An Interesting Experiment

I don’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned in my posts that I used to collect teddy bears. Primarily Boyds Bears, but also a couple of other brands mixed in as well. I think I finally reached the saturation point and I lost interest. I’ve sold off some of them on Ebay, but I still have a lot. A couple of years ago I was out thrift store shopping with a friend when I came cross a really cute one. I didn’t need it but it was less than $4 for one of the larger ones, so I figured why not. It has been sitting in the rocking chair in my living room ever since. That has to be at least 3, maybe 4 years ago.

A couple of nights ago I was walking through the living room and I looked at that bear. All of a sudden this idea popped into my head: would the adorable coat on the bear fit an 18 inch doll??? I finished what I was doing, grabbed the bear and one of my dolls and tried it out. The results???


It fit!! And I think it looks great. Here are some shots with the hood up too:
boyds-2    boyds-3

As you can imagine, this got me to thinking about some other ones I had in my collection, so I went fishing through the storage bins. Several were cute, but couldn’t be used because they were either attached to the bear or had accessories sewn on. No biggie. I still came up with two that I wanted to try.

First off, this cute little coat:

This one didn’t work so well. First the obvious, the sleeves are too short. If it were a dress instead of a coat, it probably would be okay, but it’s definitely coat material. The other problem was up around the neck, it was cut really weird and when I buttoned it up, poor Louisa was practically choking to death. Back on the bear! I think the difference between this coat and the other one is that the sleeves on the first one were actually way too long for the bear.

The next item fit a bit better though:


Isn’t this adorable? The only drawback is that I had to put it on over her head, no closure at all, so her poor hair! It might take me a couple of days to get her hair back to normal, what was I thinking?!?! If I were to use it on a doll again, it would be on one with smooth, short hair like Kit or Cassandra. No curls!

2 our of 3 isn’t a bad result! It’s kind of nice to know that I have a couple of extra pieces of clothing around if I need them. Plus I frequently see Boyds Bears in thrift stores, now I’ll be paying more attention to what they are wearing! I know quite a few of my readers are thrift store fans, so for reference, these items came off a 14 inch tall Boyds Bear. If you find anything in your travels, I’d love to see it!!