Meant To Be

Have you ever had something happen and afterwards decided it was just meant to be?  I’ve had a number of those in my lifetime.  One I remember the most was when we got our dog.  We had decided on a breed and I contacted a woman who lived about an hour away to see if she had any puppies.  She didn’t, but she thought she might have some soon as she thought one of her females was expecting.  We agreed that she would get in touch with me once she knew for sure and we would go from there.

In the meantime I found a lady with a puppy that lived even closer, the last one left in a litter.  My husband and I decided to go and see it and fell in love with her immediately.  She came home with us, we named her Laney and here we are, 8 years later with this bundle of teeth and fur.  I did feel bad though, what if that woman contacted me and also had puppies?  I decided to email her instead of waiting and told her that we’d already found a puppy and she could take us off the list.  I got an email back in no time, telling me that she wasn’t going to have puppies when she thought after all!  It was “meant to be”.

Sunday night I was on the computer and decided to check Craigslist.  Lately it has been a big bust for me, either nothing that remotely interests me or prices off the charts.  So I was surprised when I saw a listing that had several dolls in it, all of them listed at reasonable prices.  There was one I was interested in, but I thought “naaaa, you don’t need her”.  I went to bed.

The next morning I hopped back on and that listing was still there.  After some thought, I decided I would text her, chances were that by this point, it was gone anyhow.  You can imagine how surprised I was when she texted me back that she still had her.  So then I asked where she was at, having just gotten out of the hospital, I didn’t want to drive all that far.  My mouth hit the floor when I read her response.  She was in the same town!  So, we arranged to meet at the Denny’s parking lot only 5 minutes from my house.

By now I’m sure you are wondering who came home from Denny’s with me…

lanie 1

It’s Lanie!!!  I thought that it was kind of funny too, now I have a dog and a doll with the same name, just spelled differently.  All that was missing from her original meet outfit was her headband, easy enough to fix.  I need to go through my craft stash and see if I have some blue ribbon in the right shade.

She also came with most of her accessory set!  I’ve always liked her set, it’s probably one of my favorites of all of the dolls, so I was really happy to get it.  All that was missing was the bracelet, but everything else was there.

lanie 3 lanie 4

I was super excited to see that the clings for on the computer screen were all there and in great shape.  And that tiny letter she gets is just too cute for words, it gives me lots of ideas.

Her hair is in fantastic shape!  That surprised me because she had been part of a child’s collection, but the mom said she always made her girls take good care of their dolls.

lanie 2

I love that it still has all the curl and bounce!  I need to work with it a little bit more.  I’ve seen so many of these dolls on Ebay where the hair has been straightened from over-brushing, so I was happy to see she was definitely not suffering from that in the least. YAY!

lanie 5
I’ve always liked Lanie and thought she was cute, but hesitated to get her because I was afraid her eye and hair color would be too similar to Zara (Isabelle). I did a comparison on both and they are slightly different! Lanie’s eye color is actually closer to Lea’s which surprised me.

Here’s the best part of the story. When I asked the lady why they were selling off the dolls, she said that her daughters were both older now. The oldest wanted to keep her dolls and put them away for safe keeping but the younger girl (now 17) said “get rid of them, they creep me out!!!” I guess she would have a major break down at my house…I didn’t think to ask who got to keep the money though. 🙂  I’ve decided that Lanie is my own little “get well soon” gift!  I’ve decided after the way things played out, she was another “meant to be”.

