American Girl “Doll Dining” Activity Book Review

I’ve never purchased any of the American Girl activity books. I’ve looked at a couple of them when I’ve been at Michael’s, but never took the plunge. Back in March I was ordering some of the sale items from American Girl and I decided to buy this since at that time it was only $5. It is regularly $21.99, I have a hunch they were trying to clear out some excess inventory in anticipation of the Truly Yours launch coming in May as they will more than likely change the covers on these. At $21.99 I think it’s probably a little overpriced, but at $5–that’s a steal!

Here’s what it looks like when you get it:
doll dining 1  doll dining 2

First off: The book!  This book is full of all sorts of great ideas, some using the included materials and others using basic craft items and other things.  I love this little book, it has so many great ideas in it for aspiring doll restaunteurs.

doll dining 3

First thing you see in the supplies is a sheet that shows you all of the included items, some paper plates and an adorable order pad!

doll dining 4

Lots of paper supplies: open/closed signs, placemats, napkin rings–everything you need to get started.  It also is nice to have this as a sizing guideline if you wanted to make your own out of scrapbooking paper.

doll dining 5  doll dining 6doll dining 7

I LOVE these–boxes!!!  Also some gift cards, debit cards, etc.  I intend on copying these on to cardstock to make more before I start cutting these up so I can have lots and lots of boxes!

doll dining 8

Menu’s and signs to decorate with.

doll dining 9 doll dining 10

A “Name Your Restaurant” game (FUN!) and a template to make aprons from! 🙂

doll dining 11 doll dining 12

More signs, money and coupons as well as folders to put the “bill” in.

doll dining 13 doll dining 14

Stickers you can use to make food with (instructions in book) and some others for decorating.

doll dining 15

A nice large sheet of tissue paper to make a chef’s hat.  Instructions also in book and the band for the hat is included in the paper supplies pictured above.

doll dining 16

After going through all of that, you get to the bottom of the package–check it out!  An easel, some bags and a second order pad! 🙂

doll dining 17

The board for the easel is dry erase on one side and chalkboard on the other, very clever!

doll dining 18 doll dining 19

Love the little bags and the order pads, aren’t they cute?!  I may scan the order pad into my computer so I can make loose sheets from it and not have to tear these apart.  Just adorable!!!

doll dining 20 doll dining 21

I am so glad I decided to take a chance on this set.  I don’t know that I would have if I hadn’t been working on the Broke Girl Bakery.  Well worth the $5 I paid and I think a lot of play value, even at the regular price of $21.99.  I don’t remember if they had this at Michael’s, but if they did, you could get it cheaper with one of their 40% or 50% off coupons.  I definitely will be trying some of the other activity books, I hope they are as nice as this one. Have you purchased any of the American Girl activity books? If so, which ones, and what did you think?