Belated Birthday

My BFF and I both have a September birthday, and our plan was to go out to lunch together somewhere in between to celebrate.  You know that saying “best laid plans”-a few days before we were to go she had a family emergency that has kept her busy ever since.  We did manage to get our birthday lunch in last weekend, better late than never!

She has a terrible time figuring out what to buy for me, so a few years ago we came up with a great idea-we make “gift” favorites boards at Etsy and share them with each other, giving us ideas or even specific items.  I love it because I know we are helping out a small business person as well.  I always try to pin a variety of things in a range of prices, so far it has worked out really well.  She got me a cute little bee charm for on a necklace or bracelet, and this:

Sweater 1

Love it!!! It reminds me a lot of the sweaters I’ve picked up on our various travels to Ireland-except I don’t have one in this color, might have to fix that… The detail is outstanding, the pattern is carried around to the back to just like a real Irish sweater.
Sweater 2

Worn with the t-shirt, jeans and moccasins, Cassandra looks ready for a nice fall walk.
Sweater 3

The sweater came from Ready To Wear For Dolls. She doesn’t have any sweaters like this available at the moment, but she has plenty of other cute things. Have I said how much I love Etsy?!?!?! 🙂