Sunshine Blogger Award –2017

Back in June I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Dolls By The Dozen, and with everything I had going on, I totally missed it!  So I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never, right?

So the gist is to answer 11 questions and then come up with 11 questions to ask 11 people who I nominate.  Since I was so late getting to this, I’m not going to nominate anyone but instead, leave it open to anyone who wants to do it.  I’m sure most of the people I regularly would nominate have already done it, but there are probably others who’d love to give it a try!

The questions I had to answer are as follows:

  1. What’s your favorite post you’ve ever done on your blog?
  2. What’s your favorite photography tip?
  3. What season is your favorite? (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  4. Do you play an instrument? Which one?
  5. Do you like to cook or bake? What’s your favorite thing to make?
  6. What’s your dream doll? (Custom, retired, available, leaked are options)
  7. Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?
  8. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  9. Do you prefer things you craft or things you save up to buy?
  10. What’s your favorite bible verse?
  11. What’s your favorite school subject?

So here goes.  Some of these I had to really think about and others were really easy.  Thanks again Christina for nominating me!

  1. What’s your favorite post you’ve ever done on your blog? This was one of the hard ones, but “The Protest” is probably my favorite.  It’s kind of bittersweet though because I had a huge falling out with the person who inspired me to do it afterwards, and we no longer speak.  😦  Some of the bad Ebay ones were close runners up, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard as I wrote something.
  2. What’s your favorite photography tip?  Take two shots of everything–one with flash, one without flash! I sometimes see photos where the person tried to rely totally on natural light, and it flops.  Don’t be afraid to use the flash!  I take two photos of most of my shots, and then once I pull them up on the computer screen, decide which one looks better.  I get that natural light is always better, but it doesn’t always work.  Fill flash is your friend!
  3. What season is your favorite? (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)  Fall, but I hate what follows it. (I don’t like snow)
  4. Do you play an instrument? Which one? Yes, actually several.  I started out with flute, but then also learned the piano, piccolo, baritone horn and tuba!  I dabbled with guitar too, was too busy to make a go of it, but I’m still tempted to try it again. (now you know why we have so many instruments and musical girls here!)
  5. Do you like to cook or bake? What’s your favorite thing to make?  I wouldn’t say I like to cook or bake, but if I have to choose one, it would be cook.  My favorite thing to make–anything that involves chocolate and/or peanut butter!  I have a peanut butter pie that uses a no-bake cookie crust that is to die for.
  6. What’s your dream doll? (Custom, retired, available, leaked are options)  Alya is actually my dream doll, I was so excited when I came across her on Ebay!!
  7. Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?  I still want to go to China.  And Scotland.  And Italy.  And Switzerland.  I couldn’t choose just one.
  8. What do you want to do when you grow up?  Since I’m already grown up (or am I?), I’ll have to pick what I’d do if I had it to do over again and was just starting out.  I think I would enjoy being a history professor!
  9. Do you prefer things you craft or things you save up to buy?  This is actually a hard question since I do a lot of crafting.  I’d have to lean towards that because it does give you a tremendous amount of satisfaction when you finish a craft project and it’s turned out well.
  10. What’s your favorite bible verse? Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made;
    We will rejoice and be glad in it.”
  11. What’s your favorite school subject?  Band.  Does that qualify as a subject?  My best memories from school are from the many, many hours involved in several different band related groups and activities.  If I have to choose a regular subject, it would be math.  No, not history–we had the world’s lamest history classes.

I’m going to use the same 11 questions that were posed to me since I thought they were really good ones!  If you decide to give it a try, please let me know in the comments section with a link to your post.


The Mystery Dog

While the girls from Pittsburgh were visiting, Trudy and Allie decided to go to the park and have a picnic.  The two girls really hit it off because of their mutual love of fashion and thought it would be nice to enjoy the gorgeous weather as well as take Allie’s dog Aspen somewhere to get some exercise.

“Such a pretty day, and the temperature is just right.  I’m so glad it’s not humid out anymore,” said Allie.  “I’m not used to this, in Arizona it was hot, but not humid.”

“I agree!” replied Trudy.  “I am amazed at how well behaved Aspen is, especially since you haven’t lived here this long.  Most dogs would be all over the place.”

Trudy had barely gotten the sentence finished when Aspen ran off.  Then they saw why–there was a loose dog running through the park.

They touched noses, then Aspen ran back over to hide behind Allie.

“Aren’t you cute?” Trudy said to the strange dog.  “Come here so I can see if you have a tag on.”

“I think he likes you!” Allie said excitedly.  “Yeah, let’s see if he’ll let me read his tag.  There’s a phone number on it, perhaps we should take him home and call.  He is probably someone’s pet.”  The girls quickly gathered everything up and headed back to the house.

After they got home and called, things got very interesting.  It turned out that the dog’s name was Teddy and he’d belonged to an older lady who passed away.  A member of her family had taken Teddy in, but he didn’t seem very happy and used every opportunity he could to run off.  They thought it was because they worked full time and Teddy wasn’t getting the kind of attention he needed, so they were considering finding him a new home.

