When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls–bet you didn’t think you’d ever see this again!!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen these posts in the past.  Then I ran out of material due to a lot of people just giving up on Ebay.  Recently a friend pointed me in the direction of a hilarious Facebook group called “Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared”.  Let me just tell you, I’ve seen some weird stuff in my travels, but some of what has been posted on there takes the cake!  I ended up sharing the site with several friends and family who found it just as amusing as I did.  I finally had to start limiting my time spent on there because it not only is a difficult place to read posts at because it is massively busy, but I found myself laughing so hard at times, I’d have trouble breathing.  In the process, I came across some really funny doll related posts–and as you know, I just couldn’t resist sharing them!

Presenting a new installment of When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls!!!!  (Insert trumpet fanfare…here!)

So, this first one was on Ebay.  It’s not horrible, but there is one question that I can’t help but ask…

Why is she only wearing one shoe????  (and where is Kit, what have you done with her?!?!?!)


The next one is not my kind of thing, but I can see where someone would think it was pretty cool.  You’d have to be a really BIG fan to do this to two AG dolls I guess.  (I’m assuming this is Harley Quinn and the Joker?  Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Okay folks…we are just getting warmed up here.  We have two American Girl dolls for sale…is this a nude rave???  At least they look enthusiastic.  Especially since it looks like they lost the hairbrush. “Hands In The Air Like We Just Don’t Care!!!”  (This was an Ebay listing)

This one…a perfect example of automated manufacturing gone horribly amok…

Ooops.  Quality control fail.

Okay folks…here’s probably one of the strangest things I’ve seen…well…almost the strangest.  Wait till you get to the last post.  That’s the strangest.

Okay…we’re to the end, so this is where I warn you to be sure you are sitting, any beverage you are drinking is set down and what you might have sipped is swallowed…

Okay, you can scream now!  Oh wait, Barbie on the left looks like she is doing it for you!!!!!  This. Is. Just. Scary.  First off, who would do this to a Barbie doll, I mean, pulling her head off isn’t all that difficult, but cutting the poor girl’s hands off to make jewelry is just atrocious.  But then my other question is–who would actually wear this??

I wish I could say no dolls were harmed in the creation of these items, but we know otherwise.

Hope you enjoyed this installment!  Not sure when I’ll have another, it took me a while to accumulate enough photos for this post, but I’m always on the lookout.


When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls: Guys, you’re killing me!!!!

When I did the first Bad Ebay post, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was overwhelmed by the response it got, and also by the requests to continue doing it.  I wasn’t sure if I could find enough good material to make it a regular kind of thing.  Boy was I wrong!!!!!  It seems like I no sooner get a post finished and published, boom! I come across another photo or listing that qualifies.  I never realized what a gold mine Ebay could be for someone who loves to write snarky posts.  😉

This time around, I found several of these while I had the flu.  Let me just say that it’s not a “good thing” (props to my peep Martha!) to find yourself laughing hysterically when you also have coughing issues.  Thus, the title of the post.  So here’s the warning:  there are two photos in this post that will require you to do several things.  First off, set down that beverage and finish swallowing.  Second, if you haven’t been to the potty recently, you might want to do that.  Are you ready???

We will start with one that is just a horrid photo.  It’s another “what is it” kind of thing because it is so bad.

bad ebay birthday set
If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a birthday set. I guess. To make matters even worse, they had a second photo and it was every bit as bad. NEXT!

Another bad photo, with dirty laundry in it, ewwww!  Or maybe it’s clean laundry, but whatever it is, it doesn’t need to be in the picture!!!  And I can’t help but wonder, if Samantha (I think that’s who this is) misbehaves, is she going into the cage?  Again, another listing where this was the best photo of the bunch and the rest didn’t really show you the condition of the doll.

bad ebay disaster area samantha

This one was a confusing listing.  It said in the heading “American Girl Tennis Outfit Doll”.  So, why is the head cut off in the photo?  It doesn’t include the doll.  Just a bit of advice here to anyone selling on Ebay: don’t include a word in the heading that isn’t part of the listing, even if you specify it in the body of the listing.  People don’t read, and I know of one listing I came across just this weekend where the seller was given a negative because of this exact type of misunderstanding.  Save yourself some headache.
bad ebay doll no tennis outfit

