Review of American Girl Birthday Party Set

This is one of those sets that I bounced back and forth on more times than I care to even think about.  Finally, when American Girl offered their 5x points after Christmas and I ordered Jamie, I decided why not make this order totally worth my while and get free shipping too!

It has some super cute stuff in it though, and after I received it and really looked it over, I was glad I decided to get it.  Lots of nice pieces with a ton of detail.

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without favor bags!  There are goodies to go in the bags too–games, stickers and bracelets.

Plates, forks and napkins.

I didn’t realize there was a design on the other side of the napkins until I was all done doing the photos and went to put stuff back in the box!

Pink lemonade!  I love the attention to detail on these, but I guess it must be frozen lemonade given the heart design on the top?  I like that these have the handles on them so your doll can hold them.  Has anyone else had difficulty using these though?

A nice tray for the cake.  It’s plastic though, not metal like in a few other sets.

It’s not a birthday without cake!  Complete with two pieces already cut.

A nice decoration for on top of the cake.  I just wish they hadn’t stuck a hole in the middle for it…kind of takes away from the finish if you don’t want to use it.  Oh well.

Cake fully assembled:

So…there was one piece that I really wanted from this set.  I even thought about just buying it by itself on Ebay, but for the prices they were going for, I was just as far ahead to buy the entire set.  I am sure if you know anything about me, you can probably figure out what it was…

Yep, just what I needed, another doll sized camera!  (I can hear you all laughing!)  But not just any camera, a Fuji Instax camera!!  The camera is absolutely adorable and I really like the additional photos.  I should see if someone has a template to make some more using your own pictures, wouldn’t that be cool?

The details on it are really great.  Here is a side view with the lens retracted.

Here you can see the lens after you pop it out.  It’s easy, you just push the button on the bottom side of the lens.

I put Wendy to work for me (my renamed Joss doll has a name!) She’s showing how easy it is to hold.

Say “cheese”!!!

The picture pops up on the top when you hit the shutter button.  It reminds me a lot of the World’s Smallest Polaroid if any of you have seen that.  Really a cute, well thought out item.

Overall, I think this is a terrific set, even with the minor shortcomings (like the hole in the cake).  You get a lot of pieces for $35 and if you get a sale, then it’s an even better deal.  I give it an A.  (The camera makes up for the hole in the cake LOL)

Birthday Surprise (part 1)

When Alya came back from Italy in August, she said she had an important question to ask me.  She explained that her cousin Cassandra had never had a big birthday party, that hers were always just her immediate family, no friends or anyone else.  She wondered if it would be possible to throw a party for her here at the house…after a bit of thought, I said sure!  I told her that she would have to do the organization and I would help her out.  She did a very good job of getting the other girls to help her out too, and up until the big day, they managed to keep it a surprise.

Cassandra’s birthday is September 30th, but that fell right in the middle of the week this year, so we decided it would be easier to have it on the weekend before.  It worked out great, Cassandra tried out for cheerleading this year and made the squad and they were supposed to have a meeting on Saturday.  Then we hit a snag.  What would a great plan be without a hitch though?!?!?! The meeting was cancelled and Alya started to panic.  “How are we going to do this?!?!”  Finally one of the girls came up with an idea, tell Cassandra that there was going to be a surprise for her birthday anyhow and make her stay in her room until a designated time.  That would give them enough time to get things set up.  And no way in the world would she figure out just how big of a surprise it was going to be.

At 4:00 PM Cassandra was allowed to come out and see:

cass party 1 “Wow guys! Everything looks awesome!”

cass party 2  cass party 3  cass party 4

As the girls finished getting chairs set up, Cassandra was told to go look at the sign on the door:
cass party 5cass party
Cassandra was giggling at the sign when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. “Who could that be, maybe UPS?”
When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Louisa with gifts in hand.
cass party 6
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASS!” yelled Louisa. “My gosh, I didn’t think anyone else was coming to the party, I thought it was just the girls that lived here. So glad that you are here!” replied Cass.

She barely had the door shut when the doorbell rang again.
cass party 7
Standing there looking at her were Zara and Abby. “Happy Birthday Cassandra!”

At this point Cassandra didn’t know quite what to think, and then the doorbell rang again!
cass party 8
“Oh my gosh, JAN!!!!” “Happy birthday friend!” replied Jan. “I bet you weren’t expecting to see me!”

cass party 9

She directed everyone to where the tables were when the doorbell rang again. “Who in the world could that be, all of my friends from school are here.” When she opened the door, she almost fainted.
cass party 10
You can imagine just how surprised she was when she saw the whole gang from Pittsburgh here! “Happy Birthday Cassandra–Surprise!!!!” they all shouted. “Oh my word,” responded Cassandra, “it’s so good to see all of you. Come in!”

Once Cassandra got over her shock, everyone got seated and ready for the festivities.  The girls had a great time chatting too!

cass party 11 cass party 12 cass party 14 cass party 15

Look at all of those presents!!!

cass party 13

Once everyone was settled, Alya thanked everyone for coming and that the first thing they would be doing would be playing a game!  Anyone have any ideas as to what that was??  Stop by Tuesday to see the game. 🙂