The Barbie Party

Many moons ago I had a decent size collection of Barbie goodies.  Not so many dolls, but lots of furniture and accessories.   I lucked out and found a lot of things at a KB Toys (remember them?) near me, and before it was over with, Barbie had a well fitted out kitchen that rivaled my own!  At this point though I didn’t leave the doll goodies out like I do now as I not only didn’t have the space, but at that point I hadn’t accepted the fact that it was okay.  However, I did have one advantage in having a niece who was just the right age to enjoy and appreciate all of these wonderful Barbie items.

Evil Twin’s granddaugher (my grandniece), who we will call Florida Girl, came up every summer to spend time with her family here.  While she was visiting, they always came to my house to spend a day or two, and on one of these occasions, I decided it would be the perfect time to break out all of the Barbie gear.  It took up the whole dining room table before it was over with, but we had a great time setting it all up.  And then we got an idea–let’s have a party!  And thus, the Barbie Party was born.  Everyone was dressed in their finest clothing and ready to have a good time.

It wouldn’t be a proper party without tea, now would it???

Ken was the only guy, and as a result, he was a bit bored…

A nice group shot.

Some closeup candids of the guests:

As happens with kids, Florida Girl is all grown up now, and no longer into Barbie, but she still talks about the Barbie Party.  Eventually I decided I needed the storage space and I passed on all of my Barbie stuff to the daughter of a co-worker who was just the perfect age.  I’m sure Barbie is still busy having parties somewhere!