Book Group Is Back–and other random stuff!

Just wanted to let everyone know that it’s time to start up the book group again–and on October 15th we will be talking about “Meet Rebecca”.  I’m hoping this gives everyone who wants to participate enough time to locate and read the book.  I’m looking forward to getting back to doing this, and now that summer has passed and we are in the homestretch on selling my father-in-laws house, I will have time to devote to this.  Yay!!  I’m planning on “Aloha Kanani” for November 15th, so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well.  We will take December off because I know that it’s just too busy for many people, myself included, and will start again in January.

This brings me to a couple of questions though–I’ve been tossing around a couple of ideas for the book group in the new year, but wanted to get some input.  Do you want to continue this as a monthly thing?  Or do it every other month?  And what about reading whole sets of books and then reviewing?  I’ve picked up several different sets over the summer (thank heavens for Ebay, AG sales and borrowing from friends/relatives!)  and I’m just wondering the best way to handle it.  Would love everyone’s input, please be sure to leave a comment if you have any ideas!

I haven’t started the doll stuff clean out/organization project yet, but as the weather gets cooler, I’ll be more likely to stay at home and work on it.  I did purchase two sets of shelves to help with this project, but regardless, there are things that I want to get rid of.  It’s not all going to happen at once either, some of these items I may use one last time for a shoot and then sell.  And NO, I’m not getting out of blogging or dolls.  I’ve just reached a point where I’m overrun with stuff and no space to put it as we live in a small house.  Plus as new items are released, I want to be able to buy some other items that I think I will get more use out of, so something has to give!  And before you ask–it’s doubtful as I will get rid of any of the dolls, they are a family and I’ve very carefully picked them out.  What I will be selling is clothing, furniture and accessories.  One thing I have definitely decided is that it will be a gradual thing, for several reasons.  It makes it easier to manage plus it also gives those who maybe want to buy more than one item the opportunity to do so without breaking the bank.  My thinking it to list 5 items, once a month, with an advance notice here on the blog so I’m sure my readers get the first info and hopefully first crack at items they would like to buy.  I intend to keep the pricing very reasonable, it’s not about making a ton of money, but more a case of freeing up space and funds to purchase new things as they come out.  I will be sure to keep my readers posted as this project moves forward!

I haven’t given up on the hotel project either, I’m hoping to get back to that very soon.  We’ve just been so busy with odds and ends, I haven’t had the kind of time to devote to it that I’d like to.  I have supplies purchased, it’s just a matter of sitting down and working on it.  I’ve got some great ideas and I’m really looking forward to sharing them.

Hope everyone is having a great September and all of those who are “back to school” are getting back into the routine!


Newberry Café Set

I’ve seen several different sets by Newberry on various blogs I follow, and I have to admit I was a bit envious.  Newberry doll items were only available in Canada.  But that changed recently, and Kmart has now started selling them in the US, YAY!  While in a nearby Kmart, I found this set:

And out of the box:

You do have to be very careful taking the menu board out as it’s holding the parts for the table in place, but it will come out so you can reuse it.

You get a nice apron, I just wish it didn’t say Newberry on it.  I’ll have to fix that!

Four coffee cups.  They are a little bit big, but not horrible.

A tall table which has to be assembled.  I’m tempted to find a dowel rod the same diameter and cut it down and paint it so I can use this as a normal height table as well.

A cake stand.  LOVE this piece as it’s the right size for most all of my gorgeous cakes I’ve picked up on Etsy!

Six cupcakes, a little bit big also, but not completely unbelievable.

French bread!

And these enormous donuts!  Not sure what they were thinking there, but the girls have decided to start a new trend.  Remember those giant chocolate chip cookies you used to buy at the mall all decorated for special occasions?  Well, we are selling birthday donuts!

The coffee machine and cash register both make sounds when you press the buttons.  Very cool, and I like the cups that came with the coffee machine.

The case is nice, but one thing I didn’t like is that they have a zillion holes punched in the shelves.  They used those to hook all the items in place for packaging.  I’m hoping I still have some of that fun cupcake design paper that I can cover them with.  If not, a solid color or basic pattern will work too.  Two shelves you can see from the front but there is also ample storage on the bottom for additional items such as boxes, bags, extra pastries.

Overall, I think this is an awesome set and will go great in my bakery set up.  A fantastic set for anyone who perhaps wanted Grace’s Bakery, but didn’t want to spend $500.  I paid $40 for this set, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you can frequently get it online now for less.  I give this set a B+, and only because of the weird sized accessories.

