Cancun: some time on the beach!

Hi guys, Cassandra here again!  Mom said that she thought I was doing such a great job at this, she’d just let me do the rest of the posts about the trip, isn’t that cool?!  She’s just concentrating on feeling better at the moment and getting caught up on a few things. We actually had this post written and ready to go before she ended up in the hospital, but she wanted to review it before she posted it.  She was having horrible concentration issues for a couple of days and was afraid something might get missed.  Anyhow–she just wanted me to thank all of your for your thoughts, well wishes and prayers, they are all greatly appreciated!

Saturday morning was gorgeous when we got up, so we decided to throw on our swim suits, go have breakfast at the buffet and then go to the beach.  Fortunately I remembered to grab my snorkeling gear, I went and played in the water while mom and dad caught some rays.

Cancun day 3 photo 1

Isn’t that view pretty?
Cancun day 3 photo 2

Here are some photos of the resort from the beach too:
Cancun day 3 photo 3

Cancun day 3 photo 4

Cancun day 3 photo 5

Cancun day 3 photo 6

Cancun day 3 photo 7
I think it’s neat how the main building resembles something that the Mayan’s might have built.

Speaking of Mayan’s…stay tuned for my next post! I’m breaking this day up into sections because we did several things and I didn’t want to forget anything. Stop by tomorrow!

Cancun: Heat, Humidity and Bad Hair!

Hi guys, Cassandra here again!  Mom is still a bit under the weather, so I told her I’d continue with the posts about our trip.  We went to Cancun with no set plans on what to do or when to do it, just some ideas on things to do. It’s a good thing we didn’t go with a definitive game plan because the weather was not very cooperative. We encountered some rain off and on, but it didn’t mess up our ability to do some stuff away from the resort, we just had to work around it.

It was a pretty sunrise on our first full day there, mom wanted to get some pictures of me out on the balcony before we set out. She started to take a couple of pictures and then I noticed this puzzled look on her face. Then she started to laugh. Turns out that the camera was so cold from being in the air conditioning and the humidity outside was super high, it fogged up the lens! Aren’t these photos of me hilarious?

Cancun day 2 photo 1   Cancun day 2 photo 2   Cancun day 2 photo 3

After waiting a few minutes, the camera finally adjusted and “defogged” itself and she was able to get a good photo:

Cancun day 2 photo 4

Cancun day 2 photo 5

Cancun day 2 photo 6

A very pretty morning, but already starting to get very hot and humid.  We had room service bring us some breakfast, we were slow to get moving.  After some discussion, we all agreed it would be a good time to check out the shopping mall across the street.

Cancun day 2 photo 7

The mall is an open air style, but it has these huge umbrella type covers up high, so even it if rained, you wouldn’t get soaking wet, plus you are somewhat protected from the sun. Behind me is a fountain that comes up from the cement, it was tempting to run through it! The mall has all kinds of stores in it and is called La Isla, we thought that was funny because our favorite Mexican restaurant here at home is called that too. One end is all luxury companies like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Salvatore Ferragamo and Armani (just to name a few!). Mr. Flo was kind of shocked to notice that in that section, they didn’t have what he jokingly called “rent-a-cops” to prevent robberies, but fully armed guards, eeek! I guess shoplifting is NOT a good idea there, hee hee! The rest of the mall is a mix of stores, ranging from some of the same ones we have here in the US to some that are unique to Mexico and that region. There are a few stores that specialize in Mexican souvenirs too, that is where we did most of our shopping. As mom said, I didn’t come all the way to Mexico to go shopping in Nike! We did stop at the McDonald’s and got McFlurry’s though, they were good, but the ice cream tasted different than here in the US. Mom and Dad both seemed to think that it was milk with a much higher butterfat content and that it wasn’t necessarily pure cows milk either, but perhaps a blend that maybe included goats milk. It was good though and hit the spot on such a hot day.

Ay caramba! LOOOK AT MY HAIR! Eeeeek!!! The humidity wasn’t doing it any favors, what a mess!
Cancun day 2 photo 8
If you think mine looks bad, you should have seen mom’s…let’s just say that her hair texture and humidity most certainly do not mix! Several times throughout our trip, she said she wished she’d gotten it cut short before we left.

So, want to know what we bought? We got several things, but I’m going to just show you the one thing I got. I was soooooooooooooo excited to find this, and it was hard picking out which one to get, but mom and I looked at several (with dad’s help) and decided we liked this one the best.
Cancun day 2 photo 9
Yeah, it looks a little small, but really these aren’t intended to be worn, they are more for decoration. Here you can see the ornate decoration on it:
Cancun day 2 photo 10

Isn’t it pretty? I can’t wait to get it hung up on the wall in my bedroom! They had a lot of them with this design but in different colors.

