Guest Post: Boy Story Clothes Available On Etsy!

Today’s post is by Sharry from Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule.  Take it away Sharry!

Hi everybody!

You might remember my review comparing Boy Story dolls to other custom made boy dolls. Although Boy Story dolls are really poseable and fun to play with, their overall build is bigger than most American “Boy” type dolls. This of course presents a problem if you want your guy to have different clothes, as the Boy Story folks haven’t started selling separate outfits yet. Well look no further! I have found 2 Etsy sellers who can make clothes to Boy Story specifications. The first is Diane at “Lotsogoodies”. She makes t-shirts, jeans, sweat pants and swim trunks for your Boy Story Dolls! Here’s my Boy Story doll Billy (renamed Marc) in her t-shirts:

I love the sweat pants! They look so comfy, I wish I had a pair

The second is Libby at “Designed4Dolls”. While she doesn’t have any Boy Story items listed, she will happily do custom work upon request! Here is Marc modeling some of her groovy 70s fashions (for my doll blog!):

These 2 sellers are super to work with should you want a different look for your doll. Thanks Flo for allowing me to do another guest post and for supporting Etsy sellers!

So long from Marc and Sharry from Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule


Thanks so much Sharry for this information!  I’m always happy to hear about an Etsy seller that is willing to help someone out in the doll community with an unusual request–and as always, shop small!  Plus I have to agree, I wouldn’t mind having a set of those sweats in human size too.  😉

Guest Post: Meet The Boys/Boy Story Action Doll Review

Hi everybody! It’s Sharry from “Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule”. This is a review of my Boy Story Action Doll Billy (renamed Marc), and how he compares to my other boy dolls.


Meet the guys:


First we have Jason. He’s a Hybrid doll w/ an American Girl Samantha head, and a Battat Collector’s Lane flexible body.


Next we have Kyle. He’s a custom boy made from an Our Generation solid body.


Here we have Danny. He’s also a customized OG doll on a flexible body. (Sadly one of his legs hardened).


And finally my Boy Story Action Doll, Marc.


Marc’s head turns and pops up so he can look up at the sky.


Marc can cross his legs and rest his head on his hand while just relaxing.


If Marc and Kyle ever want to practice their karate moves, Marc is capable of a more realistic stance.


Here the boys are stripped down to their skivvies (sorry guys) so we have a better view of their joints.


Let’s see those muscles, boys! As you can see, Jason and Marc can bend their arms at the elbow, while Kyle has solid straight arms. Jason’s arm caves in to bend, while Marc has ball joints, and Kyle’s arms don’t bend.

picture-11 picture-12 picture-13

Let’s see some lunges, now boys!



Jason can bend his knees in the same way he bends his arms, and can keep a pretty straight lunge pose.



Marc has a bigger body than OG dolls (and AG dolls too!) and skinnier limbs, so while his knees can bend w/ ball joints, he can’t maintain a straight lunge pose.


Kyle can do the splits, but he cannot lunge.


Marc and Kyle can stand on their own in bare feet.


Jason must stand against the wall barefoot (and w/o certain OG hard shoes).

picture-20 picture-21

Marc and Kyle can maintain a walking pose with bare feet as well.

picture-22 picture-23

Marc’s hands are also on ball joints. Look he can even salute!


How cool is this? Marc can sit “criss cross applesauce”. (since I’m a pre-school teacher, this is most important! Hee!)


Unlike my OG boys, Marc has fixed eyes (w/ very soft realistic lashes) and molded hair. Since he is African American, this saves me from maintaining unruly curly hair! (and I’m a black woman, so I know!)


The Boy Story Action doll was made so that boys can have 18 inch dolls like their sisters. Since boys sometimes play a little rougher than girls, they don’t have to worry about getting these guys wet or dirty, since their vinyl limbs and heads wipe clean, and their clothes are machine washable and line dryable. They pose much like action figures, hence the term “action doll”. Their heads, bodies and feet are bigger than most 18 inch dolls, (but certain Collector’s Lane shoes will fit), so while bigger shirts and jackets may fit, pants may have to be customized.


To all of our crafty customers wanting to make patterns for our dolls, and to the others who just love our dolls…

Boy Story Action Doll Measurement Guide

I hope this review has been informative and helpful. I really love all my boy dolls for their all of their unique features, and really wouldn’t change a thing about any of them. Remember a doll doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be loved! So good-bye from me and the guys!


Sharry, Danny, Jason, Kyle and Marc

Thank you Sharry for all of that useful information!  In case you haven’t checked out Sharry’s blog already, you can check it out here:  Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule.   It’s a fun trip back to the 1970’s!  Hopefully you can write another review or craft post sometime in the future.