New Stuff, YAY!!!!

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled on the American Girl website for some new releases and I was super excited today to see them, yesssss!   (Sorry, my inner Elle Woods kicked in there.)  Let me just say–their webmaster still needs fired.  Trying to find some of the items isn’t the easiest thing because they aren’t crossed referenced.  I don’t get it, I really don’t.  But, I did find some adorable items that are on my “must have” list already.

Oh my, this coat!!  This is just one of the cutest clothing pieces they have come out with in a long time.  There is a whole group of mix and match items that are a Paris theme and this is part of that, although I wouldn’t necessarily think of a leopard coat and Paris at the same time.  This is definitely going to jump into my shopping cart.


This accessory set is so sweet, even if you aren’t a cat fan!  Another must have item.

Also loving this waist bag!  (they call it a belted wallet)

A new pet care set–Hedgehogs!!!  (anyone else notice the resemblance in some of these pieces to a My Life As Set?)

There are some other really nice pieces this time around.  Perhaps our complaints are being heard.  A lot of mix and match pieces in clothing/shoes.  Some other awesome accessory sets.  Blaire has a new outfit and a new accessory set that is very cute!  Two new Truly Me dolls–but no new outfit this time…hmmm…  And nothing new at all in BeForever, hoping maybe we will see something later in the summer.

This…words cannot express how much I want this set.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it or where I will store it, but after watching the video, I am certain I will be getting this at some point…

Yes, it’s a bowling alley!!!  Complete with snacks, shoes, bowling balls, the works!  The balls are designed in such a way that a strap can be attached so you can have your doll hold it, but then you can also take that off to toss it down a bowling lane that actually works!!!!!!!  The interactive features on this set are so well done.  I’ll be anxious to read the reviews on it after a few people have actually tried it out.  Hopefully it’s not a disappointment because the idea is probably one of the cleverest they’ve come up with in ages.  I haven’t been this excited since they came out with the pop up camper–and if you’ve been reading since then, you know how that turned out! 😉

What items in the new releases are your favorites?


A Picnic In The Park

We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous weather in our area lately, probably one of the most normal spring’s temperature wise we’ve had in years.  Mimi and Fiona decided to take advantage of the good weather and have a picnic in the park.  After swinging by the local chicken place to pick up food, they were ready to go.  Well…almost.

“I’m really glad we decided to grab dinner and bring it out to the park.  It’s so pretty and the weather is perfect.  Hopefully the wind won’t try and blow our food away though.”

“I agree Mimi, it’s too nice to sit indoors on a day like today.  Besides, it’s supposed to rain all weekend, so we might as well take advantage of it while we can.”

“Uh oh Fiona, we have a problem…”

“we only have one fork!”

“I thought for sure we grabbed two!  Oh well, we can share.  I don’t think you have cooties, do you???”

Is there anything you always manage to forget when you decide to go on a picnic?  I’m usually pretty good at remembering things, but I have to admit, there have been a few times where I’ve found myself eating yogurt with a fork, which isn’t exactly easy!  I actually did think I’d packed two forks and I’m not sure if I lost it or it just never made it into the bag and is somewhere in the house here.  The girls at least made the best of it and it gave an interesting twist to a simple picnic story! 


Review of Addy’s Nightgown Set

I bought this a while ago with a rewards certificate I had, but I wanted to be sure to get this post up before the sale ended at the end of the month.  It’s an adorable set and I highly recommend it!

Addy’s clothing is some of the nicest in the entire American Girl line, and I hate the fact that they have been gradually discontinuing her pieces.  It’s not only extremely well made, but the styles are timeless, and the nightgown is no exception.

It includes three items–the nightgown, a pair of slippers and hairbows.  All of the pieces are well made and well thought out.

The detail on the nightgown is exquisite, beautifully embroidered and trimmed in lace.  I think it’s a pretty design as well.  The nightgown is made out of a cotton fabric.  It Velcro’s closed up the back (I forgot to take a pic of that, but I think you all know what it looks like) and the Velcro is not the whole way up, more like 3/4.  It was easy to put on a doll and the fit was very good.

The slippers are so cute!!  They are very well made, they even have some cushion to them in the bottom.  Unfortunately, that does make it a bit difficult to have a doll stand in them.  Not impossible, but a bit tricky.

The hairbows are different from what I’ve received before, instead of being attached to elastics, they are on hair combs.  If you’ve ever seen Addy’s hair up close, it is very thick, and I think it is an excellent idea to use combs.  They were a little tricky to get into the hair of a regular doll though, but I was able to do it.

Louisa offered to model since she hasn’t had the opportunity lately.

The length on the nightgown is great, very true to size to a human sized counterpart.  I just love this set and I’m so glad I finally decided to buy it.  It’s very well made and can be used for either a historical or current day wardrobe.  Don’t miss out on it if you’ve been thinking about it!