Review of Kit’s Gardening Set

I wasn’t going to get Kit’s Gardening Set, I wasn’t all that excited about it when it was released.  It reminded me too much of her Chicken Keeping Set.  But then I saw it in person when I went to Orlando and decided that Kit needed to have it!!  The overalls remind me of a pair of Osh Kosh adult sized ones I used to have.

Here are all the pieces:

Kit was super excited about trying it on!

The fit on this outfit is snug.  I was also a bit disappointed to see that the pants are stitched in the rolled up position and can’t be easily snipped, so they are stuck like that for all eternity.  😦

The shirt actually has real button holes, that surprised me.  It was a bit of a tight fit on my Kit.

The scarf doesn’t come pre-tied in this set (unlike the chicken keeping set) so you can use it however you want to.

I heard some complaints about Blaire’s short overalls set and how the shirt is way too short so that it won’t stay tucked in and she has “skin” exposed.  I’m happy to report that Kit’s set doesn’t have this issue!

The boots are really cute with some nice details.  However, there is one thing I REALLY don’t like–they now have American Girl stamped into the bottom of them.  Why are they doing this and being so absolutely obnoxious about it?  I’m getting tired of not being able to disguise/hide/remove these labels.  I get that they have to protect their name and product, but this is getting ridiculous.  I’ll be very honest–it’s turning me off of their clothing completely.  I’m also not pleased with the plastic vanity tags on clothing for the historical dolls.  Just another reason to shop small and buy from Etsy.

I do think it’s a cute set though.  It is kind of interesting how this set borrows elements from Kit’s Chicken Keeping Set and Kit’s Overalls Outfit.  It sells for $34 which is right in line with the two previous sets as well.



Review of American Girl Western Chic Outfit

When we visited the American Girl store in Orlando, I picked up several things.  I went with a few things in mind beforehand, and of course, there were a couple of things that I decided on rather spur of the moment!

One of the outfits I really did want though was the new Western Chic Outfit.  I thought it was very cute in the photos I’d seen and had a ton of mix and match possibilities.

Here are all the pieces out of the box.  I apologize for this poor photo, I was not only having equipment issues this particular day, but also vision issues.  I am highly allergic to whatever it is they used to treat the roads for snow and ice so I never know what to expect at this time of year.  It really affects my eyes, making them burn, water and sometimes I can’t even focus well.  Not a good situation for a photographer!

Lanie offered to be my model for this outfit, here is a front and back view:

Everything fits well.  The shirt is a very summery design, Velcro partway down the back.  The pants are more of a legging than a jean, they remind me of the ones that came with the Apres Ski Set from way back.  The scarf–ugh.  It’s really cute, but the fabric is terrible.  This should have been made out of a cotton, but instead they made it out of some polyester crap–and I am being nice when I say crap.  It is very poor quality fabric and incredibly stiff, so getting it to lay nicely is just about impossible.  I have a feeling this item will be relegated to a drawer somewhere in my collection.

The boots on the other hand are very cute and super easy to get on the doll.  There is no Velcro to deal with, they simply slide on and off, but feel very secure.

You can also see from the close up photos how the pants are a knit material as opposed to jean material.

Overall, it’s a super cute outfit.  The only fail in it is the scarf, I really don’t know who designed that piece or chose the fabric.  Epic fail in my opinion.  Luckily it’s only a small piece of the set!   This set retails for $28 which isn’t too out of line for an American Girl clothing set with this many pieces.


Winter Wonderland…Brrrrr!!!!

How has the weather been where you are at?  It’s definitely been very wintry here in Western Pennsylvania.  Over the Martin Luther King weekend, we got a foot of snow!!  Then we had rain on top of that and bitter cold temperatures.  Too cold to really go out and do anything in it.  And some of it melted with the rain.  Luckily, the one day it was not too bad out there was still some snow, so Lanie and I decided to go play in it!

I wanted to try out my donut snow tube!

Lanie was getting really upset, her one glove wouldn’t stay on, somehow it got all stretched out of shape.  We decided maybe it was best if we went indoors, we didn’t want her to get frostbite.

But not before we made snow angels!!!

Once we were indoors, mom made us some hot chocolate to take to my room while we warmed up.  We enjoyed that along with some goodies I brought back from Disneyworld!

Ginger seemed to think that we should be sharing with her.  I had to remind her that chocolate isn’t good for dogs!  She doesn’t look convinced, does she???


I’m going to do a quick review of this set.  It’s called the Snow Tubing Play Set by My Life As.  Retail on it when I bought it was $7.92, but I’ve noticed it selling on the Walmart website recently at a reduced price of $6.99.

Of course you get a blow up innertube.  I thought this was super cute.  However, I didn’t care much for how it was “attached” to the cardboard when I went to get it out with some sort of glue type adhesive.  I spent 5-10 minutes just working on getting that off of it, ugh.  Totally unnecessary if you ask me, where in the world did they think it was going to go?

Then there’s a cute little thermos and two mugs of hot chocolate.  The thermos doesn’t open though.  😦

Then a few other accessories–a map, goggles and sunscreen.  Don’t forget that!

Overall I think this is a very cute set and a good value for the price.  I know Mimi and Lanie had fun with it!