Review of the Wellie Wishers Festive Gingerbread House Set

Yes, I do realize Christmas is already done and dusted, but I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to review this anyhow, just in case someone sees it on sale in the coming months.  It’s a very nice little set, and I just happened to get it when it was on sale for $18 instead of the regular price of $24.  Plus, free shipping on Wellie Wishers goodies!  (I wonder how long that is going to continue for?)

In all honesty, the set is basically a scaled down re-release of the Sugar and Spice Baking set.  I think someone at American Girl has realized that smaller, more reasonably priced sets sell better overall.  The Sugar and Spice Baking set retailed for $58, and I looked at it several times, but just couldn’t make the jump for that price.  Yes, it did have more pieces, but they were items that were expendable in my opinion.

One thing I do like with the new packaging is how the items are in a single bag with dividers.  Less likely to lose something, or worse yet, have it stolen because it’s an in demand item.

The house itself is really cute, and very detailed.  My only complaint is I would have liked the plastic to have had a matte finish, much more like a real gingerbread house.

The frosting bag is so cute!! It’s squishy too, so it will be easy to position on doll hands for realistic photos.

Two jars of sprinkles to decorate with as well.  I have another one of these floating around somewhere, I think I need to do a spice jar project in the not so distant future…

And of course, candy canes!  The candy canes are not removable from the box, but in this case, I agree with that decision.  Can you imagine stepping on one of those?  Or the dog finding it and eating it???

Overall, I think this is a very cute set, and I like the fact that American Girl decided to release it again at a new price point, with fewer items.  Definitely worth picking up, especially if you frequently do Christmas scenes.  The scale is still the same too, so it would work for either 18 inch or the smaller scale Wellie Wishers and similar dolls.  This was a set that I thought was a necessity for my collection, perhaps the girls will have a holiday scene in the bakery?



Samantha’s Bicycle

I was so excited when American Girl decided to mark down Samantha’s bicycle, this was an item that had been on my radar since it came out.  I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for it.  I got it when it was $69, it has since been marked down even more.  I picked up several items when I ordered it, but this was the thing I wanted the most.  And wouldn’t you know it, when mine arrived, it was broken!  I’m not sure how it happened either, I suspected it occurred either when it was assembled, or due to the way it was packaged.  The rod that goes down through the handlebars that holds everything together was sheared off completely.  A phone call to AG took care of the problem, they shipped another right out and I was able to return the damaged one at no expense to me, but talk about a disappointment.

That problem aside, it’s really a well made piece (which makes me wonder even more).

Even though it’s a bike that was supposed to be made in the Edwardian era, it looks way more like a modern bike to me.  I’ve seen plenty of bikes for sale in this color scheme.  About the only thing that gives it even a hint of an older style is the chain guard.

The basket is very well done, even if it isn’t made out of traditional basket materials. The plastic looks realistic enough and will probably hold up better as it won’t get dry and brittle. It’s even attached like a real bike basket would be. I don’t have the bouquet of flowers in it (sunflowers) as I don’t think it will ever be in it!

A closeup of the chain guard so you can see the pretty detail.

And the reverse side so you can see the chain detail. The chain does not move like it does in Molly’s bike. Minor issue as far as I’m concerned, it looks realistic enough. One less thing to worry about breaking in all honesty.

Allie said she would love to try it out.  She even joked that she would be the best model since it matched the pink tones in her hair!!

I didn’t pick the best shoes for putting her on the bike, I had a hard time getting the elastic on the pedals over it, but it still looks very realistic.  I like the way this bike is set up a lot, more so than the Our Generation bike.

Overall I’m very pleased with it, once I got one that wasn’t defective. I will be curious to see what happens with pieces farther down the road since AG seems to be gung ho on making everything out of plastic. I’m wishing now I’d bought Julie’s bike when it was on clearance as well. I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled for another deal like I got when I bought Molly’s!

Minions Everywhere!

Hi guys, Cassandra here! You know how much I love Minions, don’t you? Well, I’ve added some really cool stuff to my Minion collection lately, and I just wanted to share them with you!

First I want to show you two that Xyra sent me a few months ago. She sent us a box of goodies, and I was so excited these were in it, thank you Xyra!! I was super excited to get a Viva La Minion, I don’t have one like this. And a big Kevin, how cool!!  Stuart, what do you think?

Have you seen the Minion Mineez??? They are really neat, they are little bitty Minion figures that are made out of a rubbery type material, sort of like an eraser. They come several ways. First, you can get individual ones in a round package like this. You can’t see what is in it, so it’s like those blind bags you get with other similar items. We very carefully opened this one so that we could keep it, I’m going to install a hook in my room and hang it from the ceiling!

They also come in multipacks. The advantage of the multipacks is you can see all of the Minions you are going to get except one, it’s a surprise. It does make it nice if you are trying to avoid getting multiples of the same ones (although not foolproof). We’ve picked up two of these in the 3 packs, so now I have a total of 7. Aren’t they neat? Some are more difficult to find than others, when you buy them you get a guide that shows you if the ones you have are common or various degrees of rare.

I couldn’t talk about Minions without showing you my latest purchase–a Minion backpack!!! Flo found it on Amazon, I think it’s so awesome!

It’s made out of a nice, soft plush type fabric and the straps are adjustable. Here you can see how well it fits.

School will be starting here at the end of the month. I can’t decide if I’m ready or not. I like school, but I also like having lots of free time during the summer months.

I think I’ll just sit here and hug my soft backpack and think good thoughts…

When does school start where you are at? I know some places have already started!