Review of the Wellie Wishers Festive Gingerbread House Set

Yes, I do realize Christmas is already done and dusted, but I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to review this anyhow, just in case someone sees it on sale in the coming months.  It’s a very nice little set, and I just happened to get it when it was on sale for $18 instead of the regular price of $24.  Plus, free shipping on Wellie Wishers goodies!  (I wonder how long that is going to continue for?)

In all honesty, the set is basically a scaled down re-release of the Sugar and Spice Baking set.  I think someone at American Girl has realized that smaller, more reasonably priced sets sell better overall.  The Sugar and Spice Baking set retailed for $58, and I looked at it several times, but just couldn’t make the jump for that price.  Yes, it did have more pieces, but they were items that were expendable in my opinion.

One thing I do like with the new packaging is how the items are in a single bag with dividers.  Less likely to lose something, or worse yet, have it stolen because it’s an in demand item.

The house itself is really cute, and very detailed.  My only complaint is I would have liked the plastic to have had a matte finish, much more like a real gingerbread house.

The frosting bag is so cute!! It’s squishy too, so it will be easy to position on doll hands for realistic photos.

Two jars of sprinkles to decorate with as well.  I have another one of these floating around somewhere, I think I need to do a spice jar project in the not so distant future…

And of course, candy canes!  The candy canes are not removable from the box, but in this case, I agree with that decision.  Can you imagine stepping on one of those?  Or the dog finding it and eating it???

Overall, I think this is a very cute set, and I like the fact that American Girl decided to release it again at a new price point, with fewer items.  Definitely worth picking up, especially if you frequently do Christmas scenes.  The scale is still the same too, so it would work for either 18 inch or the smaller scale Wellie Wishers and similar dolls.  This was a set that I thought was a necessity for my collection, perhaps the girls will have a holiday scene in the bakery?



A Night at the Ballet

Rebecca’s sister Sophia attends a performing arts academy in the Pittsburgh area now, and because she is so close, she is here frequently on the weekends.  Several weekends ago she showed up with a huge smile on her face.  The reason:  she’d won two tickets to see The Nutcracker performed by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre!  She couldn’t wait to tell Rebecca, she knew she would want to go, they used to go to the ballet in New York City frequently.  The performance was this past Saturday afternoon at the Benedum Center.


The girls decided to get all dressed up for their big day in the city.

ballet-2   ballet-3

“This is going to be so much fun!” remarked Rebecca.  “I can’t wait to see what the Benedum looks like, I’ve heard it’s very pretty” replied Sophia.

Thank heavens the weather had warmed up a little bit on Saturday, the girls didn’t need to be quite so bundled up!


The Benedum Center is right in downtown Pittsburgh.  It was originally called the Stanley Theater, but in 1987 it was completely remodeled and renamed The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts.  Of all of the theaters in Pittsburgh, I personally think it’s the prettiest!  The girls agreed with me after they had been there.




The girls got situated in their seats and were all set to watch the performance.  They both said that they had a wonderful time and were in awe of all of the talented dancers in the show.


If you would like to learn more about the Benedum Center for the Performing arts, you can read about it here:

And for more information about the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and their performances of the Nutcracker:

The World’s Most Confusing Advent Calendar

Flo:  Hello readers!  A few weeks ago I was at Trader Joe’s and saw these really cute advent calendars for $1.  I thought it might be something fun to do for the blog.  But do you see how confusing this is?  It’s the 12 days of Christmas, all out of order!!  What in the world??  (apologies for the horrid photo too, the glare off of it was unbelievable, even without a flash!)


Kit:  Well, what did you expect for a dollar???  You get what you pay for!

Flo: I guess you are right.  Enough about how confusing it is, at least the doors are in the right order.  I’ll let you pick the first one Kit.


Emily can open day two:
advent-3  advent-4

Alya day three:


And Fiona day four:


So, what did we get?

A boot, a candle, a squirrel and an angel. I have to admit they are really cute.   And a nice scale for doll candy, perhaps after we are done, I will save the tray to make my own doll sized candies! Not quite sure what a squirrel has to do with Christmas???  The taste though, yuck! Kit is right, what do you expect for a dollar???