A bit of this, that…and the other!

Hello!  I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything since I had quite a few of the posts set to automatic.  Thank heavens for that feature.  Anyone recognize where the title of this post comes from?????  I thought it was a good name for it though since I’m going to cover a number of different things in one blog post.

First off–quick reminder, book group!!!  On the 15th I will start the discussion on “Meet Rebecca”.  I hope everyone has been able to locate the book and read it.  I’m looking forward to getting these discussions started again!.

Time for a Laney update!  She’s doing fantastic and I thank everyone for their prayers and good thoughts.  Her energy level is back to normal, and we think she was sick a lot longer than we realized.  She goes back soon for her follow up blood work and ultrasound to see if the medication did what it was supposed to do and dissolved the suspected gallstone.  We have our fingers crossed, we really don’t want to to put her through surgery if we don’t have to.

In other news–the AG pop up store in Pittsburgh has opened once again at Ross Park Mall and I was able to get there the Monday after it opened.  I did ask one of the clerks if it was crazy busy over the weekend, and she said it wasn’t, but she also said it didn’t get near the media coverage as it did last year.  The store is set up pretty much the same as it was last year with the modern stuff at the front of the store, the historical/BeForever in the back and the Bitty Baby in a small section on the one side towards the back.  It’s not a very big store, but I do think they did a better job of maximizing the space this time.

Lots of cute stuff to check out!  I was very disappointed in Nanea’s bed though, it’s advertised as being wood.  That isn’t true.  The back and sides are wood, but the piece that pulls out is completely plastic!  Not sure how well it would hold up over time.  They also had the hotel set up and I really wanted to get a photo of it, but there was the cutest little girl having a fantastic time playing with it, and I didn’t have the heart to stop her.  Although I think dad would have welcomed an intervention!!!  I did pick up a couple of things, I will be sharing those later this month.

In the same trip, I stopped by Costco.  They have some AG stuff, but I didn’t buy anything.  They do have mini doll/book sets for $29.99.  And these:

The Wellie Wisher gift sets are $74.99 and the AG Sleepover set or Salon & Spa sets are $39.99 each.  I thought this seemed a bit steep, especially since it’s Costco.  I didn’t pick up anything, partially because I thought they were overpriced, but also because it’s repeats of a lot of things I have already anyhow.  I’ll be curious to see if there are any doll gift sets like we’ve seen in previous years turn up over the next few weeks.

That’s it for now!  I do have a lot of things I’ll be sharing soon though.  The next few months are going to be a bit erratic, so I’m warning everyone in advance.  We have managed to sell my father-in-laws house (yay!) but I now have my own home to contend with and all the stuff we brought from the other house.  My dining room is downright scary at the moment!!! Plus I want to get back to my doll room cleanup/ cleanout project.  So if you don’t see a post when you’d normally expect to, everything is fine, I’m just up to my eyeballs in cleaning.  It’s going to be kind of tricky for a few months, but once it’s done, I’ll feel so much better.

Plus, like I needed another thing to distract me…

Yes, I bought a guitar and I started taking lessons.  It’s going well so far and I’m seeing progress!  Maybe the girls will let me join The Beacons?????



Another Year, Another Birthday

It’s September, and that means it’s Cassandra’s birthday again!  This time she told the girls she didn’t want a big party, she just wanted to hang out at home and have a small get together.  After some discussion, the girls agreed it would be nice to order Mexican food from our favorite place since that’s Cassandra’s favorite.  It arrived, and the girls settled in for a nice birthday lunch.

Everything looks yummy, doesn’t it?  The girls were eating and talking about school and how it was going so far.

“Where’s Rebecca?” asked Cassandra.  “Her food is getting cold. And there is nothing worse than cold Mexican food, yuck!”

“Here I am!  I was busy wrapping your present.”

She put the present on the table in front of Cassandra.

“Any ideas what it might be?” asked Shivan.  “We all chipped in to get it, we thought it was just perfect.”

“I have no idea!” replied Cassandra.  “But I’m anxious to see what it is.”

After the girls were done eating, they cleared off the table so Cassandra could open her present.  It seemed like she took forever opening it.  The suspense was killing everyone!



“Something from Tiffany’s?????”

“No, it was the only box it would fit in!” giggled Rebecca.She slowly lifted the lid on the box…

(Any ideas what it might be?????)

“OH MY GOSH!!! It’s a fart gun, just like Gru’s!!!!!!” (Yes, she was a bit excited, can you tell?!)

“This is just awesome!  Thanks so much guys, I LOVE it!”

“I don’t think any of us is safe now, ” Kit said to Shivan.  “I think you are right!”


“I’m off to conquer the world!!!”

Happy Birthday Cassandra!

Back to School Sweater Review–New American Girl Sweaters

I’ve fallen behind on reviews lately, too many things going on!  I’m hoping to do some catching up though.  I thought I’d start with these sweaters from American Girl.  It’s “Back To School” time and let’s face it, nothing says back to school like a new sweater.

I picked up the Mixed Knit sweater and the Classic Knit sweater.  Both of these came out over the summer as part of their mix and match clothing.  I ordered the Classic Knit sweater when I ordered the hamster set, and picked up the Mixed Knit sweater at a Toys R Us.

First thing I noticed was that the hangers are different now.  They are much thinner, but they are also a different shape so that you can hang a top and a bottom together.  Can’t decide if I like this better or not.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Fiona offered to model the Mixed Knit sweater.  It’s very pretty on and fits very well.

A close up so you can see the textured details.

And the back.  I’m not sure if I like the asymmetrical back hem on this one, but I’m not a fan of that style to begin with.

Overall though, a pretty sweater with a lot of possibilities.

Lanie is modeling the Classic Knit sweater.

I really liked the preppy vibe with this sweater, but I’m still not wild about the polka dots or the gemstones on the collar.


My camera turned this into more of a turquoise blue for some reason, it’s really more on the green shade than blue.  Just wanted to make everyone aware.

I’m not a fan of vanity tags on my clothing, and I don’t like it on my dolls either.  I may have to remove this.  Pass the scissors!

The back is just a normal finish, straight across.

I think this sweater is cute, but I wish they would have left it plain.  It almost looks more like a holiday sweater with the jewels and the metallic polka dots!

The fit on both sweaters is good though, and I’m still really liking the whole idea of mix and match clothing.  I just wish they’d come up with some better color combos!