“I’ll take him!” replied Trudy.  “I would love to have a dog like him, he is so nice and cuddly.”  After some discussion, everyone agreed it sounded like a great idea.

“Wow, this worked out so well!” said Allie.  “Yeah, I never expected to be going home with a miniature schnauzer when I came here to visit!” Trudy replied.

The girls decided to pose together with their dogs.

“Well Teddy, I guess it was a lucky day for both of us!”

Teddy is a vintage Steiff dog that belonged to our aunt.  When she passed away, someone almost threw him out!  Luckily Evil Twin realized what he was and rescued him.  Looks like he’s been rescued again! 😉


This post is going to be of a completely different nature than what I usually do.  This is something that has been bothering me for some time now.  Fortunately, I’m not someone who has had to deal with it here on my blog (nor will I tolerate it), but I’ve seen it other places, and I think it needs some attention.

I’m sick and tired of seeing people being rude to bloggers (vloggers, IGers, etc) in the comments section.

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior.  None.  Zero.  It is not acceptable.  It’s not cute.  It’s just plain juvenile behavior, and it needs to stop.

I’m going to point out a couple of facts.  As a blogger for many years (not just here), I think I am safe in saying I know a bit about the blogging community.

  1. Most bloggers aren’t doing it for the money, but for the love of the subject.  Yes, there are some who do make money from it, or they get freebies from whatever category it is they write in, but for the most part, the rest of us (and the majority) are doing it because we truly enjoy it.
  2. Saying something negative about a product/company/etc IS NOT BULLYING.  If you are giving an honest review of something and you say you don’t like it and why, that does not constitute bullying.  Somewhere along the lines, this idea of any kind of negativity being bullying came along, and this is one situation of where it’s not the case.  And what kills me is these people who think it is, then badger the reviewer by making nasty comments.  Now who is the bully????
  3. We don’t have to ask for your input.  Nope.  We don’t.  Many of us do because it gives us ideas about things our readers/viewers would like to hear about it, but the truth of the matter is, when we sign up for these services, it’s our names on those accounts, and we can do whatever we want to, and if you don’t like it, tough!
  4. Blogging/vlogging is not our full time job.  Most of us have other jobs, families and miscellaneous other obligations.  So if we don’t get to a request immediately, behaving like an idiot isn’t helping matters.

I’ve seen some really disrespectful behavior on some of the blogs lately, and it just seems like it is getting worse.  Some of these comments make me think of Veruca Salt and her “I want it now!” behavior.  This is just wrong.

Also–parents.  If you know your child is viewing these blogs/vlogs and leaving comments, perhaps it’s high time you pay attention to what they are posting!  I’d be horribly embarrassed by some of these comments if it were my child.  And I suspect a number of the types of comments I’m referring to are made by kids and not adults, simply because of the way they are worded or the nature of the request.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Here are some examples of the kind of comments I’m talking about.  (Names removed to protect the not-so-innocent)

Please go back to crafts and not reviews! please make orthodontist stuff! (Not only has this blogger always done both, but this person requests orthodontist stuff over and over and over…)


You talk way to much (This was on a video review! And the reviewer was on point and very thorough)


I’m not happy you didn’t show us accessories you should still should have just took them out and then remembered how they were and put them back like that you made me so mad and if they were in little packages just keeping in the packages (this was a comment on the review for a Create Your Own doll where they got the wrong doll and the woman had thoroughly explained that she didn’t take them out because she was returning the doll.  Grr…)


uhhhh… 1st of all, you are hating on american girl! 2nd of all, yeah, the doll is wrong! you got it on the first day it came out! im waiting till i get the 200 dollars.., i have 100 dollars (another comment from the Create Your Own review for the wrong doll. Reviewer was not nasty at all, in fact, she was calmer than I would have been had I forked out $200!  She even said some very nice things about AG!)


Back when I first started this blog, I actually had someone tell me that my blog posts were too wordy and that kids wouldn’t be interested in them.  Uh…if you’ve read the blog and have read my “under 13” policy, it’s obvious this blog isn’t aimed mainly at kids.  And it’s my blog.  I’ll say what I want to! You don’t like it–you don’t have to read! (this comment was from someone who was under 13 and was deleted since they violated my policy!)


Another thing that drives me absolutely bananas is this idea that you have to have the first comment somewhere–and announce it to the whole world, wasting space and making those of us who really don’t care read it.  Seriously.  NO ONE CARES if your comment is the first one or the last one.  What everyone does care about is that the comment actually has some content to it, as opposed to “Firstie!”.  (Insert roll eyes here)


I’m sorry if this post comes off a bit angry, but this kind of behavior is just not acceptable.  And obviously, no one is correcting these people, so I decided it was time it was brought up.  Fortunately, most of the places I’ve seen it occur, the person in charge of the blog site has been very courteous or has simply ignored them.  But the simple fact is, it shouldn’t be happening.


Does this kind of thing bother you and have you seen much of it?