May Book Group Read: Meet Marie-Grace

Thank you so much for being patient everyone!  Everything is going fine here, or as well as can be expected.  I did have a nice, relaxing Thursday since my car was in the shop being worked on and I got caught up on a few things, including finishing the book!

I am ashamed to admit that I’ve had this book in my possession for nearly 3 years and I’d never read it.  This was part of my incentive to start the book group, I have a few more that I haven’t read as well as many others I don’t own, and I wanted to change that.  And am I ever glad!  I totally loved this book and I was very disappointed when I got to the end of it.  So much so, that I’m going to look on Amazon for the rest of the series, I enjoyed it that much.

Meet Marie-Grace caught my attention from the very beginning.  I’ve always been interested in New Orleans culture and after taking several years of French in school, it was fun seeing how the language fit in to the story line.  Another part I thought that was very good and very informative was the part about the blacks who weren’t slaves, the “free people of color”.  I liked how the subject was brought up and how it was explained.  I can honestly say that I don’t ever remember learning about the subject in my school history classes and given our current social climate, I think it’s an excellent lesson to be taught.

And then there was Lavinia.  I much preferred the way they handled the situation with her as opposed to the antagonist in Isabelle.  They made her the appropriate amount of annoying without it dominating the storyline.  As I read of the encounters and her attitude, I felt as though she was Marie-Grace’s version of Nellie Olsen from the Little House On The Prairie stories.  All that was missing was her horrible little brother!  (Shhhh, don’t tell me if he turns up later.)

The budding friendship between Marie-Grace and Cecile was fun to read about, particularly the part about the ball and their little bit of mischief.  I also liked the descriptions of the market and the school.  I felt completely immersed in the culture and could picture the scenes vividly in my head.

The only part I didn’t like about this book?  That it came to an end too soon!!!  I was ready to keep reading, and I guess I will just have to get the rest of them so I can.  I completely enjoyed the book and look forward to hearing more of the adventures of Marie-Grace and Cecile.  It’s a shame that these dolls didn’t catch on because it was such a fun story with a lot of valuable, but not commonly written about history involved.

Did you enjoy Meet Marie-Grace?

The book for June is Lea and July is Meet Rebecca.  I’m going to try my best to get the post up on June 15th as is customary, but it may be delayed as we now have our hands very full with a 2nd house!  Fingers crossed that once we get to a certain point, it won’t be too bad, but we have a lot of preparations and such that need to be done before we put it on the market.  Thanks everyone for understanding!