Make your own Valentine’s Day set for Coconut :)

One Broke Girl is on hiatus for this week for 2 reasons: 1) I didn’t get the project for this week finished (my bad!) and 2) I have another thing that I really really really wanted to share, and it’s kind of “time sensitive”.

At the beginning of the year, American Girl released two new items with a Valentine’s Day theme, one was a baseball style t-shirt that is beyond cute. At $12 I thought it was a little overpriced, but it’s done in such a way that you could wear it on a doll year round. The other thing they came out with was the My Furry Valentine set for Coconut. I am in love with Coconut and when I saw some early photos, I really thought it would be a cute set to have. This is what it looks like (just in case you’ve been living under a rock.)  Totes adorbs, isn’t it?!

When the new items were officially released, I looked it up immediately. And then I saw the price: $18! Are you serious?!?! There is nothing to this! As cute as I thought it was, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on this, it just wasn’t worth it AT ALL. You know me though, the brain started working overtime with ideas on how I could make my own.  Every time I went somewhere that had Valentine’s stuff or to a craft store, I kept my eyes open for things I could use.  Eventually it all came together, and I’m happy to report that my version cost all of $3.33 to make, plus I have stuff left over to use for other projects.  YES!

First thing I found was this butterfly hair clip at Michael’s for $1.50. When I came across this, it really got the ball rolling on this project. I have also seen pre-made wings in the doll supply sections of craft stores, or you could use tulle netting. There are so many ways you could make wings, it’s up to you.
valentine 1

Then I picked up a package of foam sticky hearts at Dollar Tree, well worth the $1 since I got a ton of them and I can use those for other projects.
Valentine 2

You will need something for the magnet in your pet’s mouth to grab. I did some thinking and then remembered that I had a package of these in my craft supplies.  I tested it before I used it to make sure the magnet in Coconut’s mouth would grab it, worked like a charm.
Valentine 4

Last thing I needed were some red pipe cleaners, these cost me 83 cents, I think there are 24 in a pack. Be sure to get the ones that are 12 inches long, you will need them to be that long. I also thought it might be cute to use the metallic look ones for a different look, unfortunately they didn’t have any of those at my craft store.
Valentine 3

A red marker. I’m partial to Sharpie, but you could use a lot of different things. I think puffy paint would be fun too, but I’m not patient enough to wait for it to dry!
Valentine 5

Oh, and don’t forget these!
Valentine 6

Yup, no special tools required for this project! That’s what I love about this project, it’s so easy and doesn’t require a ton of know how or special gadgets. (If you had seen all the tools I drug out just to make my Christmas cards, you would understand why this is such a big deal for me 😉 )

One other thing you will need is a small rubber band or a hair elastic. I used one of the clear ones that comes in those bags you pick up at Sally Beauty Supply, most anyone with a thing for doing doll hair is going to have one of those floating around.

First:  the heart for Coconut to hold.  I took two of the largest size hearts in pink, removed the adhesive from both and stuck them together, sticky side to sticky side.  It was a little bit tricky to line it up, but it worked great.  Then I wrote what I wanted it to say using the Sharpie marker on one side, and then stuck the self adhesive pin to the reverse side.

Valentine 7 Valentine 8

You can see in these photos that I didn’t get the alignment perfect when I stuck these together.  I may trim the front side of this with a pair of scissors.  Or, I may just try making another set, since I have a whole bag of these!  I also noticed that one of them was a little squished, so I deliberately used that one for the back so I could save the nice ones for other things.  Think ahead!

Next–the wings.  First thing I did was trim the antennae off the butterfly since these are supposed to be cupid wings.  One nice thing about these being a hair clip is they already had an alligator style clip attached.  I simply found the middle point of a pipe cleaner and clipped it on. If there is no clip, there is plenty of extra pipe cleaner for this part if you need to wrap it around and give it a good twist.

Valentine 9 Valentine 10

What I thought was really interesting about this butterfly was how it was reinforced-feather!  There’s another idea of something you could make wings out of!

Last but not least, the headpiece.  First thing I did was fold the end of a pipe cleaner about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch so you have something to hook the hair tie to:

Valentine 11

At this point I held the pipe cleaner up to Coconut’s head so I could figure out where the antennae needed to start:

Valentine 12

Then I bent it upwards, it looked like this afterwards:

Valentine 13

Then I bent it again at about an inch or just a tiny bit more:

Valentine 14

I straightened it out and then using my fingers, gave the pipe cleaner a twist to anchor the antennae!

Valentine 15

I held it up to Coconut again to determine where the second one needed to go and basically did the same thing I did before:

Valentine 16 Valentine 17

At this point you need to get out 4 of the small hearts and attach them sticky side to sticky side on the antennae. These ones hold very well, this particular set has been on several days and hasn’t budged.   Then you will use the pony tail holder over the ends you bent upwards to keep it secure on your pets head.  Bend the ends further upwards to secure the pony tail holder.

Valentine 18 Valentine 19

Okay, are you ready for some serious cuteness????  Really????  REALLY????

Valentine 20

Valentine 21

I’ve always thought that Coconut was the cutest dog EVER, and this just makes her even cuter!  Plus, think about all the other possibilities with these instructions for different holidays using different colors, they make those foam stickers in just about every shape possible.  Have fun, and if you make some for yourself, be sure to share a link to the photos in the comments. ENJOY!!!!!!