“Can I help you ma’am?  The cupcakes are delicious!”

Wait a second…who is that?  Stay tuned! 😉

New Releases: Melody has landed!!!

Yesterday was a red letter day in American Girl history with the official arrival of Melody Ellison. I think she is absolutely adorable! I’m still not sure if I’m going to get her, I’m waiting to see what GOTY 2017 brings, but there are several pieces of her collection that I’m seriously thinking about. I think her suitcase is very cute, I remember having one just like it, only in orange. Her Fancy Dress is definitely on my future purchases list. But one thing stands head and shoulders above the rest. I mentioned it before when the first pictures of her collection were released. I was afraid it was going to be part of a big set, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that it was available ALL BY ITSELF!! (Sorry Sharry if I squealed in your ear LOL!)

ag piano

I have to have this little piano!! I haven’t ordered it yet, I’m planning on picking it up at the new Ross Park Mall AG store when it opens in September. Worst case scenario is that it’s out of stock and I have to wait on it. No biggie, it will be worth the wait. I also like the table and chairs set, but only want it if it folds up. I need to see it in person first.

I’m not going to talk about Melody anymore now, simply because so many other people have. Instead, I want to talk about some of the other items.

Bitty Baby got a bunch of stuff this time, I’m assuming because of the discontinuation of the Bitty Twins. So much cute stuff, I’m sure BB people were happy. I especially liked the reindeer outfit, so adorable.

BeForever didn’t get all that much beyond Melody. A little bit here and there, but very sparse with the exception of Maryellen. Kit, Addy and Samantha got nothing new, and Julie and Rebecca just one thing each. Josefina got 2 outfits. Not a very impressive showing. I was disappointed to see that the only way to get the food for Maryellen was to buy the whole refrigerator. I don’t really need another refrigerator, so I guess I’ll do without and get creative. Oh well.

Truly Me had a decent amount of new stuff this time around, but quite a few of the items were re-hashes of previous items, just in different colors or configurations. The big item this time around is the kitchen, which is probably very attractive to kids, but I personally don’t care for it. Even though the overall idea is original, has anyone else noticed how many of the parts have been reused from other collections? The sink and oven doors are from Grace Thomas’ bakery, most of the accessories have been in other sets before. I’m hoping to come across the little toaster somewhere along the way, but I’m not buying it just for that. Everything just seems crammed in there. And again, only one chair. ???? I think the one that recently came out for Journey Girls is much better and way less expensive. I think it would have been a good idea to sell more small sets to go with it so customers could pick and choose which accessories they wanted with it.

Two new dolls, a redhead and a doll I’ll refer to as “not-Josefina”. The redhead is an enormous disappointment for me. I keep hoping we are going to see Marie-Grace’s face mold used again, and every time new dolls are issued, it’s a let down. Yet another doll with the classic face mold. Yawn. I do really like “not-Josefina” though, I think she is very pretty. I’m anxious to see her in person.

The holiday outfits are a mixed bag. I think the berry colored dress is gorgeous. I just don’t know how much use I would get out of it, I already have enough dressy stuff. Perhaps if I see it on clearance in January. The sparkly outfit I don’t like at all, it takes me back to the early 90’s when everyone had to have a gold top for the holiday. So not my thing.

Two things from this release in the Truly Me line did catch my eye, and they aren’t all that expensive either. I’ll simply add them to my list of stuff I want to pick up when the store here opens for the holiday:
waffle set


I was very happy to see them bring back the lasagna set, I missed out on it the first time around. It is a smaller set, but that’s okay, at $24, it’s a price-point that is much more affordable. The blender set is very cute too, but I like the ones I made better, I can change the color of what is being blended in them to fit what is being made, where the AG set is strictly something chocolate. Definitely want the waffle set too, mostly for the mini waffle iron, I’m already planning on using it to make additional waffles with it using Model Magic. I want to make some imperfect ones, you know the ones that come out missing part of a side because you didn’t pour enough batter in?? The cupcake set is nice too, but I already have too many similar pieces, so I’ll more than likely pass.

Even the Wellie Wishers got some new stuff! Books, some toys and two new outfits. I think both of the new outfits are cute, and I hope we see some more clothing for them that isn’t just themed. Most little girls play in regular clothes ya know! 😉 Perhaps a line of separates like they recently did for Truly Me would be a good idea.

Have you checked out the new goodies yet? What is on your wish list?