The Soccer Game Disaster

Shivan plays in a soccer league in the Pittsburgh area, and while she was home in July, her team won a spot in the championship game. Unfortunately it was scheduled on a day when her parents couldn’t go because of work commitments, so they asked me if I would mind taking her. I was more than happy to! In addition to Shivan, Alya and Louisa tagged along to cheer on the team.

When we got there, Alya looked over and happened to see Felicity there. “What are you doing here?” asked Alya.
soccer game 1
“Oh, we’re here to cheer on my older sister Rainya, she plays on the Pittsburgh team” replied Felicity. “This is my other sister Trudy, she’s the oldest.”  “That’s cool, we’re here to cheer on my roommate Shivan, this is my friend Louisa” said Alya. “Nice to meet you!” replied Felicity and Trudy. “Nancy and Zoee are here somewhere too.”

In the meantime, Rainya and Shivan had to go get ready for the match. The girls have played soccer together for a couple of years now, and they thought it was funny that everyone knew each other!
soccer game 2

As the start of the game approached, everyone gathered in the bleachers.

soccer game 3

It was going to be an exciting game, the Pittsburgh Girls Soccer League VS The Erie Lake Club League. Both teams were really good and both had undefeated records! Shivan and Rainya were both very into the game.
soccer game 7

In fact, they were maybe a little TOO into it–towards the end of the game, they were both so intent on getting the ball they ran into each other!
soccer game 8

“OUCH! My leg!” yelled Shivan. “I think I hurt my arm!” replied Rainya.
soccer game 9

The good news: Pittsburgh managed to still get the goal to win the game. The bad news: both Rainya and Shivan had to go to the first aid center to be checked out.

As the game ended, the crowd was super excited!
soccer game 4

Perhaps a little too excited…Alya was jumping up and down because they won and caught her foot in the handle of Shivan’s soccer bag and did a header down the bleachers!
soccer game 5

“Ouch! My finger hurts!!!!”
soccer game 6

Alya headed off to the first aid tent while the rest of the girls headed to the clubhouse to celebrate the victory. They were also anxious to hear how Rainya and Shivan were. A little while later, the girls showed up:
soccer game 10

“Oh no!” exclaimed Felicity. “What did you guys do?” “My ankle is a bad sprain and Rainya has a sprained wrist” replied Shivan. “They decided to put casts on them to be safe until we can get x-rays and make sure nothing is broken, but they didn’t think it was anything more.” (After each of the girls were checked out thoroughly, it was decided that they are just sprains, Rainya has to wear her cast for two weeks and Shivan for a month. The doctor thought since they are both such active girls, it was the best way to keep them from making the injuries worse!)
soccer game 11
The rest of the girls huddled around them and then helped them to their seats in the other room and got them some snacks. No one even noticed Alya come in.
soccer game 12

“Guys, here I am! I just have a stoved finger! Guys…where did everybody go?!?!”