In other (and bigger) news:  right now information about pop-up stores from American Girl is sparse, but I stumbled onto two tidbits of information that are HUGE for those of us living in Pennsylvania.  First off, the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh has a “coming soon” for one, opening at the end of September.  Whoohooo!!!!  That is only an hour away and one of my favorite malls to go to.  I suspect it is only a pop-up store due to the way the ads are written for help and the store location within the mall.  Even so, I’m super excited about this, I can definitely see me making a trip (or two or three!) while it is open.  The bigger news is that the King of Prussia Mall in the Philadelphia area also has a listing for one in their mall directory, but information is still somewhat vague.  I have some suspicions about this one potentially being a permanent store (but no confirmation as of yet) because of where it’s going at in the mall.  K of P Mall is just now finishing up an enormous expansion (as if it wasn’t big enough already) and this is where this store is going.  To me it would just make a ton of sense for a permanent store there as that is a mall not only known for it’s list of exclusive and interesting stores, but it’s a big destination mall with bus trips from this side of the state going there on a regular basis.  I will be very interested to see how this develops!  I definitely could see myself making a trip there and getting together with both Xyra and Nonna.  That store wouldn’t know what hit them! 😉  I will keep everyone posted when I learn more.  (and in the meantime I need to call my cousin who drives tour buses to that area all the time!)

When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls–accuracy is important!

I wasn’t sure what to call this post until I started looking at some of what I had for in it, and it dawned on me that quite a few of these items had a common link.  Some of this has photos to go with it, but I’ll start with some of the ones that were just worded completely wrong.

Nothing reveals to a potential Ebay or Craigslist buyer that you have no idea what you are selling more than having a glaring error in your listing.  Jen from over at “The Dolls Between Us” seemed to be on a roll recently in coming across these as well.  We definitely had a few good laughs as we sent these back and forth!

We will start with the least offensive:

“American Girl Doll Of The Year-Jesse”      Um,  close, but not quite.  Jen said she had the song “Jessie’s Girl” stuck in her head after that.

“American Girl Doll “JAYA” NIB”    Huh???

“American Girl Doll Girl Of The Month Lanie”   WHAT?!?!  Now AG is trying to get us to buy everything in a month???

and MY personal favorite:

“Cute Pants set for American Girl Doll, white denim genes…”     I couldn’t help but wonder if there was DNA involved??  This one got even funnier after Jen noticed that the sellers name had the word “JEAN” in it!

Another thing that I have noticed is that everyone’s interpretation of mint, excellent, perfect condition is apparently different.  This Josefina was listed as in “excellent condition, just her bangs have been cut”.  Only one problem.  Josefina doesn’t have bangs!!!!!

bad ebay excellent josefina

Except, maybe Josefina was hanging out with the doll in this next photo.  I have to admit that when I saw it, my eyes had to adjust for a few minutes before I realized that it wasn’t a costume, but the throw behind her.  The auction was for the hat and scarf!

bad ebay fly like an eagle

This next one is one Jen sent me, and I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard…well, maybe when the whole doll poop listing showed up.  (you had to know I was going to bring that up!)

bad ebay beyond weird listingIt’s an odd assortment of merchandise, it’s Julie’s popcorn, a cash register and the hat, but the way it is displayed is what had me laughing so hard.  Those big old hands from the Barbie salon model just sticking out there.  Hmmmm…

This last photo comes with a warning:  If seeing doll parts makes you squeamish, look away.  NOW!

bad ebay wig for sale

The auction is for the wig, but let’s be honest, that is pretty freaky looking, don’t you think?  I don’t have a problem with doll parts and I thought it was a bit out there.  They could have put it on a head with eyes at least and avoid nightmares for those who do have problems with this kind of thing.

There you have it, my odd, bizarre and strange Ebay listings for this round.  Tune in next time, same doll blog, same doll channel…

When Bad Things Happen to Good Dolls: It Never Ends!

It’s time for another installment of bad Ebay and Etsy listings.  When I wrote the first post, I thought I’d stumbled across the worst of the worst.  Man was I wrong!  It’s amazing just how many strange listings there are out there, and I think with the advent of the camera phone, they have gotten worse.

Our first category is going to be bad photography.  I’m sorry, but if you can’t put forth anymore effort than some of these people did, you don’t deserve to sell the item.  First up is the least annoying of the bunch.  I have to thank Jen and Brianna for this one:

bad ebay courtesy of Brianna

We were trying to figure out if the giant bottle of tea came with her or not.  Then we figured it out: it’s “authentic” doll pee!!! (In case you missed the joke, it had to do with the previous installment) Uh folks, there are these wonderful programs out there that make it possible to edit this stuff out.  USE THEM!  Or better yet, clear the area before taking the photos.  The irony with this particular listing is that in the other pics, the tea bottle had been removed.

