Etsy Find: Rainbow Lily Designs

I have another awesome Etsy shop to tell you about–Rainbow Lily Designs!  I actually purchased something from them a while ago, but just a few weeks ago I picked up something else, and I loved it so much, I decided I needed to tell you about this shop.  She makes a variety of different doll clothing items, but her denim jackets are just awesome!

Here we have Zara and Sophia modeling the two that I have for the gang.  As you can see, the fit is perfect on both of these.  I love all of the little details.  I will note that the button holes do not work, but that is the way that the pattern these are made from is.  (I have the pattern)

Here is a close up of the blue denim jacket:

I love all of the top stitching on this, it is absolutely perfect!  I miss my old Levi’s denim jacket from 20 years ago when I look at this.  I can’t imagine doing all of that and managing to keep it so well lined up.

The top stitching on the back is just as perfect!

Here you can see that all of the inside seams are overcast, making this piece very durable for play.

And a close up of the pink denim jacket:

I fell in love with this jacket the minute I saw it and ordered it immediately. I wouldn’t mind having one just like it in human size!

A picture of the back:

And a shot of the lace yoke. I love the lace accents on this jacket, it gives it a very chic fashionable look.

Be sure to check out Aimee’s shop, she has so many cute pieces. Evil Twin has picked up a piece or two from her, including a denim vest made much like the denim jackets. Love her work and I’m sure I’ll be back for more!

Rainbow Lily Designs

Doll Sized Finds–On The Road!

We took a little roadtrip this past week (more on that later) and while we were traveling, we stopped at a couple of places that yielded some great doll stuff!  Good thing because I haven’t had much time close to home, and the one day I did decide to go looking, I came home empty handed.  What was with that?!?!

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch one day and I checked out their display of mini goods from World’s Smallest.  This little Fisher Price bus just had to come home with me, I have a story in mind just for it!

I hadn’t been to Target for a while either, so I popped in to check out Our Generation items.  I was barely in the door when I spotted these in the Dollar section–you know, that dangerous spot at the front of the store!

I have some other donut shaped erasers that I can use with these, but this is the first time I’ve ever come across hot dog and hamburger shaped erasers!  They are about the same size as the ones that come with the OG sets.

I also came across these cute Tsum Tsum erasers:

I thought these would be cute for a Disney themed doll room, or as an accessory for a Disney fanatic.

A stop at a Goodwill yielded this cool mini candlestick:

It needs some polishing and I’m going to make a faux candle for in it, so size is not an issue. I couldn’t pass it up for only $1!

Last, but not least, my $2 bargain:

I spotted these shelves the minute I walked in the store, and for $2, there was no doubt they were coming home with me. I think they were probably for spices or something, they have hangers on the back so they can be put on a wall. It just needs a very minor repair, some cleaning up, and I’m going to make a backing for it so things don’t fall the whole way through. Love it! Thinking these might go where the boat shelves currently sit, I’ll use those for something else.

Have you found any cool doll sized finds lately?

Behind the scenes of “She’s With The Band”

I’ve had so many great comments on my post about the band and their stage, I decided I would show everyone some of the stuff in detail. It’s all very basic stuff, but I loved how it all came together.

The Stage Background:

The background was really pretty simple. It’s a display board picked up at the dollar store. I cut it down some so that it was only 24 inches high. I then added some scrapbook paper to it so it looked like a brick wall and a wood wainscoting. I loved how it looked when I was done, although I wish I had used something different to stick it to the display board as it was a real headache just using double faced scrapbooking type tape. Live and learn…

I also picked up two of these cool clip on lights at the dollar store too, although they didn’t come into play in this part of the story.

I have to say that the minute I saw Tenney’s stage set, this idea sprang to mind.  It was just a matter of getting the right scrapbook paper and I knew that the blue wood paper was at Hobby Lobby as I’d seen it there when I went to get paper for another project.  It was just a matter of getting there!  The brick paper came from Pat Catans (a regional hobby store) and the clip on lights from Dollar Tree.

The actual stage was made from a 24 inch square sheet of MDF. I painted the edges brown, then attached peel and stick floor tiles to it. I gave it a floating look by gluing 4 wooden cubes to it.  The funny part is that when I made this nearly 2 years ago, I hadn’t intended it to be a stage, but this worked out even better than my original idea.

FYI–if you buy a sheet of wood or MDF at Home Depot, they will cut it down for you to your measurements!  I think you are limited to a certain number of cuts, but they don’t charge extra for it.  Good for anyone who doesn’t have a table saw or a good place to cut a large sheet of wood.  This particular sheet was originally 24 inches x 48 inches.  I have about $25 invested in this whole project at this point, not $225!  Plus it all comes apart and I can use the stage for other things.

Now for the drum set!  Originally I was going to make all of it from scratch and had saved a bunch of different sized round containers.  But then I came across something online and it turned out I only had to make the bass drum.  Here it is finished:

I used a large peanut container for this drum, I did cut it down a little bit.  I then covered the outside with a metallic type scrapbook paper and the lid I edged with a metallic tape.

I then took two wooden skewers and covered them with the same metallic tape, poked holes in the drum and inserted them so it doesn’t roll away!  I didn’t glue them in place, that way I can adjust them according to what kind of surface they may be sitting on.

Now I just need to make a name banner for the front of the drum!

The rest of the drum set was an awesome find!  I’d seen these little drum sets on other blogs and on Amazon.  You can only imagine how excited I was to find it on a website I hadn’t been on a while for a whopping $7.50!!!  Yes, you read that right!  You can find it here:

I was going to make a stool for Jenny to sit on to go with the drum set but I never got around to it, and it’s probably just as well as there really wasn’t room on the stage for it anyhow!

I have since picked up some other things for use with the stage, so be sure to check back for what The Beacons are up to next!