She’s With The Band

The weather here has been very nice the past week, so Kit and Alya decided to venture out to take some pictures.  While they were outside, they started talking about their musical group and some of what they would like to do.

“We sound good” said Alya, “but there is something missing.”

“I agree!” replied Kit.  “I think what we need is a drummer.”

As they chatted, they didn’t realize that someone had been walking into the yard.

“Hi guys!” said the girl.

“Oh, hi!” Alya replied, sounding surprised.  “I didn’t even hear you coming!  Hey, you’re that new girl at school.  Your name is Jenny, right?”

As the girls walked along, they continued talking.

“Yes,” she replied.  “My name is Jenny Bradley.  It’s been kind of hard to get to know people, coming in part way through the year.  I’ve been wanting to talk to you though.  I hear you have been trying to start a band?”  “Yes, we have,” replied Kit.  “We’ve been having a hard time though, we really need to find a drummer.”

“Well, look no further!  I’ve been playing drums for a couple of years now, and I would love to give it a try!  Plus, I have a place where we could rehearse.  My dad and uncle recently bought the old Lighthouse restaurant.  Since it was a nightclub years ago, there is a room in the back with a stage.  My dad would eventually like to renovate it so that there can be performers on certain nights.  But I’m sure he wouldn’t care if we used it in the meantime!”

“That would be awesome!” replied both girls, “Great!” said Jenny. “Would you like to come by and check the place out this afternoon? We could even try a rehearsal just to see if it’s going to work out.”

Alya and Kit agreed that it sounded like a good idea. They set up a time, and then headed straight to work! Alya went to call Louisa and Kit immediately ran to Marie-Grace’s room to tell her the good news.

“Guess what?! We have a drummer for the band!” Kit exclaimed.

Marie-Grace was thrilled too. Then she told Kit that she had heard from someone else that Jenny played drums and was very good. Perhaps even better than Josh Montgomery!

The girls had arranged to meet at The Lighthouse at 4 PM.  When they got there, Jenny was already there and had her drum kit set up.

“What a great space!” commented Alya. “We will feel so professional practicing here. I wonder if anyone famous ever played here?”

Marie-Grace chimed in. “I think things are really coming together now. I even have an idea for a name. Since this place is called The Lighthouse, we could be The Beacons!” The rest of the girls agreed that it sounded like a pretty good name.

The girls got right down to business and started practicing. They sang a couple of different songs that they all knew. “Back In Baby’s Arms” (one of my favorite Patsy Cline songs), “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” (by Pat Benetar) and “That Don’t Impress Me Much” (by Shania Twain) were the ones they picked to work on for this session. They worked really hard too!

It wouldn’t be a band without a pile of instruments and cases sitting around…

Let’s meet the whole band!

Kit Kittredge on guitar, violin and backing vocals.

Alya Norton on keyboards and backing vocals.

Jenny Bradley on drums.

Marie-Grace Rousseau on guitar and banjo.

And Louisa Collier on lead vocals, guitar and banjo.

Meet The Beacons!

The girls did say that they aren’t 100% sure that they are going to keep the name, but this works for now.  As Kit said, “even The Beatles weren’t always The Beatles!”  Can’t argue with that!