Ebay Finds!

I’m always perusing Ebay in search of something that I don’t have for my collection or a good deal.  One thing I love finding is a discontinued set or part of a set at a bargain price.  I was THRILLED to bits over the Apres Ski sweater and pants I picked up last year, awesome find.  Not long after that, I came across something else I’d had my eye on, and just the pieces I wanted:  the Sport Riding Outfit.  The set originally came with shirt, pants, boots and riding hat.  This was just the shirt and pants, and since I already had the other two pieces and storage is at a premium here, I was okay with that.

The price was more than reasonable and free shipping.  The only issue was, when they arrived, they were dirtier than what they appeared to be in the photos.  Ugh.  I hate washing doll clothes because you never know what might happen, but I figured what did I have to loose.  I tossed the shirt in with a load of medium colors I had, and then hung it to dry.  It came out fine.  The pants were a bigger problem though because the belt was attached.  Hmmmm…  Finally I decided to throw caution to the wind and put them in with a load of whites.  The belt unfortunately didn’t survive, but it wasn’t in all that great of shape to begin with, so I carefully cut it off in the back.  I did save the buckle from it, I may perhaps make a new belt with it, although I’ll be honest, I think they are an unnecessary part of this outfit as the shirt doesn’t tuck in easily to begin with!  Here’s Abby modeling it for us:


I think this outfit is very cute, but I could never understand why it didn’t come with a polo mallet?! How is she supposed to play polo while on her horse without it? I love the details on the pants for this set, I can’t imagine sewing these tiny belt loops.

Normally I would pair this with a pair of black boots I already have, but I wanted to show you these cool Wellington boots I picked up on Ebay as well!



I’ve been wanting a pair of “Wellies” for my girls for a while and I was very excited to find these. They go on and off very easily, they just slip on. They are very flexible and lined as well which helps. Wellington boots have been popular for ages in the United Kingdom, but have really taken off in the US over the past few years. I thought these worked well with this outfit, great for mucking out the stable! I love the white “label” area on the front, patterned after Hunter brand boots. Obviously they couldn’t use the name due to copyright reasons.
Love the bow trim on the side too, I think it gives them a nice feminine touch. These boots are made by Sophia’s and I’ve seen them in other patterns and colors too. I wish I could find a pair in authentic Wellie green.

That’s it for this edition of Ebay finds. I have several more things I’ve picked up that I can’t wait to share with you, one of them is a biggie. Till then!