Review of…

Oh, sorry, did I leave you hanging????  This is one last review from items I purchased when I visited the American Girl store in Orlando.

The first item isn’t all that exciting, but still cute.  I’ve had my eye on these for a while and it was nice to see them in person before buying them.

You can never have too many earrings, can you????

The other item was something I really wanted.  I would have been very disappointed if it had been sold out too, it was the item that was at the top of my list.  Any ideas???


Well, if you guessed Blaire’s piglet, you were right!

Oh my gosh, let me say that I wasn’t a bit disappointed in this little pig!  In fact, I think it’s one of the cutest animal accessories that AG has ever done.

Some side views:

His eyes are stitched instead of a button type eye.  I’m not generally wild about this, but for some reason it works on this little guy (or gal…).

And the little tail is so cute!

I just love this little pig.  Now we need to come up with a name!  Wilbur?  Babe?  Nah, it needs to be something original.

At $20, it’s a little on the pricey side considering it’s not jointed/posable.  But I am glad to see AG making something different for a change.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if they released a little goat to go with the farm theme at some point?


Winter Wonderland…Brrrrr!!!!

How has the weather been where you are at?  It’s definitely been very wintry here in Western Pennsylvania.  Over the Martin Luther King weekend, we got a foot of snow!!  Then we had rain on top of that and bitter cold temperatures.  Too cold to really go out and do anything in it.  And some of it melted with the rain.  Luckily, the one day it was not too bad out there was still some snow, so Lanie and I decided to go play in it!

I wanted to try out my donut snow tube!

Lanie was getting really upset, her one glove wouldn’t stay on, somehow it got all stretched out of shape.  We decided maybe it was best if we went indoors, we didn’t want her to get frostbite.

But not before we made snow angels!!!

Once we were indoors, mom made us some hot chocolate to take to my room while we warmed up.  We enjoyed that along with some goodies I brought back from Disneyworld!

Ginger seemed to think that we should be sharing with her.  I had to remind her that chocolate isn’t good for dogs!  She doesn’t look convinced, does she???


I’m going to do a quick review of this set.  It’s called the Snow Tubing Play Set by My Life As.  Retail on it when I bought it was $7.92, but I’ve noticed it selling on the Walmart website recently at a reduced price of $6.99.

Of course you get a blow up innertube.  I thought this was super cute.  However, I didn’t care much for how it was “attached” to the cardboard when I went to get it out with some sort of glue type adhesive.  I spent 5-10 minutes just working on getting that off of it, ugh.  Totally unnecessary if you ask me, where in the world did they think it was going to go?

Then there’s a cute little thermos and two mugs of hot chocolate.  The thermos doesn’t open though.  😦

Then a few other accessories–a map, goggles and sunscreen.  Don’t forget that!

Overall I think this is a very cute set and a good value for the price.  I know Mimi and Lanie had fun with it!

Review of Our Generation Horse Grooming Kit

Some new sets came out for the Christmas season in the Our Generation line.  They have been doing a lot more involving pets, so I was excited to see several sets that had to do with horses!  After looking through them, I decided this one needed to come home with me.

The main reason I went with this particular set over the others is it contained a couple of things that I thought were unique and I didn’t already have.

I thought the grooming brush was very cute, and well done, complete with actual bristles!  The grooming glove was cute too, although I think I have one of these from another set.


If you have a horse, you have to have a sweat scraper!  This was really cute, and I’ve only come across this in one or two other sets.  In real life these are used to remove sweat or excess water from a horses coat so they don’t overheat.

Also included were two bottles, one spray and one just a storage bottle.  If you are around horses, you see plenty of bottles that hold everything from shampoo to fly spray.

And then a cool little storage bag!  I thought this was really well done, right down to the pockets around the outside.  It reminds me a lot of a Thirty One bag!

Overall I thought this was a cute set and a must for anyone who wants to set up a realistic looking doll stable without purchasing one of the larger sets.  This set, combined with some of my other pet sets can be used for any number of grooming needs for the horses or the dogs.  There are several other sets available with a horse theme, it’s just a matter of finding them!  (Again, I wish Our Generation supply lines weren’t so erratic. 😦  )