Next is one I found on Craigslist.  I’m continually amazed at the bad photography on Craigslist, or better yet, trying to sell something like this with no photograph at all!

bad ebay craigslist TonyI guess Tony was more concerned with getting his name up there than he was some decent photos of what he was selling.  My husband looked at it and said “what is it?”  Bit of advice when selling–at least lay the stuff in a nice arrangement and don’t leave it there like a balled up Kleenex.  NEXT!

Bad ebay horse for $100This wins the “what is it” photography award.  It’s a Battat/Our Generation horse.  Why would you take a picture of it from this angle???  To make it worse, this was the ONLY photo of it in the eBay listing–and they were asking $100 for it plus shipping!  Wow.

bad ebay kits deskA lovely photo of Kit’s desk…not.  Not only is it blurry, but they couldn’t be bothered to clear off the space where they set it to take the photo.  I wouldn’t bid on this in a million years.  My thoughts are is if you can’t take the time to make sure the space is cleaned off, just how dirty is your house and how dirty is the piece.  There were other pictures with it and they were just as bad.  I just don’t understand not cleaning up the mess before you start.

This one…I’m still trying to figure out what the deal was with it.  This seller had multiple doll clothing items listed and they all had the faces blocked out.  Perhaps their dolls are in the Doll Witness Protection Program?  I am still scratching my head…

bad ebay witness protection program

This next item falls into the “sheer stupidity” category.  It’s not a photo, but a review that someone left on Etsy.  When I’m looking at an Ebay or Etsy seller for a potential purchase, I look at their feedback, and even if they have some bad feedback, I want to read it because…well…some people have some unrealistic expectations and bad or negative feedback is not always warranted.  This one took the cake.  I’ve been looking at custom dolls and wigs and when I came across this review, I thought to myself “this person shouldn’t have dolls if they are this dumb.”

It was for a doll wig.  Here’s the review:

“The product is excellently made but as a wig you have to remove the doll’s original hair when a wig is usually put on by laying it on original hair.
I expected a wig for AG to be like a wig for a human but it won’t fit my doll and I don’t know how to remove her real hair to fit on a wig, a wig is not meant to be used all the time and only to be a slight replacement for her own hair. “

Seriously?!?!  First off, I didn’t know that dolls had “real” hair like humans (guess it must be the ones who produce authentic doll poop).   And sorry, yes, you are supposed to remove the original hair first.   These aren’t like human wigs.  This review annoys me too because instead of asking the seller questions, they just left them bad feedback.  Ugh.  I truly felt bad for this seller when I saw this because this was a completely unwarranted bad review.  Fortunately all of their other reviews were stellar with 5 stars so hopefully this one will disappear eventually into the bad review abyss.

Now on to the scary!  The first was sent to me by Jen again and was an Etsy listing:

bad etsy cabbage patch slippersThe sad part is that I remember when these dolls were all the rage and I had a couple.  I’m not sure if they actually sold these slippers back then or if someone tore apart two Cabbage Patch dolls to make them.  If I remember correctly, they were selling for close to $40, and they looked used.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know that I would want to wear slippers with two little heads looking up at me, let alone ones that had been on someone else’s feet for an extended period of time.  Just very strange.

And now for the winner of the worst Ebay/Etsy/Craigslist listing this time around (if not maybe for all time).  I came across this on Ebay one morning and I just couldn’t believe it.  At first I thought maybe a kid had done it, but then upon reading the listing decided it was an adult.  Yikes!  I don’t know if she was channeling Rainbow Bright, but this is probably one of the scariest customizations I have ever come across.  $165.  Are you ready?

bad ebay rainbow doll 1

bad ebay rainbow doll 2

I’ve seen customizations done by young girls that are WAY better than this.  What in the world?!?!

That’s it for this time!  If you come across a listing you think I could use, please send me the link via e-mail.  I will not post any links to the listings themselves to protect the (not so) innocent!  But I do want to check the whole listing out, do not send me just photos.  Thanks!