Book Group–Meet Cecile!

It’s that time again, and this month we are going to talk about Meet Cecile.  This book is unique because it’s one of the few situations where one of the BeForever/Historical friends actually had a good bit of a story revolve around her instead of just the main character.  Yes, Julie had Ivy, Samantha had Nelly and some of the other girls had friends, but I don’t think any of them were given quite the prominence as Cecile.  I’m still sad that these girls are gone from the American Girl line too because they were both such great characters.

I was very excited to read this book as I absolutely loved Meet Marie-Grace.  What I didn’t realize is Meet Cecile was not written by the same person!!  I was surprised to learn that, but the story didn’t suffer because of it.

Meet Cecile has it’s similarities to Meet Marie-Grace in it’s setting and some of the places discussed such as the Marketplace, the place where both girls take their music lessons and some of the others, but overall, the book has a very different feel to it.  I love the use of many French words, I took several years of French in school and it was fun to see how much of it I remembered.

The family dynamic is totally different for Cecile too, she comes from a busy household with several servants and a brother who is away in Paris.  The two stories come together though with the tale of the adventure the girls have at the Children’s Ball, but told from a different perspective.  There doesn’t seem to be quite as much about the developing friendship between the two girls though, much more of Meet Cecile is devoted to her family preparing for her brother to come home from Paris.  There is also an antagonistic character, but much like the one in Meet Marie-Grace, it’s very fleeting, not like some of the ones in other books.

Meet Cecile also goes into a lot of detail about the Free People Of Color with a very interesting part of the story devoted to it, as well as a whole section in the back of the book that explains more about it.  I think this is something very relevant to what is going on in our world today, and I’m very glad that someone thought it needed discussing when they worked on the concept for these books.

Overall, I liked Meet Cecile, not quite as much as Meet Marie-Grace though.  I do have the rest of the series and will be reading it eventually.  If anyone would be interested in continuing with these books for book group later on, please let me know in the comments!

What did you think of Meet Cecile?

The book for February will be Grace, March will be Meet Felicity.  I hope everyone can get their hands on these before then and participate in the discussion!

Party for 3-Part 2

Kit and Rebecca heard a voice in the hallway. “I heard there was a party here, and you know I love a party!”
They looked at each other in disbelief. “It couldn’t be…” said Kit.
Just then Samantha walked back in to the dining room with another girl beside her.
Story 6
“Marie-Grace!!!” squealed Kit and Rebecca. “I can’t believe it’s you!” said Rebecca.
“It is really me!” said Marie-Grace. “I got an invitation last week to come here to live, and I couldn’t believe my luck. Unfortunately Cecile had already left so she isn’t with me. Hopefully someday in the future she can come here too.”

Story 10
“Isn’t this exciting?” said Samantha. “I almost fell over when I opened the door!”
“Now don’t go getting hurt on my account!” Marie-Grace giggled. “I would feel terrible if you did that.”

Story 7
“Well then, let’s get back to this party you were having, I see some wonderful snacks on the table” said Marie-Grace.

Story 8“Make sure you try the cake!” said Kit.

Story 9

Only one more day till BeForever!!!

Party for 3

Over the weekend, the girls were sitting around watching it rain. “We need to think of something to do, we obviously can’t go outside and play” said Samantha. “School starts Monday, we could get our stuff all ready” said Rebecca. Kit rolled her eyes at both of them.
Story 1
“I know!” said Rebecca. “Let’s have a party to celebrate the new BeForever releases this week! We can wear our meet outfits and make special desserts and tea.”
Kit started to cry. “I don’t have a meet outfit…remember? Mine was lost before I got here.”
“Oh no, I totally forgot” said Rebecca. “I am sooooo so sorry.”
She gave Kit a big hug.
Story 2
Samantha suddenly got an idea. “I have some outfits that aren’t American Girl but are old-fashioned; I’ve had them a long time. They are dressy too, perfect for a party. And I have exactly three! They were made by a company called Pittsburgh Originals; they are no longer in business. I got them before they were no longer available.”
“Oh thank you!” said Kit. “You are such a good friend and you always know just what to do. I can’t wait to see them.”
Samantha quickly pulled out a box that held the outfits. “They need a little ironing, but I think they will be perfect.”
Story 3
The girls decided who would wear which outfit and decided what they were going to make to eat. Rebecca made cookies, Kit baked a cake, and Samantha was in charge of getting everything ready for the tea. They set everything up in the dining room for the party, and then went to get dressed.
Story 4

Story 5
“This is so much fun!” said Rebecca. “I agree, and this cake is really good!” said Kit. “Of course it’s good, you baked it!” giggled Samantha. They played games and listened to music from the 70’s to honor their friends Julie and Ivy who weren’t there. They talked about their friends Kaya, Addy, and Josephina, and remembered Kirsten, and Molly too. Samantha started laughing when she remembered the time Felicity and Elizabeth went horseback riding and ended up in the pond. Kit wondered how her friend Ruthie was. Rebecca thought about Caroline and her boat. They all agreed that they missed everyone. Just then there was a knock at the door.
“I wonder who that could be?” said Samantha. She went to answer it. When she opened the door, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

To Be Continued…