Coolspring Time!

Yep, it’s that time of year again!  And this time, it’s me, Ryan, reporting about the trip to Coolspring Power Museum.  Yeah, it’s about time one of the guys got to go, isn’t it?  I was super excited, and I had no idea who I was going to meet from the Tea Time With Melody Q group.


Lanie knew all sorts of things about Coolspring, she was a great guide.  She told me about the engines, explained the different areas of the grounds, and told me about the awesome “lunch” we were about to have…

Ice cream!!  The ice cream at Coolspring is made right on the grounds, using small engines to turn the containers instead of having to hand crank.  It was so good!

After that, we wandered around and checked out some of the different buildings and saw all sorts of interesting engines.



The Windy City building is really cool.  They have gas fired lights–which also provide a bit of heat in the building too!

The grounds are very pretty at this time of year!

We headed over to Sudlow Station which is the building that Lanie’s family maintains.  It was really cool, and Lanie told me all sorts of information about it.

Selfie time!

The Friends Exhibition Hall is a neat place with engines…

And food!  Lanie and I checked out the candy. (Of course.)  No Tootsie Rolls this time, Flo was disappointed.

Then it was time to check out The Snow.  It’s the biggest engine on the grounds.  But it’s not the noisiest which surprised me!

More pretty pics!


Lanie was a great tour guide, I learned so much!

We saw so many interesting things too!

Soon it was time for Flo and I to head home.  One last pic of me with Lanie.  I had a great time and I hope I get to see her again.  No…she’s not my girlfriend!  She’s my friend that is a girl.  She’s pretty cool too!


If you’d like to learn more about the Coolspring Power Museum:

And there are plenty more pics and stories about it over at Tea Time With Melody Q too!




A View Of Coolspring From A Different Angle

Mini Isabelle and Mini Luciana decided to check out the Coolspring Power Museum.  It’s a big place for the average person, but when you are only 6 inches tall, it comes with some extra challenges!

First off, there are these steps…two sets of them.  But they were determined.

“Here Luci, I’ll give you a little boost!”

“Great Izzy, now you grab my hand and I’ll try and pull you up!”


It took a while, but they made it to the top.  And then celebrated, “Rocky” style!

Then it was time for some ice cream…

“I’ve never had to work this hard to eat ice cream…but it’s so good!”

Then it was time to check out some of the displays.

“Luci, can you help me pick this up?”  “I think we’d better leave it alone, it looks very heavy.  I wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it on your toes.”

“We look just right along side this photograph of the Snow!”

“Look at all of these parts.  I wonder what they go to?”

“Wow, this book is giant!!  Just don’t shut me in it Luci!” (giggles)

“I don’t think I could Izzy, I’d need help just turning the page!”

“All these cool machines and parts.  It’s mindboggling.  I think it’s time for us to rest!”

“I have just the thing for our break–food!  I have a cooler full.”  “Awesome!  Time for a picnic.”

“Wow, everything looks yummy, you thought of everything.  I’m not sure where to start.”

“Yep, there is nothing like good food with good friends!  Pass me the popcorn.”

Coolspring Power Museum, October 2018

Hello everyone, it’s Cassandra posting today!  I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I was lucky enough to get to go to the Coolspring Power Museum this time to meet up with Xyra.  Flo didn’t tell me who was coming along so it was definitely a surprise.  Look who it was!

It was Kaya!!  I was so excited to see her, we have “talked” online, but this was the first time we got to meet in person.  And of course, I got to meet Tatlo too!

It was really cold that day (and hasn’t really warmed up much since) so we were all bundled up.  It was a nice walk to the museum though.

Once we got there, we picked up some ice cream and headed to the Friends Exhibition Hall.  Xyra suggested it because it had heat, and boy was that a good idea, especially when eating ice cream!  We exchanged presents too and we decided it would be fun to play the Yahtzee game that Xyra and Kaya gave me.

We both kept rolling sixes, it was crazy!  But neither of us managed to roll a Yahtzee!

We wandered around the grounds for a bit after that, there are always interesting things to see.

Soon it was time for us to head home, so we said our goodbyes.

Bye Tatlo, you are such a good dog!

I had a lot of fun getting to check out the museum and meeting Xyra, Kaya and Tatlo.  I hope I get to go again some time and meet another of the girls, I’ve always enjoyed hearing the stories from my friends about meeting them.  It’s always fun meeting new people, especially since we’ve all been in touch now for 4 years.

If you’d like to read more about the meet up, you can go to Xyra’s blog:  Tea Time For Melody Q

And for more info about the museum, click here:  Coolspring Power Museum