Review of Axe Heaven Miniature Guitar Replicas

A few days ago I posted a story about guitar lessons and in it you probably noticed that Allie and Mimi were playing different guitars than what you’ve seen before.  I stumbled across those guitars a few months ago while doing some online research and was a bit intrigued.  I ordered Allie’s first and was so impressed by it, I decided to get Mimi one as well.

Made by a company called Axe Heaven, there are plenty of details on these little replicas!  They are both cute, but I think the Fender Stratocaster (Allie’s) is better made than the Gretsch Duo Jet (Mimi’s).

According to the Axe Heaven website, these guitars are 1/4 scale.  Here they are side by side with the American Girl acoustic guitars I already have, which would be 1/3 scale.  I think they are actually closer to the AG scale, electric guitars of these two models are just slightly smaller than acoustic guitars.  However, AG has perhaps scaled their down a bit too since they are supposed to be “kids” guitars.  Regardless, they still work well for the dolls.

The detail even carries over to the back!

A close up of some of the Fender details:

And the Gretsch details:

The Gretsch doesn’t have a name actually on it, I think perhaps because of licensing issues.  They seem to have a deal in place with Fender.  Please disregard the fingerprints.  Just like a real black guitar, it’s an issue here too! (which is why I will never own a black guitar for myself. 😉 )  I also wasn’t wild with how the tuning pegs on the Gretsch were a bit wonky, not as well done as the Fender.

Each guitar comes with a stand.  Nice if you want to display them.

I loved the boxes they came in, made to look like guitar cases!  They do sell mini guitar cases for these as well if you really want to go that extra mile.  Straps too, although I found it just as easy to make ones out of ribbon.  It all depends on how accurate you want things to look and how much money you want to spend.

I think these are a great option for anyone who wants to have accurate guitar models for their dolls.   If you go to the Axe Heaven website, they have tons of different ones available.  I got both of these through Amazon though, I found the prices on some models to be better there.  I’ve also seen them on Ebay, but do your homework before you buy, pricing is all over the place, depending on the model and popularity.  Rock on!


The Guitar Lesson

Evil Twin was recently here to visit and Zoe and Raynia came along with her.  While the girls were here, they decided to take Allie up on an offer she made to teach them a few songs on the guitar.  Mimi joined them as well, and they all had a great time!

Allie has been playing the guitar for several years, she started when she was only 7!  She knows how to play all sorts of cool songs, and the girls decided they really wanted to learn a couple of Tom Petty songs.  Allie said that once you learn the basics of Tom Petty songs, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of all of them.  They started out with “You Wreck Me” and moved on to “Yer So Bad”.


When the girls had a little trouble with some of the fingerings on a few chords they weren’t used to, she was very good about helping them out.  Zoe was excited to finally get the hang of barre chords!  (If you are a guitar player, you know just how frustrating those can be sometimes. 😉 )

After they got the hang of those two songs, Allie decided it would be fun to teach them a Gin Blossoms song.  They learned how to play “Mrs. Rita” and she gave them some pointers on how to sing and play at the same time.

The last song she taught them was “Til I Hear It From You”.  Zoe, Raynia and Mimi all played the backing parts while Allie did all of the solos.  It sounded really good!

I think the girls all had a good time and look forward to the next time they get together so they can learn more songs!

(And in case you are wondering about Mimi and Allie’s guitars, stay tuned, a review on those is coming in a few days!)


Review of Glittering Star Watch, Blue Sea Dress, Criss Cross Sandals and Chambray Cadet Hat

Hey guys, what’s up?  I have a few days to catch my breath and get caught up on everything I’ve been neglecting, including the blog.  I’ve been wanting to review these items for a few weeks because everything is so cute!

Okay, the first thing I noticed is that the shoes aren’t in one of those cute shoe boxes.  😦

The shoes are still very nice though!  Fit is good too and I like the way they hook around the ankle, less likely to come off and become accidentally lost.

I think the watch is very well done too, although I wish they would make the faces on these just a bit smaller, they seem a bit on the large side.


The dress is very pretty, fit is terrific, and I was glad to see that the underskirt is actually hemmed.  I’ve seen a few items where they just relied on the non-ravel qualities of the fabric and didn’t hem, but I don’t trust that completely.


Allie was a great model for all of these items, except for one thing–the hat.  Since she doesn’t have a standard AG wig anymore, it tended to pop off a bit because her wig is so thick.

So, Mimi stepped in so we could get a better idea of how it looks!

I think all of the items I ordered are really cute and well made.  Issues are minor to non-existent.  I just wish they would do away with those plastic vanity tags, they are not only annoying, but now I see them creeping in on the BeForever items recently released, no!!!