Mom and dad decided to go get pedicures after we got back, so I had some time to relax. I decided to get my bathing suit on and sit out on the balcony. It was so nice, I just sat there and listened to the ocean while I read my American Girl magazine.
Cancun day 2 photo 11   Cancun day 2 photo 15

Cancun day 2 photo 16

All the necessities right beside me!

Cancun day 2 photo 17

I made sure I didn’t get TOO much sun!

And some more photos of the resort from our room:
Cancun day 2 photo 14

Cancun day 2 photo 13

After mom and dad got back from their pedicures, we ordered lunch from room service.  They weren’t allowed to put shoes on for a while so they didn’t mess them up, so it just made sense.  It was kind of fun having lunch brought to us, I could get used to that!

Later on we went to a dinner sponsored by the company Mr. Flo works for, it was on the beach.  All sorts of food that you could make tacos out of, it was all delicious.  Entertainment for the evening started with a Mariachi band, mom loved that part!  They were followed by a group that combined drumming with fire twirling, it was super cool! Unfortunately mom forgot her camera in the room and wasn’t about to go all the way back up to get it.  Hopefully she can get some pictures from someone else who took some.  It was a fun evening!

“Where in the world is Cassandra Lee????”

Hola amigos!!! Cómo estás?  It’s Cassandra posting today, and you are probably wondering why I am starting this post in Spanish.  Remember how mom said that she had some prior commitments that were going to keep her away from the blog for a little while?  Well, one of those prior commitments was a trip to Cancun, Mexico! Yup, that’s right, her, Mr. Flo and little old me all got on an airplane and went to Mexico.

Back in June, Mr. Flo went to one of his work meetings and found out that the company he works for was running a contest and the prize was a trip to Cancun.  It wasn’t just for one person to win, everyone could possibly win, pretty cool, huh?  His whole division won, they had to beat the projected sales figures as a group for the 6 months running from July 1st through December 31st.  His group knocked it out of the park!  About 80 employees and their guests all met up in Cancun for a long weekend of fun at a resort there.

We flew out bright and early Thursday morning, we had to get up at 3AM, ugh!  Fortunately the airport is only about an hour from the house, but when we got there it was super busy.  I guess quite a few colleges started spring break about that time and everyone was trying to get somewhere away from the cold weather.  Mom said she couldn’t believe how busy it was, she’s flown out of Pittsburgh many times early in the morning and said it usually looks like a ghost town.  It sure didn’t that day!

We traveled from Pittsburgh to Houston, Texas for a short layover, and then on from there to Cancun.  Once we got through immigration, we had to find the bus to take us to the resort, it was crazy busy!  The exit was crowded with so many people trying to get business for their transportation service it made our heads spin.  Finally one of the rest of the group that flew down with us found where we needed to be and we hopped on the bus.  It took about 20 minutes to get to the resort and it was time for the vacation to officially start.

The resort we stayed at was called LiveAqua and every single room in it faces the ocean.  How well you could see it depended on how high up you were.

Cancun day 1 photo 1
Every room has a balcony, you can see it behind me. Are you ready to check out the view from our room???
Cancun day 1 photo 2
Check it out, we were on the top floor, floor number nueve! (Nine in English) We had an AWESOME view of everything, it was incredible. Here are some more photos from the balcony:
Cancun day 1 photo 3

Cancun day 1 photo 4

Cancun day 1 photo 5

Unfortunately right after we arrived it started to rain, but that was okay. We were all very tired after getting up so early to go to the airport, so all 3 of us took a nap. Then we got up and headed downstairs for a big dinner that the company was hosting, the food was yummy: salad, filet mignon with shrimp skewers, mashed potatoes and a lemon cake for dessert. That was followed by a karaoke competition, the first guy who sang did James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and totally nailed it, he was fantastic. We ran into him later on in the trip and found out that he sings professionally as a hobby and he felt a little bad about it–but the prize was 2 paid days off for him and any employees at his table, so they weren’t complaining!

Stay tuned for lots more photos and more stories about what we did in Cancun! I’m taking over the blog for the next few days while mom recovers. She not only got the customary sickies from traveling to Mexico (if ya know what I mean 😉 ) but also picked up bronchitis (as did Mr. Flo too) from some guy who was hacking his head off on the way to Texas. YUCK!

(Cassandra’s outfit is from “If Dolls Could Dream” and the shoes are from Sophia’s–from the big box of goodies Aunt Sharry sent us. They were perfect for the trip!)