“A Pretty Girl…Is Like A Melody”

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the preview or at least photos of the preview of Melody that was shown on CBS This Morning earlier this week.  I actually remembered it was on and watched it.  It was interesting to see a behind the scenes kind of angle: storyboards, fabrics, photo shoots.  I was less than impressed with the woman who they interviewed for it though.  When presented with a question about the lack of diversity in the line, she kind of tip-toed around it.  I’m sure she was probably grilled on how to respond beforehand, but it still came across as rather dismissive.  If you haven’t seen the piece yet, you can view it here.

Let me just say that I am THRILLED to bits that American Girl did the introduction of a new character this way.  I am sick to death of leaks whenever a new doll is coming out.  Take that all of you people who have nothing better to do than to search the internet for photos that you have no right to post in the first place!  Plus the fact that they showed not just her, but her collection in advance really put a wrench in everyone’s fun.  BWAHHAHHAA!  I love it.  I see nothing wrong with everyone seeing the new items at the same time.  All of this posting of leaked photos and speculation is not only a bit unethical, but also teaches nothing to the younger set.  Patience is a virtue that everyone seems to have forgotten about in our “instant gratification” society.  And American Girl beat everyone to the punch by doing it this way.  Good for them.

So, now you want to know what I think of Melody, don’t you?  I think she is cute, but I was disappointed that they didn’t do a new face mold.  I thought perhaps with it being the 30th anniversary year they might actually decide to make a new mold for her.  I know of several comments where people were also disappointed that the doll doesn’t have dimples like on the book cover.  I guess I was expecting more for a doll that comes with such high expectations in so many ways.  I do love that they picked the hairstyle from the book cover. And that outfit is just too cute (as are some of the others they showed).

Am I getting her?  I don’t honestly know at this point.  I kind of painted myself into a bit of a corner with Shivan who is also made from the Sonali face mold.  So far, most of my dolls that are made from like face molds are related to each other.  I don’t want to change Shivan’s story, but I also don’t want to change Melody’s either.  That leads me to another problem too.  While my other historicals have jumped time by being a descendant of the original character they started out as, I don’t want to do that to Melody.  Her story is far too important, I don’t want to change it.  At this point, even if I were to get her, I’m not sure I would incorporate her into stories with the other girls.  If anything, I’d get her and another doll (or two) and make them all girls of the 60’s.  That just isn’t going to work though as I’ve already got a space issue.  Ugh.  At this point, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  Thinking time.

Melody collection
I want this…ALL of this! (photo from CBSNews.com)

On to her accessories–oh dear!  So many cute things!  A recording studio, a bedroom set, her dog!  However, the one thing that caught my eye was the electric piano…uh oh.  I’m hoping it’s not sold as part of the recording studio and can bought by itself because I want it!  I remember my middle school music teacher playing one like that.  And kids, it’s not called an electric keyboard–it has no ability to play any tone besides piano.  The mechanics in it are very similar to a conventional piano, just electrified.  But it has such a unique sound, if you’ve played one or been accompanied on one, you will never forget it.  I was surprised to find out that some of these are now highly collectible and refurbished ones sell in the thousands of dollars.  Ah, memories…

The card table and chairs is terrific, and that little bingo game–oh dear!  I guess I’d better start saving my money for the release.  I don’t know that it is as common now as it used to be, but just about every family in my parents age group had a card table and chairs.  Throw a blanket over the top and it makes a great makeshift tent.  Necessary for a yard sale.  Extra workspace.  Lemonade stand.  Oh, and yeah–you can play cards on it!  More memories…

Overall, I think this is going to be an interesting release, and I suspect it’s going to be very popular.  I do feel a bit bad for poor Maryellen though, she certainly had her thunder stolen.  I think American Girl needs to slow down just a bit in all of these new releases in the historical line.  I do see what they are trying to do, and I have a theory about this.  They are trying to appeal to families: kids, moms, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  We now will have dolls from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s all in the line at the same time, and I fully expect to see the 80’s show up in the next few years.  (Oh no, my greatest fear, a doll sized can of AquaNet may be looming on the horizon!)  I also expect to see Molly as the next doll to come back from the archives as that would close the gap between the 50’s and the 30’s.  If this is what they are trying to do, I totally get it.  And if it opens the dialogue about history, then that is terrific.  I think they just need to be careful in how they do it to avoid over saturation.  They are dangerously skirting the edge of “cash grab” at the moment, and sometimes that can be a company’s downfall.

Will you be adding Melody to your collection?