You know that saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well, this is the doll version of that. This listing said these dolls were “in great shape with some signs of use”. Ya think?!?!?!?!

bad ebay great shape with some signs of use

We’ve talked about doll parts listings before, but this one takes it to a different level. I think it’s rather funny how they put the doll head on a set of display shoulders, so it looks kind of strange. Then this popped into my head: it’s the doll that “must not be named!” All I could think of was “it’s Voldemort”, and I started laughing. Sorry Harry Potter fans!
bad ebay he who must not be named

Okay gang, this is it, your last chance to heed my previous warnings…are you sure you are ready???

This photo had me laughing so hard before it was over with, even the dog thought I’d lost my marbles.  I’ve had my fair share of pet photo bombs, but this photo is one of the best:

bad ebay cat not included he just makes a good model

What made me laugh even harder was that in the body of the listing, the seller had added “cat not included, he just makes a good model.”  I do have to say that the photography that went with this listing was outstanding, and that added sense of humor made it a winner in my book.  I hope they make a nice profit off it!

And now, what I think is one of the best and funniest photos with a listing EVER.  Kids, this is what happens when you watch too many zombie movies and television shows:

bad ebay ag walking dead

Not only was the photo hilarious, but so was the listing. One of the dolls wasn’t included (can’t remember which one) but it stated that some of them had assorted “piercings and tattoos”, as well as needing some repairs. I love an Ebay seller with a sense of humor!

For those who chose to ignore my warning, here’s a roll of cyber paper towels to clean up that mess. I warned you!

Till next time…

When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls–accuracy is important!

I wasn’t sure what to call this post until I started looking at some of what I had for in it, and it dawned on me that quite a few of these items had a common link.  Some of this has photos to go with it, but I’ll start with some of the ones that were just worded completely wrong.

Nothing reveals to a potential Ebay or Craigslist buyer that you have no idea what you are selling more than having a glaring error in your listing.  Jen from over at “The Dolls Between Us” seemed to be on a roll recently in coming across these as well.  We definitely had a few good laughs as we sent these back and forth!

We will start with the least offensive:

“American Girl Doll Of The Year-Jesse”      Um,  close, but not quite.  Jen said she had the song “Jessie’s Girl” stuck in her head after that.

“American Girl Doll “JAYA” NIB”    Huh???

“American Girl Doll Girl Of The Month Lanie”   WHAT?!?!  Now AG is trying to get us to buy everything in a month???

and MY personal favorite:

“Cute Pants set for American Girl Doll, white denim genes…”     I couldn’t help but wonder if there was DNA involved??  This one got even funnier after Jen noticed that the sellers name had the word “JEAN” in it!

Another thing that I have noticed is that everyone’s interpretation of mint, excellent, perfect condition is apparently different.  This Josefina was listed as in “excellent condition, just her bangs have been cut”.  Only one problem.  Josefina doesn’t have bangs!!!!!

bad ebay excellent josefina

Except, maybe Josefina was hanging out with the doll in this next photo.  I have to admit that when I saw it, my eyes had to adjust for a few minutes before I realized that it wasn’t a costume, but the throw behind her.  The auction was for the hat and scarf!

bad ebay fly like an eagle

This next one is one Jen sent me, and I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard…well, maybe when the whole doll poop listing showed up.  (you had to know I was going to bring that up!)

bad ebay beyond weird listingIt’s an odd assortment of merchandise, it’s Julie’s popcorn, a cash register and the hat, but the way it is displayed is what had me laughing so hard.  Those big old hands from the Barbie salon model just sticking out there.  Hmmmm…

This last photo comes with a warning:  If seeing doll parts makes you squeamish, look away.  NOW!

bad ebay wig for sale

The auction is for the wig, but let’s be honest, that is pretty freaky looking, don’t you think?  I don’t have a problem with doll parts and I thought it was a bit out there.  They could have put it on a head with eyes at least and avoid nightmares for those who do have problems with this kind of thing.

There you have it, my odd, bizarre and strange Ebay listings for this round.  Tune in next time, same doll blog, same doll channel…