Bedding tutorial #6-a headboard!

Here we are at the final installment of the bedding tutorial. If you’ve managed to stick with it for this long, I say good for you and a heartfelt thank you. I hope you’ve learned at least one or two things from these tutorials.

The headboard is the finishing touch to make your box look more like a real bed. To make your headboard you’ll need some sort of board–foamboard, cardboard, whichever you prefer and/or happen to have around. I am using foamboard for mine.

Measure the end of your box–mine is 5 inches tall by 10 1/4 inches wide. First let’s figure out how tall we want the headboard to be. I decided for this particular bed I wanted mine to sit about 4 inches higher than the top of the bed (box), so that measurement needs to be 9 inches total. To allow for fabric thickness, I need to deduct 1/4 inch from the width of the box– 10 1/4 inches minus 1/4 inch is 10 inches. I need to cut my board 9 x 10 inches.

After I cut it, I held it up to the end of the bed to make sure it was going to look right:
Headboard 1

Satisfied with how it looks, it’s on to cut my fabric.  I’m going to make mine reversible, so I’m cutting one piece out of the rose floral fabric and another piece from the polka dot fabric.  To figure out how big I need to cut, I need to add 1/2 inch to each side of the width for the seam allowance and add an additional 1/4 inch to allow for the thickness of the board.  That works out to 11 1/4 inches wide.  For my height I needed to add 1/2 to the top for the seam allowance and 3/4 of an inch to the bottom for the hem, and an additional 1/4 to allow for the thickness of the board.  That measurement works out to 10 1/2 inches.  I cut each piece 11 1/4 inches x 10 1/2 inches.

Here we have all of our parts for our headboard:

Headboard 2

First thing we need to do is press the bottom of each piece of fabric, folding it 1/4 inch first, then 1/2 inch.  This is for the hem.  Much like we did when making the mattress, I find it works the best if you have these two pieces laying together so that everything matches up.

Headboard 3 Headboard 4 Headboard 5

After you have those pressed, pin together the remaining 3 sides.  Don’t pin your sides you just pressed together.

Headboard 6

I included this photo of the back because the pins show up better on it so you can see what I did.

Headboard 7Now sew your three sides that you just pinned together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Once you have done that, you can open up your end where you had pressed the hem down, and pin it the whole way around like this:

Headboard 8

Now you can sew the whole way around your hem, sewing close to the innermost edge.
Headboard 9

Trim your top two corners now:
Headboard 10

Now turn your pocket right side out, making sure to push the corners all the way out. You can now insert your board.
Headboard 11

DO NOT be alarmed if it won’t slide in easily. Unfortunately because boards vary in thickness, this isn’t an exact science! If it seems to be wayyyy too tight, simply trim a little bit off the board. I recommend trimming about an 1/8 of an inch off, then try again. If it still doesn’t fit, trim a little bit more. If it makes you feel any better, I had to trim my board too. 🙂

Here’s what it looks like from the one side. Don’t be concerned if the fabric doesn’t go the whole way to the bottom. You’d rather it was a little short than way too long because the fabric will stay nice and tight. If it’s too long, it will get all baggy and will look sloppy. This part isn’t going to be visible anyhow.
Headboard 12Now we are ready to add it to the bed.  It’s really easy, just slide it in between the box and the elastic.  The elastic will hold it up to the bed so it doesn’t fall over.

Headboard 13

Here you can see it put on the bed both ways, I love making all of this stuff reversible!

Headboard 14 Headboard 15

Except there’s only one problem–those two pictures look terrible. We can do better than that!!!!
Headboard 16    Headboard 17

Yes, that’s a little sneak peak of Alya and Shivan’s bedroom!  I’ve been working on getting it done, almost there.  I hope to be sharing it with you very soon.  The girls will be back in a few days too, so I need to get busy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to make different bedding parts for your doll beds.  The nice part about these instructions is you can pick and choose which parts you need for your particular needs.  Happy sewing!

July Post Schedule and “What in the heck is that?” (instructions!)

I don’t usually post in advance what my blog is going to have on it, but July is going to be a bit different. First off: time to start the bedding tutorial. It will be in six parts over the month, I hope you can participate! It’s an easy thing to make and you can do it even if you don’t have a sewing machine, it will just take longer if sewing by hand. I also set the tutorial up in such a way that the most popular items will be featured first. Some of the items we are making you may not need depending on if you are using a box or already have a bed.

Second: a tour of the dollhouse (or at least what I have finished so far). I’ve been wanting to share this with everyone for a while and I thought that while the girls are “away” would be a good time to do it.

July 1: Doll Story Post

July 2: Announcement of the contest winner.

July 3: Doll Sized Finds (don’t miss it, last one for a while!)

July 6: How to make a doll bedspread. This tutorial will also show you how to measure for different sizes of beds, so even if you are using a box, you can get a nice, custom fit. The box that AG dolls come in make a great bed! I will be making mine using the box that Kit’s bed came in for the whole tutorial series.

July 8: Tour of Rebecca and Marie-Grace’s bedroom.

July 10: How to make a bed pillow and pillowcase.

July 13: How to make a mattress for your doll bed.

July 15: Tour of the doll kitchen.

July 17: How to make a sheet/cover for the mattress we made earlier.

July 20: How to make a cover/dust ruffle for a bed/box.

July 23: Tour of the doll living room.

July 27: How to make a headboard and assemble the bed.

July 29: Tour of Cassandra’s bedroom.

July 31: Tour of Kit’s bedroom.

We will be back to our normal crazy posting of all things fun in August!

Also–a quick reminder that time is running out on the contest, if you want to enter, check it out here.

So, now for the “what is that?” part of the post. In the recent releases from American Girl, they put out a set that has a lot of people puzzled. I don’t blame them, if I hadn’t had one myself, I probably wouldn’t have known it either. It is called “Hairstyling Tools” and it looks like this:
styling tools

First off, let me just say that the $20 price that they are charging for this set is RIDICULOUS!!!!  Plus, you can find most all of these items elsewhere, much cheaper.  Clear hair elastics can be bought by the bag for a couple of dollars at Sally Beauty Supply (200 for 99 cents) along with the bobby pins (36 for $3.49).  You can buy the pony tail tool for $1.29 on Amazon.  The only thing I didn’t go looking for is the bun helper, but I’ve seen these in all sorts of sizes and in actual hair colors instead of pink so it blends in with the hair.  To be honest, most doll hair is not the right length or texture for that item to even work well.  ARGH!  I was VERY angry when I saw this price, talk about rip off.  Plus, I’ve seen a lot of people who were trying to figure out what the loop with the handle was and how to use it–including my sister who is a former hairdresser!!!  Perhaps a better explanation would be in order AG?!?!?!  Or some pictures?? Anyhow, I have the answer, thank you Conair for posting a video of how to use it.  It does create some very unique hairstyle looks, but really needs to be used on a doll with very long hair (also not explained) for it to work well.

Here’s a link to the video:

And a link to one for sale on Amazon, with FREE SHIPPING!

I’m going to make one out of a pipe cleaner, I have all those red ones left from when I made the Coconut’s Valentine set!  If it doesn’t work, then I will break down and order one from Amazon, I got rid of the one I had when I cut my hair off, oops!