Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Erin Go Bragh!  Failte!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Mimi is all decked out in her Irish outfit just for the occasion!  When I saw this set available, I had to have it.  Mimi is the only one of my dolls to actually go to Ireland, so it’s only natural that she got to wear it.

I LOVE the clothes.  I wasn’t so sure about those yellow tights though, but once you put them on, they are no longer an in your face yellow and very tolerable.

The green cardigan is by far my favorite part of the whole set, but I really do love it all.  And you can never have too many hiking style boots. (At least my gang can’t.)

The t-shirt is awesome with all the different Irish related logos.  Somewhere I saw a comment that made me just shake my head.  It was along the lines of “the only people that would wear an Ireland t-shirt are tourists.”  UH–NO KIDDING!  That’s the idea of this set as well as all the other sets.  And actually, I have friends in Ireland who have been known to sport an Ireland t-shirt every so often too, so that thinking is wrong.  I really like the skirt too, this whole set has endless mix and match potential!

The accessories are cute too, but I wasn’t as wowed by them as I was by the outfit. The bag is nice, but a little bit cheap looking.  The postcards are cute.  The shortbread cookie tin is nice…but the cookies are huge!!!!

Shortbread cookies ARE NOT as big as your hand.  I’ve yet to ever see one this big.  Usually they are a nice small biscuit, the perfect size for dunking in your tea or coffee.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I may have to make some more realistic sized ones to put in this tin instead.

I’m loving this new travel theme, it’s all super cute!  Having been to Ireland numerous times, these were definitely must have sets.  The England sets, I’m not as sold on.  I showed them to a friend from Wales and her comment was that the accessories were good, but the dress was a swing and a miss, it’s more Scotland than Ireland.  The other sets are places I’ve not traveled too or are not as familiar with, so I’m not sure about the accuracy on those, but I think the idea of promoting travel and education about other countries is great and I hope that AG maybe adds some more to it.  Maybe some Latin America?  Portugal?  China?  Where would you like to see them go next?

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2021 everyone!!  Wishing great thoughts to everyone today and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m glad to see the backside of 2020.  However, we all know that 2021 means one thing for all of the American Girl fans…a new girl of the year!  Meet Kira Bailey!!!

(Note: All photos and screenshots are property of American Girl, please DO NOT reuse them from my blog without prior permission!!!!)

So, first things first, my ideas on Kira.  The doll is okay, I won’t be getting her because not only is she yet another Josefina mold doll, but I don’t need anymore dolls period!  However, for someone who is a newer collector or who doesn’t have too many Josefina dolls already (who…me??) she’s VERY cute and I love her meet outfit.  In fact, I think her whole collection is really cute.  As I looked through her collection, I came up with a list of items I’d like to get, it came to $244, I think I can manage that throughout the year.  I wonder if there will be any new additions to her collection as the year goes on too?

My favorite pieces?

Her Outdoor accessories for sure!

Her accessory set for sure.  I am in love with her backpack and the little keychain, omg!!!!

And her pj’s…too much cuteness!

Also on my list:

The camping set, the rescue set and of course the koala!

I’m anxious to read her books, I like the idea that it’s promoting environmental awareness and animal rescue.  I watched the big reveal on Facebook yesterday, it was fun, but the thing that made me squeal was the stop motion video they did introducing her, it was awesome!!!  Here are some screenshots I did from it:

I loved this shot done with two of the tent sets.

Baby “Bean” who from what I’m seeing is a large part of her story.

Kira and her Aunt Mamie.

Kira with Aunt Mamie and Alexis (who I’m assuming from the video is her new friend she makes.)

From what I’ve read, AG plans on doing a weekly video about Kira’s adventures, I’m really looking forward to these if they are anything like the original video.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out on their FB page, the video starts at about 12:00

Overall I think this is a good direction.  I am a bit disappointed in the doll being yet another blonde haired white girl.  And another repeated use of a facemold.  I just don’t understand that part of it when they still have several face molds they have never used.

What are your favorite things this in this collection???


All photos and screenshots are property of American Girl, please DO NOT reuse them without prior permission!!!!

Goooooooo TEAM!

2020 has been one really messed up year, hasn’t it?  So many things cancelled or postponed, it’s been sad for so many people who had their plans turned upside down.  One of those things was the 2020 Summer Olympics.  I can’t even imagine how awful it would have been to have done all the training in preparation, only to find out it was all going to have to wait a year.  Ugh.

However, AG decided to go ahead and release their Team USA sets–and wow are these ever cute!  The photography they did for these sets was phenomenal too, I’m sure a good portion of it was thanks to a good photo editing program, but I don’t care, the photos are still some of my favorites AG has ever done for any of their line. All of the photos for this post are from the AG website.  Not only do I not want to use my own for the reasons I’ve expressed before, but I just can’t top these.  So there is no point in even trying!! Props to whoever was involved with these photos, they are simply incredible and I wish I knew the name (or names) of the people involved in their creation.

When I saw these sets, I knew I had to have one in particular.  Then I wanted a second one…and then decided “oh what the heck!” and put a third in my cart.  I mean, how can you not when it gets you free shipping?  What did I get?

The one I knew I really wanted was the softball set.

It is the priciest of all the sets ($60), but it does not disappoint at all.  From the whole uniform to the little ball glove, it’s all awesome.  The set also includes a full set of bases, so you could use them to do a ball game set up!

The next set that I decided I wanted was the Medal Ceremony Set.  You may have noticed the flag from it in my 4th of July post with Mimi.  It is a really nice set, the flag is just amazing!!  The medals are made from metal too, they have a nice weight to them.

The set is small, only includes the flag, medals, jacket and a flyer about the American flag.

The “oh, why not” set for me was the Volleyball set.  Why this set?  Well, I liked the visor and the swimsuit.  But those sunglasses are just about the coolest thing ever!

This is probably one of the more versatile sets if you are someone who likes items you can use for a variety of purposes.  I was also happy to see that the volleyball in this set is a squishy foam one, unlike prior volleyball sets where a hard plastic ball was included.  It makes it much easier to use for posing a doll with the ball!

The other sets are cute but they were very similar to things I already have in my collection, so I settled on just these three.  If at some point down the road these go on sale, I might be tempted by the track and field set.  I will say that except for large items that might be difficult to store otherwise, I don’t generally keep the boxes for AG clothing, but this is one time I will be making an exception.  They are made just for these items and not the standard AG clothing boxes, so as a collector I can see the value in keeping the boxes for these sets.

I’m just going to end here with some more photos from this collection because I just love them so much!  There are others that have been on the AG FB page and in the catalogs too.   Well done!!  (And fingers crossed for 2021 Summer Olympics!)

For even more photos and links to the sets:


One of the awesome photos from the FB page post:

This doll is not available from AG but they have a link to someone who does these customizations.


And this photo is my favorite of them all!!!