Cancun: some time on the beach!

Hi guys, Cassandra here again!  Mom said that she thought I was doing such a great job at this, she’d just let me do the rest of the posts about the trip, isn’t that cool?!  She’s just concentrating on feeling better at the moment and getting caught up on a few things. We actually had this post written and ready to go before she ended up in the hospital, but she wanted to review it before she posted it.  She was having horrible concentration issues for a couple of days and was afraid something might get missed.  Anyhow–she just wanted me to thank all of your for your thoughts, well wishes and prayers, they are all greatly appreciated!

Saturday morning was gorgeous when we got up, so we decided to throw on our swim suits, go have breakfast at the buffet and then go to the beach.  Fortunately I remembered to grab my snorkeling gear, I went and played in the water while mom and dad caught some rays.

Cancun day 3 photo 1

Isn’t that view pretty?
Cancun day 3 photo 2

Here are some photos of the resort from the beach too:
Cancun day 3 photo 3

Cancun day 3 photo 4

Cancun day 3 photo 5

Cancun day 3 photo 6

Cancun day 3 photo 7
I think it’s neat how the main building resembles something that the Mayan’s might have built.

Speaking of Mayan’s…stay tuned for my next post! I’m breaking this day up into sections because we did several things and I didn’t want to forget anything. Stop by tomorrow!