift, something that she’d made–a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt!  She also got her a Minion surprise Megablok set.  Cassandra was very surprised and excited!

cass party 23

The last package she opened was the biggest, she said she wanted to save it for last.  It’s a good thing she did because it was a BIG surprise:

cass party 27 cass party 28

A reversible throw for her bed, and…

cass party 29

A Minion themed sleeping bag!  I made these items for her, I talked to her mom about things she could really use and the sleeping bag was her suggestion.  Maybe now we can get the afghan throw off her bed and back to the living room.

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without the after present opening pile of paper:

cass party 30

Cassandra thanked everyone for their thoughtful gifts, then all of the girls were off to the bedrooms to change into their PJ’s for the movie and slumber party.  Cassandra was so excited to try out her new PJ’s and her sleeping bag!  Stay tuned…