I don’t really need anymore dolls, but…

I regularly go into the Target website to see what is new in the Our Generation line.  I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of Our Generation dolls for various reasons, the main one for a while being their “deer in the headlights” look in their eyes.  I am happy to see they have changed them a bit and they are much more attractive.  Their wigs are not the greatest either, but you could always shave them bald and attach a better quality wig that has a wig cap.  However…this doll really caught my eye for all sorts of reasons!!

Here’s Kacy!

I love this idea of a doll with a removable prosthetic leg!  And she’s so pretty!


She has a cute outfit too.  If you go to the Target website, there is a video that shows how her leg is finished without the prosthetic.

Has anyone seen this doll in person?  I just wonder if she is as pretty in person as she is on the website.  She’s not in stock at any stores near me just yet, I have a feeling she hasn’t been available for very long.

This also makes me wonder if they might do dolls with other prosthetic limbs.  I love the idea and I find it interesting that they’ve managed to do this way before American Girl, even though AG has had someone doing customizations of dolls this way.  Wouldn’t be fun if they made additional accessories too for this doll–a running set with a running blade would be really cool!

If you would like to check her out on the Target website and see the video, here’s the link:


She is also available in an African American version, as Suzee:



Jam Session!

Before Kira actually started classes with the gang in their pod, Mimi thought it might be nice for her to meet another member of the group.  She invited Wendy and Kira over to hang out one Saturday.

The first thing Kira noticed in Mimi’s bedroom were her Minion wall decorations!  (yes, these are new and I’m not sure how well they are going to work as they tend to reflect light a bit too much…hmmm…)  “I love Minions! Those are so cool!”  “Thanks, I do too.  You’ll love our friend Cassandra, she has a HUGE collection of Minions!”

“Guys, I have something really cool to show you, I just got it this week!”

Mimi pulled a big black backpack out of the corner of her room.  “Oooo, I can’t wait to see it!” said Wendy.

Mimi laid the bag on the floor and unzipped it.  “OH wow!!! A small xylophone bell set and a drum pad!!  That’s so cool, I used to play the xylophone at my old school” said Kira excitedly.

“Would you like to try it out Kira, I haven’t really messed with it much yet” replied Mimi.  “SURE!!!”

Kira definitely knew how to play, she was really good.

Then Mimi suggested a jam session.  They made a makeshift stand out of her flute case for the drum pad so that Wendy could join too. Mimi grabbed her guitar.

The girls had a really great time playing together!

“I’m so glad you invited me over, this is so much fun!”

I think Kira is going to fit right in with the gang, don’t you?


I picked up the percussion kit from AG a few months ago, I used some of my rewards cash from the purchase of the surf van towards it.  I knew I wanted this as soon as I saw it, it’s really a cute set!

I love the handles on the drumsticks and mallets.  I’ve had some other items with straps on that didn’t work out so well, but these ones are perfect.  You can get them realistically positioned.  Now I finally have decent drumsticks for Jenny when The Beacons get back to playing too!

The bag is well thought out, even pockets to hold both sets of sticks!  Everything fits in it easily too.

And it can be worn as a backpack.

Mimi currently has this now sitting in the corner of her bedroom with her guitars.  That corner is getting a bit crowded now!  The xylophone/bells are actually playable although I haven’t quite perfected hitting them to get the best tone.  Practice, practice, practice!  The only thing I didn’t like about this set is that you are expected to use the same stand to hold the drum pad.  Thus the reason Wendy had to use an upturned flute case instead.  I’m going to have to come up with something else because unfortunately, they made the stand out of plastic and I don’t know how well it would withstand frequent assembly/disassembly over time.  This is my only criticism of this set, otherwise, I think it’s awesome!

The Beacons might have a little competition at this rate…

Making Do With What You Have

I don’t know about you, but I love Kira’s accessories.  So many cute sets and I picked up several not too long ago.  However, when I buy doll stuff, I try (but don’t always succeed) to buy items that I can get multiple uses out of.  An item that I can only use for one or two doll shoots to me is not worth the effort it takes to try and store it, let alone the expense.  Two things in Kira’s collection fall into this category, although I still may break down and buy the one if the price is right on it as it’s not a huge item.  The other, no, as cute as it is, I don’t want the hassle of storing it:

I think Kira’s tent is very cute, but I really don’t need another large piece to have to store, I’m having enough trouble with the Surf Van and the piano!  Plus, for what I do, the use of it would be somewhat limited.  Then it dawned on me…

Why not do my own version with what I have???

After I thought about it a bit, I realized that I had a number of things that would work for this project, so I got to work.  A trip to Dollar Tree prior to me even thinking of this yielded a few fun things that I cannot only use for this project, but several other ideas I have as well.  For me, that is always a plus.

So here goes.  Warning in advance, this post is going to be long and photo heavy, but you’ll understand why I’m sure.

A while back I had an idea to make a club house, but it never really got off the ground.  No real reason other than too many distractions!  I took a piece of MDF cut 24 inches x 24 inches, painted the edges brown, glued some blocks to the bottom to raise it up off the ground and then used 12 x 12 inch self stick vinyl tiles to add a floor to it.  This piece has actually come in handy and can be used for a multitude of purposes, ranging from a stage to a room extension, etc.  It weighs a ton though and my husband and I have both accidentally kicked it more times than I care to think about, oops.  It is now up on a shelf out of the way when it’s not in use!


