My Life As Holiday Dresses!

I had something else I was going to post this week, but then I came across these My Life As sets and I wanted to be sure and share, just in case you wanted to try and pick some up for the holiday season.  I’ll be honest, I’ve not been a big fan of My Life As clothing, the few items I’ve bought have been poorly made and/or didn’t fit great.  Apparently all of the complaints have been taken to heart though, I’ve read a lot of reviews on other blogs in recent months and it doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue.  At just under $10 a set, I decided to go ahead and take a chance on a couple so I could see for myself.  I was not disappointed.

First I’ll show you the Ivory Lace Dress with headband.  This is a knock off of an AG design, but that’s okay, it’s well done and not even close to as expensive.  And it fits beautifully!  Here’s Sophia modeling it for us.  I paired it with the shoes from Isabelle’s meet outfit.

It was easy to put on and no problems at all closing up the velcro in the back.

A close up of the skirt:

The headband is a stretchy elastic style and fits very well.  I prefer this style over the plastic band ones, these stay in place much better.  Plus–has anyone else noticed that the AG ones are too short????

Next we have Kanani in the Turquoise Sequin Glitter Dress with Headband!  The fit on this one wasn’t quite as good as the first, but not horrible either.  It was a little snug, but not so much that I couldn’t get the velcro to close.  It did make the top part fit a little weird though around the neck.  I paired it with the original Truly Me meet outfit shoes, they were a perfect match!

There were quite a few other holiday style dresses, it was hard to pick favorites.  I just narrowed it down to these two as we have plenty of other dresses in the wardrobe.  It has bee tempting to go back and see what else is still there…

I did get one other outfit though.

They call this the Pink and Blue Casual Outfit.  First, I don’t really think of that as pink, it’s more of a coral color.  And when I looked at it, I saw pajamas.  What do you think?

I suppose it could go either way.  Shivan said it was very comfy.  The pants were a little bit of a struggle to get on, but once on, they fit more like leggings.  The back of the top closes, but it could stand to be cut just a wee bit larger.

The jacket is really cute on.  Still looks like pj’s to me though. 😉

“I don’t know about you Archie, but all of this fashion talk is making me tired!”


“Ruff!”  (That’s dog for “goodnight”)


The Photoshoot

I don’t usually do photo shoots just for the heck of it.  Mine as a general rule have a storyline to go them.  However, right after I finished Allie, I had to take the dog to the groomers and I knew I was going to have some time to kill.  I decided to load Allie and Rebecca in the car with me, and head to a nearby park that I knew had some great spots for photography.  Maybe doing this in the middle of summer wasn’t the best idea…

I got there and headed to the area I had picked in advance.  I knew the lighting would be good at that time of day as well as the scenery.  What I didn’t count on was a group of runners having some sort of training session!  It made for an interesting experience, trying to get good photographs without getting someone in the background.  Oh well, I still liked the photos overall.  I apologize in advance for those who follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen some of these, but I didn’t share the whole story there.  Plus I know I have people who read the blog who don’t follow me on Instagram, and I was actually very pleased with how these came out (particularly Rebecca).

First Allie:

When I first finished her, I was still not sure if I liked her, but the more pics I’ve taken of her, the more she has grown on me.  I know that probably sounds weird, but the issue is her wig, it’s not as dark as I thought it was going to be when I ordered it.  I’m still thinking about curling it, this particular wig is heat safe up to 350 degrees, and I’m wondering how she would look with some curls or waves.  The other alternative is to keep my eyes open for a different wig and save this one for someone else.  (dangerous thinking…)

Allie’s top is from Beky’s Doll Clothes, the skirt from If Dolls Could Dream and her boots are American Girl.

When I originally decided to do this shoot I was only going to take Allie, but then I got this dress from Lidi Designs and I really wanted to get some pictures of it.  I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I saw it, partially because it’s cute, but also because it reminds me a lot of the dress I wore to school on my first day of first grade.  These two pics are my favorites out of all of the pics I took, the lighting was terrific and I thought Rebecca looked like a girl from a fairy tale.

There you have it, my interesting photo shoot.  I have some more ideas for some “field trips” I want to take, I just need to get my act together and get them planned.  And of course, Coolspring is coming up soon too!

Review of Our Generation “Fashion Notes”

Our Generation has released a ton of new stuff lately but it doesn’t show up on their website!  What’s up with that?!  If you want to see some of it, you have to either look on the Target website, or hope that someone shares their finds on social media.  There are plenty of cute items, ranging from clothing to accessories, and prices on this line are still very good.  One set in particular caught my eyes–Fashion Notes.  And I was lucky enough to find it in a very unexpected stop at Target, yay!

The main reason I wanted it was for the little trumpet, although I thought it was a cute set as well.  This set retails for $17.99.

The top and skirt are cute and very well made.  The pink sparkles on the top are beads, and I’m not all that wild about them.  I’m not sure what is up with all of the blinged out doll clothes lately.

The trumpet is very cute and the set comes with two pages of sheet music.  I didn’t look at them closely enough to see if they are accurate or not.  I was kind of annoyed that they were taped together in the package, so I had to be very careful to get them apart.

The set includes a headband, leotards and shoes.  The headband is probably my least favorite thing in the set because it has this giant pom pom thing stuck to it.  I’ve not seen any of this in real life, not sure my dolls like it either.  The leotards are nice (although mine ended up snagged getting them out of the packaging).  The shoes are very cute though.

The shoes are the standard Our Generation plastic ones, but they have nice details.  Mine had two smudges on them out of the package, but they came off with just a damp cloth.  I loved the detail on the sole of the shoes.

Marie-Grace was the model for this outfit.  I think it looked cute on her, but I’m not sure if I’d use these pieces together.  The way the waist band on the skirt is made created a bulky look when the sweater is on.  And the shoes were a bit difficult to get on because of them being hard plastic, the tongue of the shoe was next to impossible to move to make it easier.

A close up of the sweater so you can see the metallic details.  Lots of metallic fabric in doll clothes lately too.

And a close up of the shoes once I got them on.  The laces are a bit long, not sure how to remedy that and not make them impossible to tie!

Here’s Marie-Grace with the trumpet.  I couldn’t get her to hold it without help, thank heavens for clear hair bands!

Overall, I think it’s a cute set, but I would use it more as separates.  All of the items are well made and fit the American Girl dolls just fine.  It’s not a perfect set, but it’s not horrible either, so I give it a B+ rating, marking off mostly for the weird headband and the stiff shoes.