(excuse the backdrop of my dining room wall, it’s not very Australian, but it’s February in Pennsylvania, I’ll be darned if I am dragging this outside)

Then I grabbed my Our Generation Beach House.  Not only was the space about right on it, but my “tent” was going to have some modern conveniences!  I set it on the platform and we were set to go.  (Yes, I did do some measuring before I started this to make sure it was going to work.)

I set the little table outside, never know where you might be able to use that!

And added my Journey Girls folding beach chair! (I still regret not buying that second set…)

To make this work, I decided that the bed would need to be opened on this.  Anyone else who has this set knows what a nightmare this thing is to get back into place when you do this, so it wasn’t going to be an option to switch back and forth,  it was either opened or closed with something else for a bed.  Then I realized that my old American Girl sleeping bag was the perfect width for bedding!  Opened it is!

Now it was time for some crafting!  I had an assortment of parts that I had picked up at Dollar Tree, I spent $11.  At the time I bought these items, I had absolutely no idea what I would use them for!

I also had a package of these wooden pieces I’d bought for another idea I had.  And Sticky Tack.  Great stuff for projects that you want to hold together, but not permanently!

In my bundle of goodies from the Dollar Tree haul, I had these nifty wooden pieces, they called them pallets.

And 4 wooden crates!

As well as 4 things also called pallets, these really did look like mini pallets.

I took three of the crates and stacked them, making a storage area for toiletries, towels, etc.

I then took the pallets and attached two of them together, made two sets of these.  They made great railings for the “tent”!  They were also remarkably sturdy and stayed together really well with just the Sticky Tack.

I wish I could say the same about the steps…I got some pics, and a few days later, they collapsed.  The insurance underwriter would not have been pleased with this shoddy workmanship.  And I decided we didn’t really need steps, these are young dolls who can jump and climb.

I took the two “not” pallets and set them on top of the remaining crate to make a table, perfect!

I really wanted to reproduce the wall decor in the tent just to make it feel a bit more like we were in Australia.  I did some digging around online and found this nice picture of “Wild Flowers of Australia”.  It isn’t identical, but it is very similar to the one in the AG tent.  I then played around with it and resized it in my printing program and printed it out on white paper.  (Please feel free to “borrow” this, but you will need to resize it for your particular program.  Please don’t ask me how because all programs are different.  I used Paint Shop Pro.)

When I printed it, I left a bunch of the white paper at the top because I knew that I wanted to attach this to something in particular.  I then cut it at an angle to make it easier to assemble without having to worry about lining things up.  I cut a kebob skewer the length I needed, just slightly longer than the width of my paper.

Then I used Super Sticky Tape on the backside of the angular part of the paper.  Set the skewer on the paper and folded the paper over so it all stuck together and held the skewer firmly in place.


I used some thin ribbon, tied it to the ends of the skewer.  Voila!

It worked great, I hung it from the existing hook in the “tent”.

Another item I wanted to recreate was the photos hanging, this was super simple.  I used a piece of ribbon, tied a loop knot in one end and then used some of the mini clothespins I already had.  The postcards/photos from Kira’s accessory set were perfect for this!

Looped it over the end of one of the oars, and we were in business!

The next thing I wanted to do was make my own version of the camping accessories set.  (Thus, my lamenting not having bought a second Journey Girls beach set…)  I already had a number of the items or something similar.  However, the fairy bread was presenting a problem…for a few minutes anyhow.  If you’ve read the reviews, there is one that says the fairy bread design is simply a sticker.  Hmmm…to the laptop!  I did some searches for some good photos of fairy bread and this is what I ended up with.  (again, feel free to borrow, just NO SIZING QUESTIONS!)

I resized it so it was the right size proportions to fit the existing doll toast I had and printed it out twice.

Using the garlic toast I had already from the lasagna set, I traced the shape onto my printouts.  Cut it out, adjusting a bit to fit.

Here is the final result!

The lemonade and the “wicker” plates are from two Our Generation sets I had, the plant (which is just out of view) is one that is usually in Mimi’s room, a gift from Xyra.  The fruit bowls are AG from another set (I can’t remember which one though!).  The fairy bread stickers are simply held on with Sticky Tack.

I added a small square mirror to the top of the stacked crates and then dug around in my stash of stuff to find some toiletries and towels.

Some more digging…little Bean was all set!!

I used the bolster from the sofa up against the wall, it can be laid down as a pillow.  This piece is one of the most poorly thought out things in the beach house set, I’m glad I at least have something to use it for!  And I added the throw pillows.

Added Kira’s hat and backpack.  Lea’s camera on the counter and a little lantern I found several months ago while out shopping.  I think we are all set!

I did buy some netting that I was going to use for this, but then decided it was more hassle than it was worth.  I’ll hang on to it, maybe I’ll come up with some fabulous idea for it, fortunately it was really cheap.

Overall, I think this turned out really well and it was fun to do!  The only things I purchased just for this project were the stuffed koala’s (which I mentioned before in my “Meet Kira” post).  Everything else was stuff I had on hand already and just repurposed for this project, or the few items I had to craft.  Have you made any of your own Kira items?   I still may buy the camping accessory set, I think it would be perfect to have the two folding chairs and the short table to go with the surf van and you can never have too much doll food, can you?? (That’s a rhetorical question…I think.)